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This holiday season it seemed too overwhelming to decorate a huge tree with the many vintage decorations in yet another of the Style Crone’s collections.  The perfect solution presented itself as I was browsing at an antique store owned by a friend; I traded a hat for a small faux holiday tree and in a flurry of excitement upon arriving home, threw up on its “verging on lime green” branches an array of rhinestones and pearls from my jewelry stash. The tree was placed in the foyer on a small table covered with a lace table cloth and “voila!” a special greeting to all who enter our home during this festive season!  And if needed I can always grab a quick accessory as I dash out the door to one of the many holiday events during the next few days!  One can never embellish with too many rhinestones in December!


  1. Oh, this is such a fabulous idea!

    There seems to be a movement afoot this year (at least from what I’ve seen IRL and among my friends on the internet) to find ways to decorate and celebrate that are a bit downscaled and not so overwhelming. I concur!!

  2. I love the idea of using your jewelry! I will remember this for next year. Thanks for another inspiration, SC. (Adding my initial to help distinguish between our multiple Lindas.)

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