As autumn arrives full-blown, with its stunning display of colors, I’ve been reflecting from an inner distance on my own life’s transitions.  Seasons of the year can be perceived as analogous to the stages of life.

I see myself in fall as I gaze upon the trees as they shift from green to brilliant red, orange and yellow.  The stage before their leaves fall to the ground in heaps of crisp and spent beauty, they are at their most lovely.  Before they appear stark and barren against the frigid winter background.  Or as with humans, the end of life on the physical plane.


Why lament the lost youth of spring, when we can revel in the glorious colors and the fragrant essence of fall?


Does not every season have its beauty?  Does not every age have its triumphs and pitfalls, balancing on the precipice of regrets from the past and fears of the future? What’s done is done, and we have limited control over the unfolding of tomorrow. Why not leap full speed ahead and embrace every possibility that presents itself in the present?  Before our leaves fall.


As I welcome the adventures of fall, I chose to wear this silk tiger print dress that I discovered at a Los Angeles thrift shop, introduced to me by Louise of Louise Green Millinery HERE.


Rhinestones light the way, along with an array of vintage estate sale accessories and consignment store shoes. There’s an outfit for every occasion.  Such as today with Daniel, on a Tuesday, playing around the periphery of the Denver Botanic Gardens HERE.


Photos By Daniel

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  1. What thoughtful observations about the changes of life and seasons. Autumn shows us that even at the end of life we can become vibrant with color. Enjoy

  2. Love your FB and emails. You asked for some pics in the recent past of my work but was unable to send as website was being revamped along with new name. If you are still interested, I will be happy to send photos of my work ( hats).

    I feature your posts on my page and recently did the summer one of your own hand-made lavender hat and straight flowered dress leaning away from the rail. It is one of my favorites. You give us “older” women a very youthful and sexy appeal as that is who we are!

    Maria Koruz at Maria K hats

  3. You have a wonderfully wise way of looking at the world and ageing in general. I’d love to get 100% on board with that, I’m just not there yet. I lament my youth and the years without body aches and pains. I miss the worry free life of a younger person. I miss being able to eat whatever I like without worrying about being able to fit into my pants tomorrow.

    I will reflect on these words of yours more today. Fantastic thoughtful writing again Judith and you’re looking stunning as usual.


  4. THAT DRESS!!! I can’t believe your finds… And thanks for this post today as I feel old and fat and somehow generally anxious. Your prose is so uplifting. You’re right – I need to LIVE the Autumn.

  5. Thank you so much for your beautiful reflections as well as your beautiful style. Now if it would just stop being 75 degrees and 79 percent humidity here in New York!

  6. Judith you are a vision. And your words are full of truth. I used to hate and dread the winter season for so much of my adult life. So much time wasted until a few years ago when I tried a to look at that season with a new perspective. I started seeing it differently on purpose at first and now it is natural. I love the beauty and promise of splendid white wintry days and mystical winter nights by a fire. I have learned that its not where you live that makes you happy. It is embracing the beauty of where you live that makes you happy. I believe that is true about aging also. It is not how you look but how you look at how you look. As I write this we are having our first snowfall. (smiling) Peace! Cheryl

  7. Yet another wonderful outfit in another picturesque setting! I love the silk dress Judith as well as that adorable hat of course, and your styling with all of that sparkle is divine. I share your sentiments about the seasons in our life. We’re duty bound to embrace each as it emerges, with love, energy and excitiment for the surprises it holds.
    Have a lovely week x

  8. Judith, I enjoyed what you said and you looked very sticking in you fall color outfit. You do all cloths and hats justice. Thanks for making all of our lives more exciting with your nice writings and pictures. Such a Joy. love Lonnies mom. Vena

  9. Right on beautiful Judith. It is a joy to know you and witness your beauty continue to unfold each season.

  10. The dress has such an interesting, funky shape – another excellent addition to your collection. I always enjoy your perceptive and poetic writing about ageing – there are things to be savoured at every age, if you are healthy and remain connected to people and engaged in the world around you.

  11. This dress is a marvel. So beautiful, I wish it was somewhere in The Netherlands in my size. I would be over like a shot.
    Your hat is fun and very becoming with the dress.
    I have tried my new hat, but I think it is not going to work. I don’t have the life, the hair or the face for a hat.

  12. Dear Judith, your words are both wise and beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I absolutely agree with you, and I also believe that autumn is so very beautiful. I am in the very early stages of my autumn and I love and cherish it.
    Your outfit, (I adore the hat) is gorgeous and worn with your usual panache and grace, lifts thrift shopping and pre loved fashion to lofty heights.
    Elizabeth. xx

  13. Catching up on my reading and so, finally, read this post. I could redundantly copy everything that’s already been said and so won’t. But I will add another thanks — for your sense of style, your style “finds” and your thoughtful words.

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