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As The SC  dressed for several appointments yesterday, this vintage silk Pucci tunic flirtatiously caught my eye and within moments became the armor of the afternoon.  Its vibrant swirls drew me into its powerful radiating beauty and its colorful and playful pattens brought out a smile and warmed my heart. ‘Corrective clothing’ has mood altering properties, and with the addition of a hat reminiscent  of the 60’s, lifted spirits were assured.  Could it be that outfits provide respite care?

I am determined to keep Style Crone alive, and though my blogging frequency has decreased, I will be posting as my process allows.  Thank you for following and for your encouraging, compassionate comments which make an immense difference during this transition.

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  1. I smiled as soon as this image appeared on my screen. You look vibrant and fabulous. I’m a great believer in mood-altering dressing.

  2. Clothing as armour! Of course. So many people don’t realize the power of clothes, to affect others, and to affect us, the wearer. May the swirls of Pucci envelope you.

    Much love from England,

  3. You look stunning! A beautiful representation of the colors of summer. Your post made my day…

  4. Your picture blew me away…I see joy and fun on this wonderful woman! I love it that you wore this with leggings…how much fun…and it works so well. I bet you touched hearts of all people you met while wearing this!!

  5. ‘corrective clothing’ – yes, that makes sense. Thank you for continuing to post. Your point of view is so colorful and interesting. You are lifting my spirits, too, with your self-expression. Life is just so terribly difficult at times, and you are a warrior.

  6. The tunic is delicious, but the hat!!!!! Absolutely perfect to make this ensemble sing. I love it, and you wear it so, so well!

    My favorite consignment store is going out of business so I was able to score a fabulous kelly green hat. Not sure what to call the style; I’ll send you a picture and maybe you can tell me.

    Love, J.

  7. All I can say is… look simply stunning! If someone thought that pattern can’t be elegant, your outfit totally refutes that! GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!! ~Serene

  8. What’s that expression I like so much: Fake it ’til you make it. Your whole look is totally cheerful and inviting! If you passed me on the street, you would make me smile. So, I think you’re onto something here. A whole bunch of smiling faces would definitely cheer me up. Plus, you are giving those around you an emotional lift. I’m taking your cue today, and backing away from dressing in my usual black, navy or gray.

  9. I love the Pucci top and your styling of it! I have a few Pucci items and they really do cheer me up just to look at but especially to wear! The print is especially flattering with your haircut and color, bravo!

  10. This look as well as so many, is amazing! You inspire me in so many ways! Thank you for your creativity and style. I am always looking for new inspiration and your smiles are so uplifting and lovely 🙂
    Thanks again!

  11. Clothing is armor. It literally protects us from the elements, but it also provides a more metaphorical protection. I use it to send signals of all sorts. I carefully construct my armor for work to provide the visual cue that I must be taken seriously, and on days when I must be perceived as particularly competent and professionally “important,” I step my look up a notch. I use clothing to send all sorts of messages, not just for work. A thoughtfully selected shoe, handbag, or jewelry item can also communicate in a strong fashion (pun intended), and I use those accessories to advantage. They are particularly good in terms of serving as conversation starters or ice breakers when I am meeting someone as they make me memorable. I make a statement visually, and I follow it up with personality to draw people in to my circle. — Of course, I also love creating outfits, and the art of it makes fun out of the very functional armor that is after all just tops and bottoms and a few add on pieces. I make a meaningful message that reflects my need to be taken seriously, to have fun, and to build community with those I engage.

  12. How cheery is Pucci? Just so much fun! Love the hat too–Of course! Hey, I only blog a couple times a week–it’s what works for me. Will be watching no matter how often you blog!

  13. Am so happy you’ll continue blogging, no matter how often or far between the mind and the heart push you to post! Your readers have become a ‘community’ bound by your inspiring show of honest ups and downs in life, and we need/love to follow your beat! More power to SC!!!!!

  14. the tunic is just gorgeous and you are radiant in spite of your inner state…your beauty is a gift not just to your readers but to the world.

  15. J,
    Don’t worry about how often you blog, but please do keep it up. You are nourishing many of us who are going down the path you have just trod, and it is a gift each day to look at your grace and beauty, both inside and outside.
    The idea of nourishment–physical, mental, and spiritual, is with me constantly now.
    We are holding up in Chicago, and Yoga remains a pillar.

  16. I own a couple of Pucci t-shirts and one beautiful scarf. It is amazing how the colors and swirls can be so uplifting to the spirit. Years ago, I purchased a book about Pucci and it is covered in Pucci fabric. He was an amazing person, quite a womanizer and very adventurous but had a wonderful eye for colors and patterns.

    Thank you for including us on your current journey. I am keeping my fingers crossed
    that your future plans will include a book about you and Nelson and Camille. I recently
    re-read the wonderful essay written by Nelson’s rowing friend about his incredible spirit
    and the way he touched people’s lives.

  17. Awesome!! Absolutely adorable! This period of transition with the help of wonderful items to lift your spirit as well all our love to you ….

  18. I LOVE the thought of Pucci as armor. Esp silk! You could not compare more disparate items of apparel, but I feel beautiful fabric and swirling color/pattern prepare us much more fully for the day’s challenges. Again, Judith, BRAVA and very well put. This is the stuff of nourishment and nurturing.

    As well as another example of your great grace coming through the most difficult moments. Post as infrequently as you need to, we will be here to read and cheer and respond with our love & support –

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