The SC enjoys wearing as much ‘resplendent red’ as is humanly possible during the holidays. Instead of decorating my home this season, except for a bright fuchsia bow (from the scarf installation) on the front door and a poinsettia in the living room sitting on the round deco blue glass covered table, I’ve been decorating myself.  In the spirit of experimentation, I wanted to focus on spending time with friends and family, so that’s where I directed my energy this year.  However, I have been admiring the glorious decorations and environments created by the beautiful Tameras of Tamera Beardsley HERE and The Menopausal Supermodel HERE.


My weekly visits with Diana, who photographs Style Crone, continue to be a high point of my week.  This is how Diana makes me feel!  We talk and shoot, talk and shoot. Tell stories, laugh and sometimes cry.


Or we have serious discussions that cover life’s continuum.  The twists.  The turns. The sideways curves.


It’s been almost two years since our collaboration began and I am very grateful for Diana’s vibrant visits, like an angel of wise and bountiful energy who enters my space. Not only is she a photographer, but a true and valued friend who was excited about the black ruched pants that I recently pulled out of my closet, where they had been hidden for several years after having been  purchased at Buffalo Exchange.


The verging on transparent black and red polka dot scarf was discovered at a street market in NYC; I don’t remember the year.

Also making a holiday visit are: vintage red jacket, vintage red/black earrings, vintage black gloves, red/black vintage brooch and vintage black velvet beret with red/black hat pins – estate sales, black heeled boots and black turtleneck – retail sales from years ago.


Photos by the lovely Diana

From my front porch, The SC wishes a happy holiday season to all who read and comment on Style Crone.  I am grateful for your kindness, your generosity and for all that I have learned from each and every one of you over the three and one half years that I have been part of this vibrant blogging community.  Thank you from the bottom of my Style Crone heart.

I feel honored, Sylvia, for the feature on 40+Style HERE.  I am a long-term and ardent fan of you and your beautiful blog.

HAT ATTACK #6 will be featured on Wednesday, January 1st!  That’s New Year’s Day!

Whoever wants to can join in!  Just compose a post that includes any hat, headwrap, headpiece, fascinator, hair flower, headband or other adornment for your head that you love on Wednesday, January 1st.  Participation will be open for one week, or until Tuesday, January 7th.  Follow the directions HERE provided on Style Crone to post your photo and hope to see you there in 2014!


  1. Dearest Judith, you are resplendent indeed! How wonderful is this bright, celebratory post. Your warmth and gratitude are contagious!

    I’m entranced by the playfulness between scarf and hat, overlaying the incredible vintage blazer silhouette, with its gorgeous lapels, brooch, and covered buttons revealed at the end.

    I also deeply appreciate your minimalist approach to decorating, which I too enjoyed these past several years … but this season we will be having guests, so I also appreciate the links to our incredible Tameras, both also creators of welcome homes.

    Warmest best to you and yours this season! xoxo

  2. What a gorgeous outfit. Red & black happen to be my favorite color combination and I love to see how people wear them. You look amazing in them – especially the fitted jacket and how it accentuates your shape. Such an amazing fit. And I love your accessories – which just take a simple outfit to the perfect level.
    xox ~kim (and chloe)

  3. Rrrravishing in red. I am seeing a trend here – lots of dusting off of seldom-worn pieces for fresh airing in the winter sun. Yeah! Ruched pants, these are a wonder and they look fabulous.
    No, thank YOU – I love visiting here. And how wonderful that you and Diana are able to play together to create these images. So thanks to you too, Diana!
    I’m not a Christmas gal but I enjoy the enthusiasm others put into the season. All the best over the holidays, Judith. I must visit the Tameras now.

  4. I know if I passed you on the street, I would feel a rush of good…good cheer, good feeling, good will…in fact, I feel it now. Come to think of it, stopping by your blog always lifts my spirits. Happy holidays to you dear Judith. I appreciate you very much!

  5. Such gorgeous photos, Judith, I especially love the one of you laughing – I wonder what Diana had said?! How delightful to have such a wonderful friend to be your photographer, and to turn each photo shoot into an opportunity for soul-sharing, humour and stories. Wish her a happy Christmas from me, please – I may not know Diana, but I think I would really like her!
    And I also really, really like your red jacket – a beautiful nipped-in shape, fabulous collar and fabric-coverd buttons, and of course the bright red colour, so dramatic against the black. As always, you dress with immense elegance, Judith. Wishing you a very merry Christmas, my dear! xxxxx

  6. So beautiful in red and black! I wish I could join in on these photo sessions with Diana, as I am sure a lot of wisdom and good humor is exchanged. The ruched pants are fab and add a fun touch to the very classic, elegant red blazer. Merry Christmas wishes and a hug to you. xoxo

  7. Dear Style Crone,

    Your warmest admirer lives in the dark and cold forests of Sweden and she thanks you most sincerely for all the joy and inspiration you bring her. She wishes you a wonderful Christmas and is looking forward to see many more of your wonderful creations.


  8. You are the only elegant decoration your home needs for the holidays, dear Judith! The cut of that jacket is just perfect – is it 1940’s? Some years I feel moved to get out some decorations, but after my favourite wreath fell off my door last year and broke apart, I didn’t feel like searching for a replacement.

    Having met Diana, I can attest to her warmth, wit and wisdom. The two of you are blessed to have each other to inspire laughter, tears and creative photo collaborations. I wish the warmest and happiest of Christmas’ to both of you!

  9. You are gorgeous in red. Not a surprise here. I love the red and black scarf that you chose to throw over your beautiful red jacket. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family and friends.

  10. Happy Holidays to you dear Judith and lovely Diana, thanks for adorning my inbox with good cheer and things of beauty. I echo everything the other writers have said above, particularly about the amazing red coat etc etc, however, apart from your style Judith, I love your vivacious smile, it restores my ability to smile at people too. Bless you both and see you in January for the next hat attack. Xxxxx

  11. Splendiferous in red and black! That jacket is so stunning on you! A very merry Christmas to you, Judith, and many good wishes to you and your dear friend Diana for bringing us these little glimpses into your life (and closet!). I am planning my New Year’s outfit around Hat Attack!

  12. What a good idea, to think of the holidays as an occasion to decorate yourself rather than the house. I haven’t done the house for eons, but the reframe to celebrate decorating myself sounds delicious. I shall be more conscious of that starting now. The Yellow Skirt got me headed in the right direction, but you dear Judith, have enlightened the path.

    How gorgeous you look in your resplendent reds against black. And I love the fact that you dust things off from the recesses of your closet(s) to re-admire them again in new ensembles. Kudos to you and Debbie. Happy holidays. xoxo

  13. You’ve such a warm and lovely smile and I bet your laugh is a joy to behold! Your friendship and closeness with Diana is so obvious! xxx

  14. You look lovely in holiday red. Cool pants and great scarf with good drape and ruffled edging. I like the idea of decorating yourself rather than your house……it’s like bringing the party with you! Lovely to have a friend like this, she sounds like a dear person to have in your life. Merry Christmas! I have so enjoyed your post this year.

    blue hue wonderland

  15. To start with: Merry Christmas (not too late for the Dutch, we celebrate it for two days, so tday is the second Christmas Day) and a Happy New Year. I will most certainly enjoy your blog in 2014 too.
    Your outfit is excellent on you and I would have liked it for myself as well. That jacket is so perfectly shaped or do you make it that way with your body?
    Whenever I pull something vintage from my cupboard I style it in such a way that people say it is outdated. With you it never ever looks outdated. Styling it is an art. Sigh.
    PS I gave up trying to find something for the holidays. Just my normal stuff.

  16. Red is a warm and beautiful color. Your jacket has a wonderful shape. Beautiful picture galleries with beautiful smile and eyes that shine. Thank you for your blog. And wish you a happy New Year.

  17. Beautiful!! I somehow missed this one during the rush. You DO look like a gorgeous Christmas decoration of sorts, all in red with that pretty scarf around your neck.!! 🙂 I’m so grateful you and Diana are able to collaborate so wonderfully. The energy comes shining through.

    And yes, Vix, her laugh is utterly charming, spontaneous and delightful. It’s everything you’d expect from such a lovely person.


  18. You look absolutely glorious and happy and full of energy. I can not explain to you how well I felt after I saw these pictures. Thank you for the good moment you just gave me.
    Happy New Year!

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