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The Style Crone discovered this Vivienne Westwood HERE two piece dress at a consignment shop last summer for next to nothing.  The asymmetrical features and complex details are a metaphor for my experience.  The ensemble is accessorized with vintage burgundy heeled sandals and vintage jewels, all estate sale finds.  The rose colored straw hat was designed and blocked by The SC in a millinery class in the 90’s. Pulling the colors of the dress outward into my accessories felt comforting, like meditative brushstrokes on the blank canvas of my life.


  1. That long viviane westwood dress looks so flattering on you! And how cool to take a millinery class; I would love to do that! Love that hat!

  2. That’s a gorgeous dress, and I love how you’ve “pulled” the colors with your accessories, as you’ve so beautifully described.

  3. I love the neckline on this dress. And now I’m thinking that I had/have the wrong idea about Viviane Westwood…a correction is in order.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    I am at a loss for words, and so pleased to see you so wonderful.

  5. Lovely fabric print with an even lovelier color and make of the hat! Loveliest of all is the smile you’re wearing, SC

  6. I always think an asymetrical neckline is flattering. It draws interest and the eye upward toward the shoulders and face, and it suggests the person wearing the garment is not tied to the norm.

    I too often use a background color in an outfit to suggest the colors for accessories such as shoes and handbag or jewelry. The outcome is often surprising and unusual, and the affect is generally pleasing. The result is that I can wear the same garment as a foundation for many different looks and moods just by changing up the accessories.

    Your hat today inspires me… I have been thinking of taking a class or two from a well known milliner in my area (Amy Hamilton), and now I may just check in to the calendar of classes for one appropriate for a beginner. — Thank, SC. You never fail to give me many things to consider, both style and substance!

  7. The hat is lovely and looks professionally done. Had you been making hats before this one?
    I am curious as to how long it would take to learn to do something like this.
    I agree with the other comments about how beautiful that dress looks on you. Your color sense is very sophisticated and unique.

  8. How fabulous to snag a Vivienne Westwood for next to nothing! She’s a girl who is not short on style, or daring for that matter.

    Like everyone else, I’m pleased to see your colour combinations and the story behind your outfits. This is SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING than just paying a fortune for some label in a high priced shop. You found your label at your price and to suit you. May that happen to all of us!

    Much love from England,

  9. Rebecca, I have taken several millinery classes. You could be up and running in no time if you were interested in taking a class, plus it’s fun, with something to wear when you finish!

  10. Wow! Taking classes millinery … that’s unthinkable here … Love, love it, and of course the rest of the outfit, but the hat caught my attention …

  11. Oh how lovely you look, dear Judith! I love the dress on you, and yeah what a gorgeous figure you have. The hat, the hat! I love how you wear it and the fact that you made it- I’ve recently decided I want to learn to make fascinators, and now maybe hats. Yet again you inspire me. xo. Bella Q

  12. LOVE the hat (wow, what talent!) the pumps, the earclips & brooch, the asymmetrical neckline – ALL of it!

    Hoping your life is feeling less and less the unknown and more and more a largely unfamiliar yet inviting and supportive future. What happens next can never replace the stellar, handsome courageous steadfast wise graceful kind Nelson, but hopefully the unfolding days weeks months ahead will nevertheless hold something for you, something that blesses and enriches and gives you new purpose…

    Thinking of you a great deal and sending love,


  13. Oh my….this is MEANT for you! Truly. It fits you like a glove and the coloring is perfect on you! To be honest, I’m really not familiar with Vivian Westwood…but now I have to check her out. Hugs to you! ~Serene

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