Now that spring has officially arrived, The SC is “flipping” the hat room, transitioning the fall/winter hats to their tissue lined boxes, and bringing forth the spring/summer beauties.  In the process, I gave one last felt hat a spin, pairing it with a long vintage black and white graphic patterned jacket that I found at a yard sale years ago for five dollars.


The jacket has been featured on Style Crone before, accompanied by red.  This spring electric blue was the chosen color to accessorize the jacket’s bold lines.


However, I’m not feeling blue!  Mr. J has made a flight into health, and his recovery from life saving surgery is nothing less than miraculous.  He is not in need of chemo and he does not need a follow-up scan for one year.  My head is spinning with the speed and intensity of the events of the past two months.


The black felt architecturally structured Frank Olive hat from my hat shop in the 80’s reflects the elevation of feelings that move through me.  Though recovery from major surgery takes time, there is much hope for a life filled with a return and continuation of the fun and sense of adventure that began with our relationship just six months ago.


Overcoming fear, yet allowing its presence to be felt, has provided the opportunity to learn that a cancer diagnosis does not necessarily lead to a devastating outcome. Love is more powerful than the barriers that stand in its way.

Like yoga.  Holding a pose and deepening, not too far into the pain of injury, but stretching and twisting into new growth, strength, flexibility and awareness.


I have been astounded by the new life that I have encountered.  It is never too late to live every day in all areas to the fullest, to be transparent in the process and to be open to all the possibilities that my heart feels are right for me.  The configuration within my cells will change and transform until I wear my last hat.


The silver ring with blue stone was purchased at a Denver art fair last summer.  The three neck pieces were gifted, and the vintage blue earrings and gloves were estate sale treasures.   The vintage black skirt was discovered at an estate sale and the turtleneck and leggings functioning as background were retail finds.


Photos By Daniel

The open toed heeled booties that were found at a retail sale years ago finish off my ensemble.  Like the hat room, the transition to spring/summer shoes is a ritual that twice yearly announces the change of seasons.

Hat Attack continues through Wednesday, May 7th.  There is still time to give The SC a May Hat Attack.  Thank you to all who have participated so far.  Your gorgeous headwear thrills me!

I’m linking up with Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.  Patti is wearing a lovely black top with back detail.  Not to be missed!

Bella’s Secondhand First link-up happens every Friday, so I’m taking my vintage treasures to the party at The Citizen Rosebud HERE.  Thanks Bella, for reminding us to shop sustainably.

Sheila’s Shoe Shine #1 is a “happening” taking place at Ephemera HERE every other Saturday, and The SC is taking her open toed booties over to the party!


  1. Judith, what wonderful news! I am so, so pleased to hear about Mr J’s recovery, and I can practically feel your spirits soaring all the way over here!
    You look amazing, of course; the coat is stunning, and pairing it with electric blue is a brilliant idea. Those gloves are beautiful, and the hat does indeed reflect your mood – uplifted, reaching upwards and onwards.
    Here’s to many more adventures, in hats, outfits, life and love! xxx

  2. So lovely to hear the good news about Mr. J. And – you look lovely, as always!

  3. Wonderful hat, gloves, jacket . . . and wonderful news about Mr. J’s health! Thanks for sharing all the happiness with Visible Monday.

  4. This is a stunning outfit and you look radiant. It is more than the clothes and accessories though, gorgeous as the are. There is clearly much happiness and joy in you and I am so glad.

  5. I can’t believe I missed getting your post with the stunning Missoni dress. The outfit you are wearing today is fantastic with the blue accents. So, now, couture. I spend so much time talking about your great fashion sense I forget to tell you what an inspiration you are to me and I am sure to many others. Your hopes, your dreams, your struggles-you weave these so beautifully with wonderful fashion sense.

  6. You look so stylish in this black and white coat matched with your cobalt accesories. So pleased Mr J is recovering well, may the future be full of joy.

  7. It’s good to know that Mourning does not become Electra and that blue is not your state of mind. How wonderful that Mr. J has such a good prognosis, and spring is here, and the beauty of life is there for the taking.

    That is the best $5 coat I have ever seen! And the booties are divine.

  8. What wonderful news! I’m so thrilled for both you and Mr J. Your joy is palpable.
    A divine ensemble, that coat is a stunner and the electric blue accents are fun and fabulous. xxx

  9. So glad to hear your wonderfully good news, Judith. And you look so stunning as you tell us. Making a glorious statement of good will and great strength. yea!

  10. Hello Judith,

    Thank you for your message on my blog – I don’t comment much these days, very hard to be on the PC still but improving every day and as per my GP challenging myself a bit to get back slowly to normal – It takes time-
    Trying to post this week, so far I got the pics edited and loaded in Flickr so there is hope, LOL!

    Looking great Judith- you are so radiant I kid you not! Every time I see you I say to myself I want to be just like her when I get to your age –

    Hope your friend is doing better



  11. Darling Judith … what news! The best news possible! I’m delighted for you both. That man is a lucky guy in so many ways. You are a force of nature, and I’m sure that had something to do with the outcome of his illness. Taking nothing from his own fortitude, but we all know what you’re capable of manifesting … just saying.
    Lovely hat and very chic little booties, and the coat is a wonder. So lovely and looking absolutely of the moment and contemporary as the next breath! I love it.

  12. Linking the experience of pain and the practice of yoga is a brilliant combination, dear Judith, as are the elements of your ensemble!

    I regard you and Vix as consumate performance artists, women who express their life and artistic philosophies in their costumes and actions.

  13. I am so glad about Mr J!!!! Your hat is so lovely and the whole ensemble is gorgeous!!!! I’d lov to see inside the hat room! Has it had a post before?! So gutted I missed hat attack. I was going to post tonight but missed the deadline! 🙁 x

  14. You’re the queen of beautiful accessories, seriously. ow beautiful are those gloves and the peep toe shoes?

  15. I read and reread the wonderful news about Mr J! I feel a lightness of heart, and I can only imagine the joy that you, Mr J, and his family feel! Joy, Joy, Joy! I’m so excited to see your selection of summer hats! Let the party begin!

  16. What a happy news!! I am so glad for you. You deserve this happiness. And you never seize to amaze me with your vintage finds… Five dollars… Unbelievable. It is a treasure. As are your gloves. Of course your hat is beautiful too, but we are getting used to that…. they all are.

  17. What wonderful news. You look so radiant and vibrant with happiness. I did a double take when I saw your ring. It looks identical to a ring I bought in Greenwich Village in the 70’s only with an amethyst stone.

  18. Wonderful news about Mr. J, and don’t you just look stunning in this, Judith! thank you so much for participating in Shoe Shine – love those booties! – and for your kind link-up.

  19. This outfit stikes a chord for me; I love graphic black/white patterns with a vibrant shade like electric blue or hot pink!! Love this. A lot. Glad to hear good news, too!!! I’m happy for you both. XXOO

  20. Whoa – the jacket!
    Wow – the juxtaposition with the blue gloves!
    Whew – the SHOES!
    Holy cow – the wholely ensemble!

    The IFs

  21. Just browsing around for some inspiration on a Monday. Thanks so much for writing this post. Your words were so needed. Although you were talking about your experience. It touched me deeply. Thanks. Glad and happy for you and Mr J. May happiness shine to both of you.

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