The SC and Daniel took a walk in City Park, adjacent to my home, to take a few photos.  Along the way we enjoyed the beginnings of spring, reflected by the greening of natural spaces and accessorized by lilacs which magically appear as the brilliant blooms of flowering trees fade.


Planning my ensemble for Friday evening’s dinner out with Mr. J, I was drawn to the vintage feather fascinator which was purchased at Fabulous Fanny’s in NYC HERE during my hat shopping adventure with the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas HERE.  It had been flirting with me from its perch in the hat room, longing for an outing, knowing that it would become an extension of my hair!


Recently I have become fascinated with the concept of juxtaposition or the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.  I was drawn to denim, throwing it together with feathers, pearls and elements of the 1940’s.


A walk in the park always includes sightings of geese (upper left hand corner), and goslings have just begun to make their yearly appearance.  New beginnings are on display everywhere and meet my wandering gaze.


The shimmer of the water in spring brings to life the shine of my silver belt buckle and buttons and the glow of my vintage pearls.


The lilac diorama in City Park has been a favorite of mine for many years.  I’m thrilled by the variety of blooms that are on display in colors that I have never before seen on a lilac shrub.  The walkway through the bushes delights my senses and the sweet fragrance surrounds me with nature’s perfume.


I wonder how many years this tree has grown to attain its breath.  Trees are admired at any age, from sapling to maturity without judgement.  There is no ageism applied to the crones of the tree world!  Their leaves, trunks and branches are considered beautiful, whether in spring or fall.


Photos By Daniel

Accompanying the feather fascinator are: denim jacket – Denver boutique going out of business sale years ago, cropped denim skinny jeans – Buffalo Exchange, 40’s patterned rayon dress with pleated skirt, vintage pearls, and vintage open toed pumps – estate sales.


Photo By Ari Seth Cohen

On another note, I discovered the elegant blog by Rita Marcus of the Very Old Grandmother several years ago after she was featured on Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style HERE.  I checked in on her last week, only to find that she had passed away at the age of 89.  A beautiful post by her son, Dr. Stephen Michael Marcus, honored her life HERE.  I was brought to tears by the passing of a role model, who I had never met, but who had inspired me from England.

As I think about it, I have become aware that blogging connections have the power to elicit emotions that are genuine and spontaneous. Surely a gift that was unexpected but real and life enhancing.  Rest in peace Rita. You made a mark on my life!


  1. I am so sorry I missed out on Rita’s blog…she was gorgeous! As you are Judith, I need to try to put leggings under my skirts, thanks for the inspiration. Your fascinator is fabulous as you are! Love that smile….

  2. What a beautiful and fabulously dressed lady Rita was, I’m sorry I didn’t get to say hello to her and her blog when she was alive.
    Love that belted denim jacket with the elegant dress, shoes and fascinator, it looks so edgy and cool. xxx

  3. Judith, I too was shocked to read that Rita had so unexpectedly died! I had been following Rita after I ran across her in Advanced Style and read the interview Ari posted on his website. She seemed so fascinating–even in her brief blog posts she came across as kind, positive and steady in her heartfelt thoughts. I had last visited her blog just after her birthday posting on March 5th and when I went back to see what she was up to I was shocked to learn that she had died. I agree the eulogy her son Dr. Marcus posted was lovely and Rita would have been pleased. I was so bereft that I wanted to tell someone how sad I was that she was gone. I was sure Ari was inundated with emails and I did not know how to reach her son. . .so I am sharing my loss with you. Her passing made me want to start a blog just to carry on her torch, but I have struggled with what would I have to say to any potential readers. You on the other hand have a flair. I am enjoying following your parade of hats. :))

  4. Only you with your amazing sense of style could pull this outfit off!!! Love the dress and the 40s shoes, the fascinator as well. I think I’ll try leggings and skinny pants under my skirts, it a great look! Sorry I never heard of Rita’s blog…..she sounds fascinating and looked beautiful….

  5. “There is no ageism applied to the crones of the tree world! ” This is the best thing I’ve read in a month – let’s be like the trees, respected for our longevity. You look beautiful and that hat is like an extension of your lovely red hair. xxx

  6. What a lovely eulogy to the VOG, Rita Marcus. I had followed her blog for a while and found her to be such a lovely, elegant woman. Thanks for posting this. As ever, you look so wonderful, dear Judith, and are such an inspiration to me.

  7. I didn’t know Rita, but what her son wrote about her reminds me a little of my own mum. Sometimes I want a different relationship with her than the one I have, but I have grown to accept that she is a product of her time and upbringing, and it is better to respect that rather than challenge it or feel reproachful. I didn’t expect to be considering such issues here today, so thank you for sharing that blog post with us.
    You look so elegant, Judith. The fascinator does indeed seem to be an extension of your hair, and the beautifully tailored lines of the denim jacket works so well with the 1940s dress. You look happy and radiant! xxxx

  8. Thank you for sharing about Rita ‘s passing, another inspirational lady.
    The combination of your 1940’5 dress with the denim jacket is one that works so well . Your fascinator is delightful, a joyous spring touch.

  9. I had visited Rita’s blog when Ari posted about her on Advanced Style and thought she was a wonderfully stylish, positive person. I am sorry to hear of her passing, and will go to read the piece written by her son.

    While I always love seeing your gorgeous face, I am especially taken by the photo of you from the back that shows the colours of the fence, fascinator and your hair blending together, and the marvelous lines of that jacket. I love that you popped the collar as it frames your face beautifully.

    I enjoyed your analogy about the tree – it’s interesting that as a tree ages, it gets bigger and stronger, and is admired for its longevity. Too bad it isn’t more that way for people.

  10. I clicked through and read Rita’s eulogy. Thank you for sharing.

    Your fascinator is indeed an extension of your hair. Not just the colour, but the personality is a great match too! For me today, it’s the denim jacket that has me all giddy! The lines. are. gorgeous! And the belt adds to it’s beauty!

  11. I was in such a rut when I stumbled upon your posts. Your vibe and enthusiasm is contagious. Thanks for the tips, like where you found those fabulous shoes. Your outfits are unique and stylish, which I think we all appreciate more and more as we mature. I’m taking a fresh look at my own wardrobe, which over time, had become mostly basic black. What the *bleep* is wrong with me! I, for one, am forever grateful! Blessings~

  12. Wowee! Zawee! I’m speechless. This outfit is so much fun I just want to go play.

  13. As always, dear Judith, you look incredible!! I don’t think there are many who can pull off a feathered headpiece quite the way you can…and you are certainly inspiring me to have more fun with hats!! And that jacket!! The shape and detail are probably more commonly associated with a “finer” fabric – or leather – so the fact that it’s denim just makes it sooo cool!!
    Mrs. Marcus could be a model in her black and white knit dress and patent accessories; I’m sorry to hear of her passing, as I would have loved to follow her adventures as the “Very Old Grandmother.”

  14. Isn’t it amazing how we are all connecting with each other across the world. It really is a World Wide Web. I love the back of your jacket against the rusty metal background, and the hair piece in your matching hair! Your outfit and you are beauties!

  15. Trust you to make denim look so classy! That outfit does make a beautiful juxtaposition, but the wonderful lines and details (especially in the back photo) put all the pieces into the whole. Fabulous fascinator!

    I can never walk past a lilac bush (or phlox) without stopping to smell them!

  16. You are so elegant and lovely! What a gorgeous model you are! That fascinato is sooooo preeeetty! I adore it. The trouble is, I keep thinking to myself, you have over 50 hats Kezzie, you don’t need any more and then I come over here and think, “Ahrgh, I need a hat like that!!” You are elegant, lovely AND a bad influence on my hat willpower!x

  17. I’m sorry to hear that your friend and peer has passed away. I have a great deal of admiration for fashion bloggers that don’t fit the norm and it sounds like Rita was a force to be reckoned with in that respect. I’m glad that she inspired you in your own blogging efforts, and am grateful to see you looking so fabulous week after week.

    On a totally unrelated note it seems I can’t stop buying hats. I’m fairly confident your influence is largely to blame for this 😉


  18. I’m so happy you shared pictures of lilacs. They are among my favorites, and I just spent a week with my 91 year old mother, driving her around to inspect the local offering. By the time I was scheduled to go, a huge hedge was in full bloom and we agreed that they’re some of the most beautiful flowers.

    I remember that picture of Rita and I’m sorry to hear of her transition. Time to pass the torch.

    I think your outfit is particularly well crafted!! The hat compliments the print of the skirt, and I’m such a huge fan of brown and blue together. This is another example of the sum being greater than the parts. The vintage shoes are an amazing touch. Looking gorgeous. XXXOOO.

  19. Not only have you combined the perfect spectator shoes with that jive-lively 40s print — you’ve added the bright smile that was an essential accessory for the can-do women of the era. And Marjorie Reynolds (ace girl reporter of the Mr. Wong series) would have swapped her fedora for your fascinator in a single bar of boogie beat!

  20. you look so gorgeous, love how your headpiece mixes with your hair, love the motif on your skirt, love how denim creates layers and coordinates so nicely!, everything is candy for my eyes!

  21. I love your juxtapostion! You have a very personal style…( that is often a sign of great personality! )

    thanks for talking of Rita…

  22. You look incredible, such an inspiration. I am 49 and just starting to have fun with the way I look again after years of living in jeans and t-shirts bringing up children. I hope to keep on now and still be enjoying how I dress and look when I am in my 60’s and beyond. Thank you for showing me it is possible for older women to have a strong and quirky personal style.

  23. I missed this outfit and will subscribe to your new posts by email (should have done that years ago of course). Then I saw it at Sylvia’s 40+Style.
    This is a wonderful outfit!!! The fascinator indeed looks like it is part of your hair. The jacket is terrific and combined with the classic dress and jewellery on cropped jeans, makes the perfect tension.
    Very nice.
    And I never knew The Very Old Grandmother. I clicked through from your blog and red her son’s eulogy. Very grand lady.

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