There’s nothing that screams “holiday” more than velvet. And in my world, rhinestones during the day or evening are always a strategy for embellishment!

For this post I dressed in everything vintage. Just for the fun of it! The gifted Schiaparelli silk velvet and satin turban has been a hit with me for years.  I found the wine colored velvet gown and the fingerless long velvet gloves at estate sales, of course. And I’ve been collecting rhinestones since the 1970’s.  A little sparkle is always good for the soul.

These photos were taken before my trip to Minnesota last week.  My 97-year-old mother was in the midst of a medical crisis and my family was concerned that she was not long for this world.  I traveled to visit her at the drop of a hat.

She had experienced a series of small strokes, and when I arrived she had been transferred to a higher level of care and had suffered physical and cognitive deficits. However, over the next few days she adjusted to her new reality and was slowly back to going with the flow. She won’t be playing bridge again, but there are a few cards that she still has up her sleeve!  She really knows how to make a quick and miraculous holiday turnaround and the season will be festive and sweet after all!

Photos By Daniel

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  1. You Look Astonishing!! Perfectly Gorgeous for the upcoming Holidays, yet that’s no surprise at all…. You are Always Beautiful. So glad to hear that your Mother is coming around again, and you will be able to bask in her Love, for yet another Christmas. Best Wishes for a Glorious Season, and a Blessed New Year for You and All Those You Love.

  2. You are so beautiful and so full of life. Truly, you are an inspiration and I always look forward to your wonderful photos. Keep smiling Judith.

  3. You are so beautiful and so full of life. Truly, you are an inspiration and I always look forward to your wonderful photos. Keep smiling Judith.

  4. You look a vision. I held my breath when I saw that first photo. You never disappoint. And I have been following you for five years now. Brava.
    I am very glad your mother is back on her feet again. Hope she has a nice Christmas. And you too of course.

  5. Beautiful as always! And I am thankful that you mother made a turnaround in her health scare.

  6. First off, happy to hear your mom’s setback has been followed by recovery. I know you know to cherish these days with her.

    As someone else said, Judith you are an inspiration and an adventure. What a delight it is to find beauty like this in my inbox. Thank you.

    SOMEONE needs to make this a GREETING CARD……………..or COCKTAIL NAPKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHARE THESE PHOTO with MORE!!!!!!
    WE would ALL BUY THEM!!!!!!!!

  8. Your mother decided it wasn’t her time yet, but it must have been a stressful experience for both of you.

    The scalloped neckline on that velvet dress is divine, and you look so beautiful wearing it. Thank you for the closeup of the hat – love seeing the detail of the swirls.

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