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Waiting for the results from Nelson’s most recent CT scan which was done two days ago creates familiar anxiety.  We know the drill and in the past we would make the necessary amount of frantic phone calls to get the results as soon as possible. That type of energy seems to have transformed and instead The SC keeps as busy as possible during the waiting period.  Dr Keith Block, integrative oncologist and director of  the Block Medical Center in Chicago states that the time intervals between scans and results are some of the most stressful elements of a cancer diagnosis.  I wholeheartedly agree.  After almost six years of scans upon scans, the apprehension remains but my response appears to have changed.  I will save the analysis of this modification for a more reflective moment.

Today I recall the frigid yet sunny day over a week ago, walking across the street from Central Park after strolling through a museum, bundled from head to toe in vintage with one of my hoop earrings propped up on its side by the voluminous scarf I reserve for the coldest of days.  The memory calms me.


  1. I am new to your blog, but want you to know how much I admire your strength and honesty at this most difficult of times. You are obviously ‘keeping it real’ while giving your beloved Nelson a beautiful sight to behold. I just LOVE your wintry look. The cut of your coat is awesome. I’ve seen many black coats, but this one enhances your shape, rather than taking away from it, as so many coats do. And your hat and gloves provide the perfect ‘bling’ without overdoing it one tiny bit. I’ve stayed away from the animal prints because I’ve seen it overwhelm the overall look, but now you have me rethinking my position.

  2. You have grown…whatever the scan says doesn’t change what you wear, say, love, do a bit. It is just more words, opinions. Truly live today…it is so much richer. How lucky you two slightly crazy people are to have each other. Love, C

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