At a recent estate sale The SC stumbled upon this double layered tulle maxi skirt with large silver sequins and immediately stopped in her tracks.  Tulle has been worn by many bloggers over the past several months and to try to list them all in their glory would involve relying on my memory, which can be risky.  Because of the inspiration of the multiple interpretations of tulle wearing, I captured this piece and took it home to give it new life at a holiday party.  Blogging provides ideas that otherwise wouldn’t have crossed my mind!

The antique bookcase on the left was discovered in the alley behind our home in the 70’s.  I’m not a dumpster diver (yet), but I do take note of my surroundings!  It’s filled with vintage bags, which greet me daily as I walk out the door, begging to be considered for an outing.

Tulle wearing is great fun, but provides a challenge while driving, as its volume accumulates halfway up the steering wheel, but thankfully not blocking my vision.  It was cause for laughter, which in and of itself was worth the decision to take it out the door.

 The minimization of the holidays puts a smile on The SC’s face.

The heels were purchased at an estate sale a few weeks ago, covered with pleated fabric and embellished with rhinestones.  They are sculptures worthy of mantle placement, between the feather fascinators.  Perhaps with a touch of holly that’s hanging out in the back yard, covered for the first time with red berries.  The large fishnets were also found in a drawer, and haven’t been worn for years.  My home has been gifting me for months!

Photos by Diana

Out the door in the holiday ensemble with long velvet gloves that I found in a another drawer during my organizational process, which were too large until they were transformed to fingerless with a scissors and a steady crone hand.  The holiday wreath that I’ve had for years, decorated with gifted red and green bells, has taken the place, in my mind, of the bejeweled tree that I was tempted to put up before holiday events began happening with frequency.  I’m pleased with a less hurried and more contemplative holiday season.

Vintage Schiaparelli shocking pink velvet/silk turban – gifted, black cashmere sleeveless turtleneck – consignment store, tulle skirt with large silver sequins, vintage earrings and black heels with rhinestones – estate sales, long velvet burgundy fingerless gloves and fishnets – ? found in dresser drawers, black velvet cape with burgundy satin lining – NYC boutique years ago.

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