I’m delighted to be co-hosting Shoe and Tell with the gorgeous Cherie at Style Nudge HERE.  Cherie is a self described “stylist and life long collector of unique things.” It was an honor to be asked to contribute to her link-up featuring shoes, which are nearly as important to me as hats.

What better way to celebrate this event than traveling to Mod Livin’ HERE for another afternoon of photos.  There are an unlimited number of background opportunities at this location that have been spinning around in our brains since last week.  How could I forget this sculptural ceramic planter and the set of cabinets circa the 50’s by William Palmann?


These long buttery-soft vintage leather gloves have been waiting for the light of day for years.  What am I saving them for if not a Thursday afternoon hanging out at Mod Livin’. They have a luxurious feel to them as I pull them over my elbows, nearly meeting the velvet and sheer silk chiffon sleeves of the gown.  They play nicely with “The Jane” sectional sitting on the showroom floor.


The sun creates shadows through the window with its warm light, unto the orange sleeper sofa by Blu_Dot, cleverly named “The One Night Stand.”


Photos By Daniel

I last wore this gown to a holiday party at a friend’s home.  I can feel the warm energy of the memory today, as it makes its appearance accompanied by the burnt ostrich feather headpiece.  And for the gloves?  I’m ready to wear them again soon, and will be thinking about how they can accessorize another outfit in the future. I believe in wearing the good stuff now!

Everything that I’m wearing in this post was discovered at estate sales over the years, except for the pearl and rhinestone necklace, which was created in the 80’s by my dear friend and brilliant artist Lonnie Hanzon HERE.

I’m linking up with Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.  Patti is wearing a Karina dress that looks like it was made for her.


The estate sale vintage YSL black suede pumps are the featured accessory for Cherie’s Shoe and Tell.  Show your shoes or your entire outfit in the link below!


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  1. You look so young and so gorgeous on that red/orange sofa. Do you get these comments when I comment off the e-mail. Just wondering.

  2. uuuh wait what, a weekly shoe post collection then? O_O damn I dont have my shoe post finished by today 🙁 and i love that outfit of yours, wouldnt have thought white long gloves would match an entire black outfit but they do on you!

  3. I so enjoy your gown series , each one is so glorious.Those gloves and of course the elegant hat the perfect finishing touches.
    I have tried to link up but am having difficulty ,possibly my own doing will try again.

  4. I just love your pictures! You look fabulous as usual! Have you always been so stylish or did you learn along the way? If you haven’t already, you should write a book. Peace! Cheryl

  5. You look exquisite! I adore the sleeve detail on the gown. What era is it? (Looks 30’s to me).

    What I especially love about this photo shoot is the juxtaposition of eras. You don’t look “Midcentury Modern”. So my imagination conjures up a story about an older dame, stepping out into the harsh, bright, California sunshine, unapologetic about her seasoned chic.

  6. You look absolutely scrumptious!! (I need to find new adjectives besides Amazing, Fabulous, and Gorgeous) I wouldn’t be able to wear those gloves for few minutes without getting them dirty, but if they were black, I’d wear them all the time, with everything! Such a lovely dress, and you are ever so lovely in it.

    I really like the “one night stand” sleeper sofa – great colour, nice shape, and excellent name 😉

  7. What a beautifully elegant outfit, Judith – from the feathered hat to the sheer sleeves of the lovely dress and the stunning gloves, all the way down to your YSL-clad toes!
    I am a freak among bloggers (and among women apparently) since shoes don’t excite me much at all! I wear the same shoes/boots over and over again, and there really aren’t any stories to share about them at all! xxx

  8. Gorgeous, Judith – the setting, and you and those incredible gloves. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  9. What a magnificent dress. I love the photo shoots at Mod Livin, It is a nice contradiction the modern items and the vintage gorgeous you. I love how you described “feeling” the memories of times you wore the dress. It is so true how clothing evokes memory and affect. I love the long gloves too. Beautiful as always.

    Accidental Icon

  10. You look so beautiful and sublimely elegant in that dress!
    Me & Curtise are a match made in heaven, I don’t own any fancy shoes either – that’s why I live in maxi dresses! xxx

  11. As usual you look gorgeous. And indeed it is great to host such a party together. I was in doubt whether to enter my shoes (or rather by golden biker boots) with you or with Cherie, but decided for you as I know you much longer. I am linking up to your post from my newest post. Not from the older post with my golden booties. Otherwise you won’t have the benefit of enough people seeing the link.

  12. Just when I think you’ve posted the ultimate, you surpass yourself. That dress is superb all by itself, but with your unique hat, gloves and shoes the ensemble is taken to a whole new level. And so well complemented by the setting too…

  13. Oh I adore that hat, such luscious feathers and the dress is sensational! I used to have an elegant velvet dress- it was my first black grown-up concert dress and my Mum bought it in the sale in a posh shop for me, I was scared at how much it cost- if only I had liked its daring backlessness, I loved the front and sleeves but a flatchested 14 year old felt self-conscious at no bra!x

  14. What I love when you show clothes on your blog is all the beautiful, fun and memorable stories. Could you make a book with pictures of your clothes and stories about them. I would be the first to buy and love the book. And I would come over and get it signed. 🙂

  15. Well how wonderful are you! You could step into a movie at a moment’s notice if the star *accidentally* got food poisoning…not that I’m suggesting….!
    I too like AccidentalIcon love the contrast with the modern furniture or fun-iture as I originally typed! Especially the square vase!
    I like Vix and Curtise have difficulty enthusing over shoes, although I do seem to own quite a few sneakers, so maybe it’s the heels that put me off.
    But I can enjoy yours as a sculptural form! Xo Jazzy Jack

  16. This is such an elegant look! I love the dress (and mind you I don’t do dress a lot!) It is glamorous and have that old Hollywood flair to it

  17. The lines of your shoes are sublime, which sounds like the line from a love song sung by a nerd, although these are SERIOUS shoes. Wow. And your gown and hat all brought to life by you. Glamour. Mod Livin’, in addition to have excellent interiors for sale, also provides perfect backdrops for your shoots.

  18. You never cease to amaze me. Miss Glamour at her best! You make dressing up a simply natural thing to do and I thank you for that.

  19. Judith, I am so honored as well to have you as my co-host. I love all of your stuff – your hats, gowns, gloves, jewelry and shoes! I, too, am a big advocate of use the good stuff today!

    And those YSL black suede pumps are incredible. Where did you find those?

  20. Look! I made it to another linkup! Coming out of deep winter hiding to say hello, Judith. Thanks so much for your kind encouragement recently … I just needed to go to ground for a while. Your lovely face is a great one to see on my return. You always remind me that there’s still lots of wonders to be experienced, and all the time in the world to enjoy them.
    Beautiful dress, hat … and the gloves! What a great setting, too … classic style works just everywhere, doesn’t it?

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