Photos by Daniel N

The Grand Finale of the 2010 holiday hat review is a vintage structured red felt beauty (a subtle and understated face framing explosion) which was purchased at a NYC flea market a few days before The Style Crone’s 60th birthday celebration.  That would be almost eight years ago.  This hat continues to make me smile every time it comes into view, and I think that is the perfect reason for it to continue to dwell in the hat room.

Happy Holidays to all, however you may celebrate during this time of year.  Diversity is powerful and magnificent!  Thank you to all who read and comment on Style Crone. This extraordinary community has been my lifeline over the past six months and I appreciate each and every one of you for your kindness and compassion, from the bottom of my Style Crone heart.


  1. Aloha from rainy Kauai. You’ve helped me laugh and enjoy each day, for unlike our hats, these can’t be physically worn again…So love each hour like a great hat!

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