Several years ago, just as my hair had almost grow out from the color red to my natural white, my hair stylist retired. This event sent me in search of a new person to understand my hair, my need to have it fit for hats, and for a new beginning. I had no idea what was in store.

What occurred was life changing.  I compiled a list of hair stylists with the help of a friend who knew the industry in Denver.  I was planning to interview five people who had been recommended as possibilities.  The first artist on the list was Charlie Price, who was well-known as a hair educator and Denver icon.  I was not familiar with him, having spent my career working in health care,  We connected at our first appointment, and I believed that I had found the right person. Nothing could have been closer to the truth.

Above tulle gown created by Denver designer Rachel Marie Hurst

Charlie asked what I wanted, and I responded that he was the artist, giving him full creative license.  I was ready for something new.  He then proceeded to cut my hair very short and the last remaining “red” was gone.  I have never loved my hair like I do today, allowing me to feel more connected to my 75-year-old self.  It’s great with hats or without. It’s maintenance free. It allows for a new sense of freedom. A true artist is able to transform effortlessly, and the result is something that I would not have been able to visualize for myself.

Above gown and leather obi created by Denver designer Steve Sells

Charlie is skilled, experienced, and talented; writes like an English literature major; a political activist; a hair educator; a former reality TV show star; creator of Beauty Underground Magazine;  director of Denver Fashion Week; recipient of many awards; funny and entertaining; and I have come to adore him after sitting in his chair for three years.  He has a passion for diversity and understands the concept of ageism. He has opened up a new world for me.

My journey with Charlie recently brought me to a photo shoot that he was directing for Beauty Underground, an online fashion and photography magazine.  The photographer David Rossa was nothing less than amazing and the makeup artist Sara Brentano was otherworldly talented.  The exquisite garments that were featured were designed by celebrated Denver designers Rachel Marie Hurst, Steve Sells, and Maggie Burns.  The other models, who were kind, beautiful and intriguing, were Sandi Siegel and Quille Palan. Production was by Tiaja Pierre and Jessa Trefethen. The shoot was fun and creative, with Charlie directing the show as he does with quick and precise decision-making.  I was in the presence of genius, and I could feel it.

When I received the photos, I was overwhelmed and barely recognized the woman who appeared in the images.  I saw a whole new version of myself; I realized that I could participate in high fashion photography as a team member and have the time of my life in the process.  I feel humbled by this experience and came to the realization that Charlie is my mentor and my teacher.  He has served in this role for many people.

In the photos above I’m wearing pieces from my personal collection.  Consignment shop suede boots by Manolo Blahnik, vintage YSL patent leather belt, consignment shop cape by Tomasz Starzewski, white shirt by Lafatette 148, vintage black hat by Patricia Underwood.

I am grateful and welcome this developing persona as a gift that takes me into the beginning of 2019.  Exploring different and developing parts of my personality plays into my love for experimentation and is exhilarating. None of this would have happened without the launch of Style Crone and the unfolding of my transformation as a process of healing.  Somehow this all fits in with the Widows’ Project that I’m creating and is part of my reinvention.  I’m thankful for my past, reveling in the present moment, and reaching into the future. This is what Warrior Two pose transposes into my life off the mat.

Above red gown created by Denver designer Maggie Burns of Marie Margot especially for this photo shoot.

Digital and print available here. 

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  1. This is one of the most inspiring, insightful, and wonderful stories I have read. Thank you for sharing all of this Judith. Your beauty runs deep-body, mind, emotion and spirit.

  2. This is spectacular Judith! All I can say is WOW!!!

    How incredible was it wearing a dress that was created just for the photoshoot?

    It is amazing how these threads of your life have come together and placed you in these photos. Bravo!


  3. Your hair looks amazing – kudos to the stylist, I’m always thrilled to see women in short hair and when it’s cut properly it is just the best!

  4. Blown away…you look mah-velous! You deserved to enjoy every minute, as you did. I certainly enjoyed the clothes and the images, kudos to all.

  5. Just loved it! I have decided to go back to modelling after about a fifty year break!!!! So this was so inspirational! Thank you!

  6. Judith, Mystical images literally jumped off the screen. You surely rocked whitest white and blackest black. Well done, ALL! Judy

  7. I am in awe of these images of you! They show a completely different side of you that I’ve never seen before – a darker, edgier side. This is the kind of shoot I would love to do. How brilliant that all the elements converged to connect you to the creative team that put this together.

  8. These photos make me feel like a queen landing down for significant announcement in her kingdom, sensation of majesty in your blood . Absolutely icon of greatness is one of the most stylish elegant and stunning. Love your passion for the fashion and thank you for inspiration for the world and all that follows and adores you

  9. What an Honor Judith! I hope you had fun doing this gig. You have opened up a new way of looking at the world for me. I appreciate you.

  10. Awesome…. Out of this world. Of course we, your readers, already knew for a long time that you are a model. So nice that you can show this to the rest of the world too. I am a bit envious… All my blogger friends seem to go into modelling and commercials. Oh well, better accept it as it is not going to happen to me haha.
    I will subscribe to your email again, as I don’t get it anymore. Something must have gone wrong.

  11. Yes, finally, it’s arriving, in you and what you are doing, who you are being. The better version of Helen Reddy’s song, I Am Woman, first heard ca. 1972, age 12. Knowing lyrics, “…in numbers to big to ignore…”, should be, “…..alone to big to ignore.” You personify my lyric, pulling other women with you.

    I grew up with one race war and one Rosa Parks. Never underestimate a lone woman was my take away from first awareness. Of course being from Texas, one grew up, in that era, with, “One riot, one Ranger.”

    A salon mishap last summer, saw me lose over 11 inches of natural blond hair, slightly starting to gray. How she got .5 inch into 11+ inches is beyond the moon. Huge learning curve, ahead of a flight the next day, and another haircut early in the morning before flight.

    Studied pinterest for hair texture like mine. Discovered Carolina Herrera and Sharon Stone. Brought pics to new salon. Poof. Lived in pure shock for 3 months. Still don’t recognize myself passing a mirror.

    Oddest fact? Went from tears, literal tears, to loving my hair now. Will not be growing it long again. Instead, will go shorter, probably a lot like yours. More amazing, understanding all your words about the new haircut and sense of self.

    Once the hair went short, the face said, new lipstick colors, and the hair to body silhouette said cleaner lines of clothing warranted. It took a couple of months but clothes & makeup completely redone. And I’m having fun with it. New things, thrift store selections, etc…..

    Found you via Vintage Contessa !

    Garden & Be Well, Tara

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