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Every Sunday morning The SC reads The New York Times and my first luxury of the day is searching for the  ‘Sunday Styles’ section to feast my eyes on Bill Cunningham’s ‘On The Street’ photo collage.  This has been a ritual for many years and this Sunday’s edition did not disappoint.  Mr. Cunningham focused on yellow and featured sunflowers;  click here for his ‘On The Street’ slide show titled ‘In Flower.’  I was thrilled to see images of style icons Tziporah Salomon HERE and Iris Apfel HERE .  I was immediately inspired and with yellow as my focus I reached for a vintage pale yellow cotton/silk Cerruti 1881 blouse, vintage pale yellow earrings and a vintage multicolored fabric bag, all purchased at estate sales,  and walked with a friend to the farmers’ market just a few blocks away.  Now this is about as casual as The SC gets!  As I entered the market I immediately spotted sunflowers featured by a vendor, and knew that these beauties were destined to bloom in my living room. My Sunday morning experience was enhanced with the assistance and influence of a brilliant and creative photographer and the enchanting color yellow.


  1. You look wonderful and sunny yourself! I keep seeing lovely bunches of sunflowers at the market, may pick some up this weekend. They’ve always been a favorite of mine. Did you see Reggie Darling’s post with the sunflowers displayed in a blue and white Chinese ginger jar? Gorgeous!

  2. I too watched Mr. Cunnigham’s video (as I try to do every Sunday) and was enchanted by the sunflowers. He is such a delight! I am trying to find the documentary about him, but no luck as yet in local theatres.

    You look lovely in yellow!

  3. Oh, I love this photo of you and you should get many days of joy from the sunflowers. Now, I’m off to check out the links.

  4. The color yellow does bring out lovely, sunny smiles! I can imagine you smiling every time you see those flowers after you arrange them in your home. May you have many, many cheery moments with those flowers that will surely bring in the sunshine and light up your mind and heart!

  5. It seems that we have the same Sunday morning ritual! I love to spend a couple hours reading the Sunday NY Times, and I always start with the Style section, turnng first to the weekly Cunningham feature. His eye is so sharp, and I am never disappointed by the display he provides or the commentary he provides online.

    The sunflower yellow featured is not a shade that paricularly flatters me so i use the color sparingly. I have a favorite handbag that is sunny and seems fresh every year at this time. i debut it in August, and it will be a go-to through the autumn months as well. The color is warm, and I allow it to help me remember the summer as the days cool and the leaves change color and fall to indicate the cooler weather to come.

  6. This is a great photo and it’s fun to hear about your Sunday ritual. You gave me a great idea on how to wear a hat like yours. I have a brown one and never wear it because I thought it would work best with skirts. I love it here with a crisp blouse, it looks great!

  7. OMG! You look so beautiful with that color …. and so radiant! Love your hat … I was thinking of making a crochet and this may be my inspiration …

  8. How wonderful are blooms! Van Gogh was partial to sunflowers, as are lots of people. They are not shy and retiring flowers and are loved by those who have a bold and expansive spirit!

    Much love from England,

  9. I too go straight to the Style Section of the NY Times on Sunday. Mr. Cunningham’s collection of what he finds fascinating about New Yorker’s style for the week is always intriguing to me.

    I love your theme for Sunday and the sunflowers will be a cheerful reminder for the rest of the week.

    All the best,

  10. I thought of you Sunday when seeing Cunningham’s bright and sunny spread. So glad to know the names of some of his regular divas! You look fabulous always, even in “extreme casual”

  11. Ihave a copy (of course) of sunflowers by vangogh in my kitchen. It was my mom’s. Sunflowers have sort of an alive look to them I think. And yellow is my favorite color–so I am lovin’ your look!

  12. I ADORE Bill Cunningham – he is reason alone to get up on a Sunday! What an effervescent spirit. And Iris Apfel has always been an inspiration – she is so lovely & outrageously fashionable. If I can be half as cool as she is when I am her age, I feel I will have succeeded in living well and being true to myself.

    May the brilliant yellow of the sunflowers cheer you and fill your heart with joy. I know each day is still very hard, but brava for dressing in something pretty and moving out into the day and embracing beauty. Thinking of you so much, eve though I have been posting less. Sending many hugs and wishes for more beauty to find you each day —

  13. You look relaxed and happy in this photo, even though I know you are on an emotional roller coaster inside. Love sunflowers, and love Bill Cunningham. The documentary about him was my favourite film this summer.

  14. LOL I am soooooo with you….casual doesn’t come naturally to me! This bag is just GORGEOUS! While this may be dressed down for you….it works! Big hug! ~Serene

  15. I recently learned of Bill Cunningham through WendyB and look forward to the film — it’s in the netflix queue — but I didn’t realize he’s got a weekly feature in the NY Times. Thanks for those links, I enjoyed them!

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