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Saturday at yoga The SC noticed that the woman on the mat in front of her was accompanied by a royal blue towel with leopard trim. Inspiration appears at anytime and anywhere!  I immediately had the desire to repeat this motif with an outfit.  I seem to have blue on the brain, so the idea of pairing leopard with this vibrant color followed me home to my closet.  I brought out the vintage 60’s royal blue Einiger wool jacket and the small structured 80’s royal blue Importina wool felt hat and accessorized with Donald Pliner consignment store leopard boots.  The quirky 60’s leopard pin with gold trim announced itself on my lapel, reflecting the boots and adding a sense of humor to a Monday, a tiny piece of leopard art in a gold frame.  Glove season is here again, and the vintage suede gloves proclaim there can never be too much blue to add to the picture, with a black ‘uniform’ as background.

Several readers of SC have asked about the ‘grounding tools’ that I employ to deal with stress.  Heated vinyasa yoga is the main event!  I need the the development of balance, flexibility, and strength to deal with whatever life throws my way.  Many a day I went from ‘what to wear to chemo’ to ‘what to wear to yoga.’  An hour of focusing on the moment, just me and my mat and my inner thoughts, guided by a voice with no judgement, allowing the processing of my experience in a noncompetitive environment. The classes that are held any time of the day, the eclectic choice of music, the variety of teachers, the focus on breath with each pose and the luxurious feeling of lying on my mat in the heat before and after class are what draw me back again and again.  So much about yoga can be applied to life and at any moment a teacher has been known to softly say:

-The pose does not begin until you want to get out of it.

-Turn your eyes inward and gaze upon your heart.

-The transition is as important as the final pose.

-Turn yourself upside down with intention before you begin your day.

-Find peace, even in this pose.

-Look into your own eyes.

-Open your heart to the morning and breathe.

-Be open to the guidance of synchronicity and do not let expectations hinder your path.


  1. Dear Judith – as always you have composed such a lovely outfit with each piece thoughtfully chosen. I am thinking of trying out some yoga classes offered at the YMCA that I belong to. Living in NYC and being a type A personality, I am usually very hyper and stressed out and have heard that yoga may help me to relax. I am curious how long you have taken yoga and is this your main form of exercise because you look great!

  2. Love this combination. The blue is beautiful as is the hat and it looks great with the leopard details. You remind me that I need to go to yoga class again. I have been very lazy with it, for as much as I love it, I also find it hard work!

  3. I love when you share yoga wisdom here. I always take something away with me which I then find helpful later.

    Such a energetic yet tranquil shade of blue. You look great as always. x

  4. A rich combination, especially with your hair color!! You also remind me why I need to get back to my yoga practice. Love you. …….J.

  5. Ah. Sigh. I love cobalt, and leopard and these wild two are skillfully tamed in your ensemble. Oh, the thrill of that jacket, and call of those boots.

    I mean to do yoga, but I do not. Again you inspire me to take action.

  6. Beautiful choices, I love the combination of leopard and royal blue on a black background.

    It doesn’t surprise me that you have yoga to ground you in mind and body. I do not do yoga myself, but believe singing benefits me in a similar way.

  7. Well, you can certainly be the poster girl for yoga! Anything that makes a person look this good has to be good for you. That and your fabulous choice of clothes. I go through phases when I am always wearing a particular colour. It seems to start with one thing, and before you know it, I have a whole wardrobe of that colour without even meaning to!!

    I enjoy your posts so much.

    Much love from England,

  8. I go to pilates, our teacher is hilarious, I’m not sure whether you’re supposed to laugh so much but maybe it helps with the relaxation. And that’s a beautiful combination – I like leopard and red but that shade of blue is less of an obvious choice. Stunning.

  9. I think leopard looks great with strong, bold colors. I can see them in my mind’s eye: yellow, orange, red, of course, winter lime green, this blue. But I’m having trouble seeing a purple. I can’t seem to see the right shade.

  10. I am quite taken with is outfit because the power of the blue makes the leopard seem understataead. It is the words of wisdom you recall from your yoga teacher, however, that affect me most today. I already do plenty of cardio exercise and strength training, encouraged by my partner who is an amateur body builder and personal trainer. Still, I have been thinking about giving yoga practice a try since I apreciate the way I understand it links mind, body, and spirit. This post encourage me to follow up and research the classes that are available here in the neighborhood. Once again, thank you SC for connecting style and substance in your message! Though you could not know across the miles, this is a timely post for me.

  11. Judith–love the cobalt blue with just enough leopard. and the hat! Love it!

    I have been practicing yoga for probably close to 20 years now. I do it mostly at home and may take a class evrey now and then. I know what you mean when you mention “grounding”. I can not live without my yoga; and am sort of out of the routine right now–I generally practice at least 4xs a week– but not lately. My most exciting new addtion to my routine? Tibetan Singing bowls! they get me THERE (if you know what I mean) in a flash.
    You are such a great writer–would love to see some yogic inspirations from you!

  12. I love the cobalt blue and leopard. I am getting so much leopard in my wardrobe that I will have to try this lovely combination. You look so lovely in this outfit.
    I started taking yoga this year and I love it. I am currently only taking it 2 times a week, but I can see changes in my body since I started it. I always feel better after a class.

  13. Thank you for sharing those wonderful guiding words – I love the first one “the pose doesn’t begin until you want to get out of it” Amen. And what a gloriously rich blue jacket and yes the leopard-print details were an inspired choice:) xo

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