The beautiful and vibrant Sylvia of 40+Style HERE visited Denver in August, and I was fortunate to meet this dynamic and influential blogger and spend an entire day with her.  Though our visit took place two months ago, the importance of her presence in my life has not waned.  A highlight of my summer, the time spent with this accomplished woman resonates as I write this post today.  Sylvia blogged about our meetup on 40+Style HERE and in the photo above, she “owns” the scarf installation in my home.


I met Sylvia through blogging shortly after I launched Style Crone, and she has always been extremely supportive and generous over the years.  During the early days of blogging, I remember receiving her email requesting an interview for 40+Style.  It was a time of emotional intensity for me, and it took me forever to complete. Speaking through the lens of grief and unsure of myself and my responses, I wrote and edited until I finally returned my answers to her questions.  Gracious and patient, she offered only encouragement and empathy.

I will never forget this connection so early in my blogging life. To meet Sylvia in person after knowing her “virtually” for years was fun and exhilarating, and I felt instant rapport as soon as we began talking.  Before I knew it she was catching a plane for her adventurous stay in NYC.


Having followed Sylvia’s blog for years, I was aware that she loves to wear white.  In honor of her visit I wore a white linen shirt. Sylvia has inspired me in many ways, and I have experimented with “white” because of her influence.


My own experience and the reports from other bloggers along the path of her visit to the states made it clear that Sylvia was sprinkling magical “blogger dust” wherever she landed.  Sylvia is very knowledgeable about blogging and travel, and I felt like a sponge soaking up every piece of information that she so generously shared.  Slowly, I have been working on the suggestions that she spoke of during our conversations.


We hit an estate sale, laughed in the hat room, posed in front of the scarf installation, shopped and stopped for tea, and had dinner at Nocturne HERE, the new jazz club in Denver.  For our evening of live music, Sylvia wore one of the hats from the hat room. which as you can see, accessorized her already stunning ensemble to perfection.


Having lived in numerous countries during her life, Sylvia offered an international perspective that was very stimulating to me. We didn’t stop talking from the time that she arrived and the moment that she flew off to NYC on an incredible month’s adventure which I intently followed on her blog and on Instagram.


I loved Sylvia’s openness, curiosity and global point of view.  I knew she would be interesting, but meeting Sylvia in person exceeded all expectations.

I have found this to be true of every blogger who I’ve met over the past five and one half years.  Without exception, the people who I have connected with through the wonderful world of blogging have been intelligent, creative, interesting, stylish and accepting.  What an amazing group!


So much happened following Sylvia’s visit.  My trip to Minnesota, Susan Wick’s art opening, Debra Rapport and her partner Stan’s visit, and the preparation for the two events that I hosted with Debra in early October.  I needed focus to write and give Sylvia’s time in Denver the energy and attention that it deserved.  Finally I had the opportunity do just that.  Thank you Sylvia, for traveling through Denver on your journey.  I hope I have the pleasure of meeting you again in the future!


All photos taken by Sylvia or myself with Sylvia’s camera.

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  1. So wonderful to know you two have met! Sylvia is indeed a bright light for the +40 fashion community, and she looks right at home among your colorful scarves!

  2. Such a great Denver post…as always with Stylecrone. Judith you look gorgeous in every shot. Sylvia looks fabulous too experimenting with hats! Loved meeting Sylvia in NYC after her Denver trip. Kep it all going!xox

  3. You said it right: Sylvia spreads around magical blogger dust! Your reflections on her visit to Denver echo my own after meeting her in Vancouver. She is warm, witty, and generous, and a great inspiration.
    You look stunning in white and I’m glad you ventured into new style territory. The last portrait photo of you is classic! Truly beautiful down to the smallest detail.

  4. Thank you for a glimpse into your visit from the always inspiring Sylvia, you two must have shared a wonderful time together. I also enjoyed a peek into your hat room with all those stunning Summer hats. You look truly stunning in your black and white hat.

  5. Interesting to see the red hair peeping out!
    Love the last portrait of you.
    I don’t know Sylvia but she looks and sounds great!
    Lovely scarf and hat installations 🙂 Jazzy Jack

  6. So glad you were able to meet! Sylvia is a powerhouse of blogging information which she generously shares with those she meets.

    Loved all the photos. Looks like you had a great time!

    I could tell your hat collection influenced Sylvia. When we were together she was looking for more in NYC.


  7. WHAT is that SCARF ROOM???
    That is Brilliant…………..Can you do a POST on that PLEASE!How you came up with the idea and how long it took to fill up??!!!!!I have NO WALL space for that BUT I SO LOVE IT!I have my eye on a house across the street………..maybe I need to BUY it and make it MY ACCESSORY HOUSE!!(kidding……don’t have an extra million!)I agree it is SO fun meeting other bloggers………….I do not know this GAL bit will look HER UP!
    YOU look SENSATIONAL as per the NORM!

  8. Yes Sylvia is great. I am fortunate to know her in person too as she is Dutch and stays in my town usually twice a year. You two had much fun by the look of it. If I ever make it to Denver you can be sure to find me on your doorstep too.

  9. Wow! Somebody owns more scarves than I do! Now I don’t feel so guilty about buying 4 the week before going to Paris and 3 more in Paris. Love the display. I will have to figure out where to install something similar.

  10. Isn’t it fun to meet up with people we know virtually? It sounds like the pair of you got on like a house on fire and , as always, you look incredible. xxx

  11. Love that black and white hat you are wearing! Love the entire outfit. You look like Audrey Hepburn! So beautiful and stylish!

  12. Dear Judith–
    I truly enjoyed reading about your visit with Sylvia. Although I am not a blogger I get such a boost from following the few that I do follow, you included! Mostly I use IG–as you know (heh heh). Your kindness and generosity towards me in that forum moves me deeply and helps in my path of healing and I see how incredibly busy you are and it means all the more because of that. Your events were wonderful to see through you blog and of course through Instagram. Sylvia seems like sunshine in heels and I can’t wait to get more acquainted with her blog because of this blog you have shared! I love how this wonderful web ties so many women together and is so supportive in its nature! Thanks. Xo

  13. What lovely photos. The two of you look beautiful and of course immensely stylish. I always enjoy meeting fellow bloggers, they rarely disappoint! xxx

  14. The last photo of you is a classic Judith portrait with another one of your beautiful hats gracefully framing your face.

    I hope to meet Sylvia one day – she is so supportive and encouraging to us 40+ bloggers, and everyone who has met her speaks so highly of her. It looks like you had a wonderful time together

  15. I love this hat on you, of course the style suits you perfectly, and wow I am impressed with all of those scarves! Great to meet other bloggers like Sylvia too

    Thank you for linking up with TH Tuesday
    jess xx

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