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The SC made the decision on New Year’s Eve Day that 2011 would not go gownless.  I have a passionate love for gowns; I feel enveloped, protected and held in space by folds of fabric and the structure of design.  I am of the opinion that gowns should not be limited to formal occasions, especially as there are so few of these events in my life and my vintage inventory lies in waiting.  I seldom let a year go by without the expression that a gown provides and the year of Nelson’s death was to be no exception. So yesterday I threw on this beloved vintage silver gown with ‘bow pattern’ accessorized by everything vintage and attended three consecutive gatherings held by friends in the celebration of the New Year.  I have found planned structure to be as important as the lack of it.  Frivolity with friends balanced by stillness and the company of memories (some of them involving gowns of all shapes and forms).  I thank my friends for the invitations and understanding when my process does not allow me to be present.

The SC approaches 2012 with hope and a desire for the evolution of peace and positive intention. Thank you to all readers and commenters for your kind, thoughtful, comforting, supportive words and elegant expressions.  I have appreciated and have been touched by your generosity.  And wish all the best possible ‘gown energy’ for you in the New Year!




  1. My dearest friend!

    I have thought of you many, many times over the last week. I had a very quiet weekend by myself, sewing and reflecting, and wondered what you would chose to do as 2011 moved into 2012.

    I was headed to bed and checked up on the SC on my phone. When I glimpsed you in the silver gown, I whooped with joy and ran to my laptop to get a better view. I wasn’t disappointed! Just beautiful. I’m glad you were able to bedeck yourself and enjoy the company of friends. Wishing you and yours peace in the upcoming year.

    Much love,


  2. This fabric is just beautiful! It sounds like your New Year’s was more busy than my own. DH fell asleep by 10 o’clock!

  3. Judith – You have encouraged me to wear clothes that I’ve forgotten in my closet and to look the best that I can…….everyday…..and I thank you

  4. I was so impressed that you enjoyed your “gown therapy!” You look absolutely stunning. This photo imparts the sensibility of dressing for dinner, a-la Downton Abbey. Good for you, I hope you are blessed with a wonderful New Year, a year of growth and peace.

  5. Exquisite gown. You look so beautiful and have once again inspired me to
    make my time at home and alone a time to wear something lovely. I have
    the habit of schlumping around in old sweats. I will try this coming year to
    make a serious effort to celebrate each day by looking my best!
    Happy New Year to you dear Judith.

  6. Happy New Year, Judith! You look so beautiful in your vintage silver gown, I look forward to seeing lots more of your elegance and style in 2012. xxx

  7. Thank you for the living reminder to wear what we love, go where we will, take time to ourselves, breathe. Live, be brave and allow friends to share stories. Here’s to a stunning New Year where the best vintage is in our own beautiful selves/souls where all the stories are woven into the fabric of our lives.

  8. Hi Judith,
    One more comment – I was wondering if you have any favorite books you could
    recommend to us that you find helpful in maintaining a positive and healthy lifestyle.

  9. That is such a stunning gown! And you are all a-glow~

    I am not a gown person–more of a cocktail dress. But I will consider this–seeing that you look so wonderful!

  10. Happy New Year, Judith! You look gloriously beautiful in that stunning gown; you really bring it to life. All the best to you in the new year. You continue to inspire.

  11. OK we redheads know there is nothing like wearing silver! You look amazing in this gown! Brava to, to the wearig of it – I heartily agree that there are far too few occasions to don the full finery – I possess a couple of gorgeous full length numbers that spend far too much time “in the trunk.” This inspires me to do something about that!

    So glad you put on your finery and shared it with friends — sounds like that was a lovely evening and a great way to usher in the new year. This is definitely a courageous act. Despite the momentous change and the grief process, to don beautiful things and go out into the world! You are so right about gaining strength & support from this kind of beauty. May it continue to be so, and may you continue to receive what you need in this new year.


  12. Well, you’re a gorgeous one, and there’s no denying that! I think it was Vivian Westwood that said, “when in doubt, dress up!” Isn’t it wonderful and magical how clothes can protect, enhance, and throw a magic spell around you? Especially fabulous clothes such as this incredible gown. May the new year bring you fantastic surprises and good energy in every conceivable way.

    Much love,
    Rose from England

  13. Judith, your posts always lift my spirits. You look stunning in the gown, the hat, the gloves, the beautiful jewelry. Stunning. I admire your process and more importantly I remember it at times, when I need to. You’re inspiring.

  14. Happy New Year, Judith. Thank you for all you’ve given me through your blog since I found it earlier this year. May all our new years bring serenity, security, love, and a little glamour.
    Love from Arabia!

  15. Yowza!! You look freaking gorgeous in that silver gown–obviously some great gown energy going on there. I wish you all the best for the new year, and look forward to seeing what the year holds for us in style and adventure. I’m thinking of a trip to New York in April….

  16. As always, Judith, you are an inspiration! You clearly made the decision to start the New Year like the star you are. Thank you for always reminding us that glamorous needn’t be relegated to the ball! Best wishes in 2012.

  17. What an amazing gown, my dear Judith, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    You are a fairy.
    Loving the gloves and the necklace, but above all, YOU.
    Wishing you nothing but the best in the NEW YEAR.

  18. And what a wonderful gown it is! I wish there were more opportunities for gowns. I have very few and often don’t want to spend money on them as they are selcom worn. One of my resolutions is that I will make an effort to wear something formal whenever an opportunity presents itself.

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