A swirl of activity escalates as I check off the items on my long to-do list.  Just as I put together a renovation ensemble last summer, now is the time for errand outfits. This is one of the compositions that’s been rushing around the city this week.  Not nearly as glamorous as Vix of the Vintage Vixen’s outfit HERE ,which she wore as she shopped for wine a few days ago.

The SC has been eyeing this metal structure in my neighbors’ back yard for some time, thinking it could serve as a great background for photos.  Today my request for access was granted and my errand outfit on metal was one of the highlights of my day, prior to dashing off to another destination on my check list.

Photos by Diana

As Diana (who has yet to be revealed) and The SC passed through the alley from the neighbors’ back gate, another background became irresistible, making a few more photos mandatory play.  In my constant search for photo backgrounds, who knew that ‘sweet spots’ as long as my limitless list existed behind my own back yard.

Lucky for me, the blue gloves have been documented in these photos.  They were lost somewhere on my travels today, or at least I think they are gone forever.  One of the many small and transitory losses in life.

Sometimes items turn up again in the most unlikely of places.  Just yesterday I lost my favorite pair of boots somewhere in my home, and later they magically appeared in a space that I had earlier scanned. What I was looking for was right in front of me, which is often true when searching for internal states of mind such as peace, harmony or oneness.  Too bad I didn’t find any of that while scrambling wildly for my boots.

Blue fedora with black trim – hat shop in the 80’s,  vintage black jacket, vintage bracelet and vintage blue suede gloves – estate sales, silver star pin – gifted, sterling hoops – retail, blue drapey skirt – Meiko Mintz winter sale, tall leather boots with zippers – years ago at Century 21.

I’m rushing over to Patti’s for her weekly gathering that means so much to me.  Visible Monday HERE provides structure, structure, structure.  Thanks Patti, for all that you do for this vibrant community.


  1. I know just what you mean about finding “lost objects”, SC. It happens around here frequently, and still it catches me offguard. Your errands-outfit is delightful, with a marvelous hat and bracelet to make it yours. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  2. You look stunning in the cobalt blue. I do hope your gloves show up.

    I think the metal structure is such a cool background, especially against the blue in your outfit. I need to get more imaginative with my backgrounds, but time often restricts my ability to scout locations.

  3. You look terrific. I hope your gloves show up. I love the colour of them and with that fabulous bracelet over them…wonderful. It is amazing how things show up when I stop looking for them. I wonder if they were always there or little elves returned them!

  4. You is one gorgeous girl! Hope the gloves turn up. I hate losing things, and even worse when it is my own fault!

    Glad that you are getting so much done. I wish I had some of your zeal and energy. For some reason, my mojo seems to have gone underground. No doubt it will re-surface when it’s ready to.

    With much love for your upcoming birthday,
    Rosemary from England

  5. Don’t give up on the gloves, they may magically reappear, like the boots! I lose/misplace things ALL the time. I am blaming the peri-menopausal hormones, but I fear I am just untidy and forgetful, nothing more exotic than that!
    You sound full of energy and motivation, Judith, and you look like you mean business in that sharp ensemble. Actually, now I look again, the outfit is soft and furry and drapey… It must be the fedora, the boots, the wonderful poses and the metal background that made me think of business and efficacy and focus! xxxx

  6. I adore that shade of blue, your hat is incredible and I’m drooling over that pussy bow jacket, such a fantastic contrast against the industrial looking background. I’m dying to meet Diana, her photos are beautiful!
    I’ve misplaced a beaded bag, I haven’t seen it since December, I know it’s in the house somewhere and it’s driving me mad. My late Grandma used to say that praying to St Anthony helped and I’m that desperate maybe atheist old me might give it a try! xxx

    PS I’m honoured by the mention!

  7. You never cease to amaze me! That outfit is so chic. I especially love the skirt and the fedora. My hubby wears hats all the time and he’s trying to encourage me to invest in a few. If I could carry them off as beautifully as you do I’d be thrilled!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  8. I love all of your different backgrounds. If I were more alert at 5:30am i would change mine up!
    You look gorgeous for running errans!
    I lose stuff all the time. mostly my mind!!

  9. I wish I could find some different backgrounds for my outfit photos but I generally have to work with what is available at the time as I get very limited time with my photography assistants. I do love the metal wall – you could definitely have some fun with that.

    You look more put together for running errands than a lot of people do around here to go to work – the jacket is gorgeous. Isn’t it true that often what we are searching for is right in front of us 😉

  10. You have my utmost sympathy! I’m always losing things on public transport – hats, gloves, scarves especially – and favourite treasured ones too. I’ve also lost expensive gold earrings inherited from deceased loved ones or given as presents from living loved ones. I am continuously looking for misplaced item of clothing or accessory I had planned to wear.
    I love your hat and your gloves (what a shame you lost them) and that jacket is gorgeous!

  11. Your collection of hats is simply remarkable and you they all look as if they were made special for the SC. Well, come to think of it, maybe they were. Love the royal and black combination and I sure hope you find those beautiful gloves. I can relate to this on too many occasions. I just hope its due to my mind working fasting than my hands.

  12. Oh, I love your hat, and the metal background is great. Worth the wait to be sure.

    I actually thought of you when I posted my pictures today, and how horrified you would be for what they reveal (namely that I dug through a box of hats so I could wear one for tea since I don’t actually own any great ones myself).


  13. The corrugated metal adds the perfect touch to this ensemble, both the color and lines. I love your jaunty pose at the top, too. I’m especially attracted to the drape of the skirt and your brilliant pairing of blue and black, one of my favorite combinations.

    Whenever I lose something, I just hope and pray that whatever it is ends up “in a good home”, appreciated and loved. Let’s hope the same for your gloves if they don’t turn up. XXOO

  14. The metal and blue are totally gorgeous~! I cannot wait for the sun to return for the summer and to be able to get back into the garage for metal backgrounds!

  15. You haven’t lost your edge … in any sense. Love the boot, and then the drape and then the soft jacket then the hat … finally back, in triumph, to your pretty face. The eye travels from the bottom up in this outfit. I think it’s because this style of boot can be tricky at the calf on a lot of women, but you wear them so easily!

    I hope your gloves come back to you … they may yet.

  16. I’ve been crushing out on cobalt for some time now, and on your I see why- it is lively, eternally modern and sophisicated. You look amazing and electric. I love the silver wall backdrop too! I see a mod space age outfit in my mind that would be perfect for that backdrop. Love to you, dear Judith you always inspire!

  17. You look amazing in that bright cobalt, or is it purple? It works wonderfully as dashes of colour against the stylish black. Those boots are incredible. With the silver wall I’m reminded of a sci-fi 60s fashion plate. What a wonderful post.

  18. What inspires me is that you were running errands in this outfit. So often my Saturday errand attire is an old pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. “Why dress up,” I say. “I’m not going anywhere special.” But that’s not the point, is it? Now I will say, “I will dress to feel great, because I am special and that’s all the occasion I need.” Thanks.

  19. Oh I hope you found those lovely gloves! A co-worker lost her iPhone yesterday but then located it – in the refrigerator!

    I’ve been trying to think more creatively about photo spots around my home, i.e. the brick wall, wood fence, and pine tree hot spot. Or the plain brick wall on the house next door. It’s been hard to get many outfit shots due to wind and rain this winter, tho’.

    You inspire me to try a bit harder in the style department when I run errands 🙂

  20. Very beautiful and so in fashion (black and blue). Lovely outfit. As usual everything is so well styled. As for missing items turning up in the most unlikely places… tell me !! I think it is a teasing ghost.

  21. You’re a knockout to be sure, Judith. Like you said, at least the gloves were documented.
    Just yesterday I got all dressed up to look for buttons to buy! It’s makes everything so much more fun to dress up and go out running errands, I do agree.

  22. Hi Judith!

    This is one great outfit to do errands!
    You look so great Judith, you are a piece of art!
    Thank you for your birhtday wishes
    Ariane xxxx

  23. OK, here we go again. Looks like our comment didn’t “take” the first time. If we end up with a duplicate, I guess you’ll just have to shoot us. We love how the silver pin perfectly sets off your wonderfully chic outfit AND the metal structure. Ooh la la.
    Peace & love!

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