April’s Hat Attack is a wide-brimmed purple fur felt chapeau trimmed with feathers, which was originally gifted to my hat shop partner’s mother Doris during the days of our hat shop in the 1980’s.  She wore it frequently, and after she died, my hat shop partner Mary Lou was seen wearing this beauty out and about in Denver.

When Mary Lou died about nine years ago, this purple beauty was passed on to me. Since then, this hat has been perched in my hat room, on one of the higher hanging racks on the south wall, as though it were a shrine to my “hat history.”  It had not been worn since in my possession.  As evidenced by the hats that I feature, large brims are not my forte. I have considered downsizing and replacing it with a hat that would appeal more closely to my aesthetic, but this was only a passing and momentary consideration.  Somehow it felt as though I would be letting go of an integral part of my essence.

Then there was last Saturday!  I was composing my ensemble for the “March for our Lives Denver,” in the spirit of “there is an outfit for every occasion.”  This purple jacket was the perfect match for the cool but sunny day.  From there I was drawn to one of my leopard scarves to layer for warmth if needed, and of course the purple leather gloves were a given.  From there I walked into the hat room, and the purple hat greeted my gaze. The perfect marching hat magically appeared!

As I placed this feather adorned confection upon my head, I remembered that Mary Lou’s niece and nephew were students at Columbine High School when the first mass school shooting in the US took place in 1999.  Several of their friends were murdered that day, and they too had been at risk.  Somehow it all came together!  The purple hat not only honored the legacy of the hat shop created by Mary Lou and myself; it also brought energy to the movement to address gun violence in all communities across the nation.  Led by young people. With compassion and inclusion.

Hats are more than accessories.  For me they carry memories and meaning.  They are symbols and they are part of the armor of my daily life. Yesterday, today and into the future.

Photos By Daniel

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  1. This has become so much more than a blog, beautiful Judith❤️ It art and you are a work of art!

  2. I cannot imagine why large brimmed hats are not your forte!!! This little piece of purple perfection looks WONDERFUL on you…in fact it is nothing less than STUNNING. Go strut your stuff!!!

  3. Purple perfection Judith. The wide brim is very flattering. I love your blog and your style is so inspiring. Happy Easter beautiful lady.

  4. Au contraire! That wide-brimmed hat is beautiful on you and the feather is so stunning.
    Jill in Ontario

  5. Love the symbolism in your story. I am really against guns in the possession of private people. In The Netherlands gun possession is forbidden unless you have a license and you don’t get a license that easy.
    You did a great styling job with this ensemble. And I like the hat on you. Even though you say this is not your favourite shape.

  6. Judith, this sharing touched me.
    Especially poignant. Your living
    relationship with hats, your memories,
    How they hold your life presence.
    Somehow this post summaries
    In my heart the filled to the
    (Brim) your full living and loving.
    Thank you!

  7. The hat is stunning…the feather is wonderful!

    I love leopard with purple.

    I’m so very happy you kept the hat. I often feel the same way about sentimental pieces in my wardrobe. They hold memories that contain the history of who we are and where we have come from.


  8. That gorgeous hat comes with a wonderful provenance and couldn’t have been passed on to a more fabulous or deserving person than you.
    You look absolutely ravishing in purple, dear Judith! xxx

  9. That hat, with all of its history, definitely deserves a spot in the hat room. You always put together the right outfit for the occasion, and this was a great choice for the March.

  10. That is one amazing hat and the feather is a beauty. Actually I think you should wear wide-brimmed hats more often as this one looks so good on you.

    As others have said I salute you for your memories and support for the young students leading the way towards more regulation of gun ownership. In the UK guns are not something we think about owning – why would we? I kind of understand where people who want one are coming from but those rifles? No, don’t understand.

    I put my trust in the young – they will be the leaders of the future. I wish them well.

  11. I just love that every hat (and every post) of yours has a story. Today’s is one to cause the reader to stop and think, and that’s a good thing. We see reports like this on the news all too often nowadays and no-one in power seems to have the will or common sense to enforce a change. Those young lives cut down long before their time signify a terrible waste of their budding potential. The impact of that loss ripples throughout families and society leaving a terrible sense of injustice. All so very sad.

    Anna x

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