Snow fell to greet the holiday season just in time for the Winter Solstice.

The sun in the back garden announced the possibilities of the light soon to come.

Tis the season of boots and gloves and all things warm and comforting.

Happy Holidays and special greetings, however you celebrate or spend time this season, to all who follow and comment on SC.  I am grateful for the radiance that you bring to my life.


  1. That is the most lovely turn of ankle I have seen in that boot/glove/snow shot. Such elegance in a somewhat unexpected place. Thanks to you as well – your posts and thoughts provide wonderful sustenance!

  2. Glamorous indeed. You’re a joy to behold at any time or season, dear Judith. Looking as though you just might start dancing like the sprite you are. oxxo, pao

  3. Judith, thank you for this wonderful visually satisfying post. You are better than any Christmas card for sure! What fantastic style and class you have. I wish you the best!

  4. Happy holidays to you and Camille. I was so happy to have met you during your recent
    visit to NYC (at the FAF beauty bash). You never fail to inspire me and delight me with your
    wonderful blog. A big thank you!!

  5. You are wearing the most beautiful shapes in this post! Thank you for your constant inspiration, and for sharing your beautiful spirit with all of us. Wishing you and Camille a very Merry Christmas.

  6. I love the snow so much. You are pure elegance in these photos SC. I have been wanting a pair of furry boots and now I must have them after seeing them on you, they are to LIVE for. 🙂 I love your smile and thank you for always bringing radiance to me when I visit. xoxooxxoxoxoxoxo

  7. What incredibly elegant photos, Judith, love the monochrome outfit in the snow, and of course your hat is exquisite.
    Happy Christmas to you and Camille, sending lots of love to you. xxxx

  8. Merriest Christmas and Thank You for all the inspiration you provide,
    by being your most elegant self. May this Christmas bring peace to
    your world.

  9. What a perfect coat. I would kill for such a coat. And the detail near the sleeves… beautiful. Of course your hat, boots and gloves are amazing too. How I wished I could go on your clothes hunting trips. You have such an eye for things. And a wonderful figure as well of course; that helps.
    Have a very merry christmas in the snow. In Holland it is boring weather.

  10. Wendi, you look ab fab! Just discovered your website on Ari Seth Cohen’s blog, Advanced Style.

    Ari was my inspiration in creating my own blog devoted to the beautiful, stylish mature women down here in Hotlanta! (Blog only two days old but growing!)

    With you, I now have two sources of inspiration! Thanks for creating a wonderful blog.

    Cheers and happy holidays.


  11. And I am so grateful for your radiance! Thank you for bringing such deep and rich substance to my love of style. Wishing you a wonderful new year!

  12. Judith, I wish you a happy holiday season and a vibrant new year full of possibilities. I’ll look forward to following your reflections on life and the outfits you compose to share with us as the next seasons unfold. Many regards…

  13. Dear Judith, I love how you capture in photos and words the state of being lit from within and without. Just beautiful! You are regal, your hat an incredibly sculpted snowdrift, and your silhouette divine. The very best of the season to you and Camille as well!

  14. What a beautiful hat. So jealous of the pretty snow, all we got was a miserable grey drizzle. However the holidays were full of love and fun, so it made up for the lousy weather. Hope your holidays are going swimmingly!

  15. You look utterly beautiful and stunning in that wonderful wintry outfit! Such an inspiration to me! I adore the amazing white hat and those pretty boots. I do hope you had a very happy Christmas, my warmest wishes for a lovely 2013.

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