The SC began her ‘See the World by Hat Shop and Milliner’ series in Saint Paul, Minnesota with Angie Sandifer, who specializes in custom and handmade women’s hats.  She inhabits a live/work space in the Northern Warehouse Artist Co-op in Lowertown Saint Paul.  She has a fascinating story!  Angie tells me that in 2003 she was laid off  from her corporate job in the telecommunications industry where she had worked for 31 years.  In the process of retraining she took a desktop communications class and for her class project she built a website for ‘Angie’s Hats.’ This concept then took on a life of its own.  She decided to learn the art of hat making and took private lessons from a master milliner in North Carolina. She started her millinery business in 2006.  Angie believes that it’s therapeutic to do what you love and truly enjoys creating a hat for a customer who is then thrilled and excited with her work of art.   ‘Hats are very personal and provide style, sophistication and elegance,’ Angie states with enthusiasm.  Check out Angie’s website HERE and to read more about her story CLICK HERE.  She sells her hats by appointment in her studio, at the Artist Mercantile in downtown St. Paul, and in a boutique in New Orleans.

Angie’s  studio walls are covered with her creations, all of which are expertly blocked and meticulously handcrafted with distinct quality and workmanship.  A stunning display of hat heaven in the form of cloches, wide brims, fedoras and cocktail hats  After trying on many designs in the fall/winter collection, The SC  fell in love with a small black topper with red velvet flower and black ostrich feather.  This hat will have a noteworthy spot in The SC’s hat room!

Spending time with Angie in her millinery studio was magical.  Occupying space with someone who shares my passion for hats is an act of mindfulness; time passes quickly, there is immediate rapport, and hats are the focus of the conversation.  A Millinery Meditation!  It was an honor and pleasure to initiate my new series at Angie’s Hats and Millinery Creations.


  1. Isn’t it a wonderful thing to connect with people who share our passions? Angie’s story is a truly inspirational one. And great choice on your new hat; it suits you beautifully!

  2. I’m so glad you had a millinery meditation session with Angie. Her hats are beautiful. I like every single one pictured and can see why you fell in love with the one you picked to take home. If didn’t live in a warm climate I would want one of those Fall hats, although once in awhile it really is cool enough to be tempted. Martin wears his fedora with shorts but I would feel funny wearing a hat if I wasn’t dressed, with legs covered I mean. Tights or slacks or jeans. And it’s often too warm to cover legs. And then there’s the issue of hat hair. If I put a hat on for five minutes my hair is pancake flat for the rest of the day. Some of your hats look small and light though. Maybe that would work.

    Anyway I can enjoy you wearing hats :).

  3. That is such a wonderful story! Very inspiring. I agree with Angie. It’s so important to do what you love. It’s not always easy to find that passion though, so it’s great that Angie found hers. Those hats in the picture look amazing and the hat you bought is gorgeous! I’m going to try and find a hat store here in Singapore. At least you will know where to go if you continue your hat journey in Asia. Will keep an eye out for hat stores wherever I go (going to Cebu, Philippines this weekend, but am not expecting any there..) and take pictures!

  4. Viewing Angie’s Hats was a treat, and I’m glad to know of her creations. I’m in the Twin Cities every once in a while visiting a friend in St. Paul so I will hope to visit her then. Thanks, SC!

  5. What a marvellous chapeau you’re wearing! I love hats and always want to wear them more often – I have some special events coming up, so I’ll be making an effort and thinking of you!

  6. hmmmm, now you’ve created a new life! Searching out hats in all the right places will take you on such an incredible journey and think of the stories and the connections. Keep the stories coming and can’t wait to read the book!

  7. How wonderful to see you in a new hat, and “voyaging” in a new world that speaks to you. Angie said in the info on her that people don’t dress up anymore, which is a shame. Well, every trend needs leaders, so you go for it, girl! I guess I’ve just never been a “dress down” type of gal. We even have a new hat store in Shrewsbury, to replace the one that had been on the corner of one our shopping streets for about 30 years. Traditions never die; they just move across the street!

    Much love from England,

  8. What a delightful kick-off to your journey! I am selfishly delighted you are taking this therapeutic route, as I have an enormous head (literally and figuratively), and would love to find sources for custom hats, especially with the relentless sun here.
    You are in my thoughts often, hope all is well.
    Love from Arabia!

  9. That’s a marvelous hat, and I think this is the perfect therapy/meditation project for you. Being around people who share your passion, and who are creative and spending their lives doing what they love is soul-enriching, as I learned this past weekend in New York.

  10. What lovely hats. It would be wonderful to have someone make a hat just for you. There is a hat shop here in Wichita, but I think all the women’s hats are manufactured elsewhere. The hat you chose is so “you” and it looks perfect.

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