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The Maeve Carr white straw hat gets its first outing in years accompanied by an estate sale vintage multicolored Malia of Honolulu maxi dress with vintage bangles and earrings, and grounded by the orange patent leather peep toe pumps that have been a SC favorite for several summers.

Things are looking up.  It’s been raining off and on for three days and the temperature has dropped significantly.  In fact, it’s raining softly as I create this post. The raging fires are close to containment, leaving much damage and loss in their wake.  A collective exhale can be felt across the state, with hopes that the remainder of the summer will be more peaceful and allow much needed space for recovery.

I drove to yoga in the rain this morning and today’s teacher had chosen soulful blues for the class soundtrack.  She asked us to consider ourselves as the rain and to think of one thing we wished to cleanse from our life.  I ran with the first thing that came to mind and moved through class as though each movement was effortless.  Sometimes a slight shift can create a more ideal pose, as a small change can form a new and more healthy thought or behavioral  pattern in my life off the mat. Even a barrier that arrived pre-language can present itself for consideration, emerging from deep within the unconscious, coming out of the blue, following the strains of the blues. The class flew by as though it were five minutes and as I walked out of the studio, rain, sweat and tears merged and fell down my cheeks creating a beautiful, cleansing, healing sensation verging on exhilaration.

Upon my arrival home, I noticed the scarf manikin in my garden.  She’s been my summer companion for many years since her character was developed for a backyard party in celebration of a friend’s birthday.  I’m always on the lookout for vintage nylon scarves to refresh her skirt as it responds to the sun, wind and rain.  When I want to know the status of the wind, all I have to do is look out the window for her billowing display.  I’ve been known to change her attire for special events, but that was years ago, during more frivolous times.

Interestingly enough, I’ve found myself planning another outfit for her over the past few weeks.  I may have found the perfect piece in my travels and she really should have a name.  Maybe she’s a symbol of my evolution, providing me feedback with information that I would not otherwise possess or notice. Surely this must be a sign!

The SC is taking the scarf manikin over to the party at Patti’s Visible Monday HERE.


  1. OK, my first response to this is – dang, you have some great arms! Your yoga and fitness program obviously works for you. Thank you for your lovely description of the rain and the sweet cleansing of letting go.

  2. I love that Maxi dress. Your style is so beautiful. I can see how those scarfs can make you cheerful.


  3. What a bold and beautiful dress you are wearing. I’m so glad to hear about the rain…and found the yoga instructions very interesting. I love your yard decoration and have a couple of scarves I may send to add to her skirt.

  4. That is a superb maxi dress! What wonderful colours all blocked together and the orange shoes are just perfect with it. Your mannequin with her scarf skirt is a rather beautiful and creative way of gauging the wind.

  5. I adore how you use a scarf mannequin to tell which way the wind is blowing, in all senses. I think the renewal of the scarves will be so much fun! And your Hawaiian maxi dress is like fruit punch with something stiff added for knock-out. What a brilliant outfit – good match for your hat! I’m so happy the fires are being drenched.

  6. Judith, that maxi is gorgeous! That’s a piece that can’t be worn by just anybody. You’ve got to have the right vibe to carry it off… and you’ve got it!
    Sounds like you a magical experience with your last yoga session. I can’t say that ever happens for me with yoga…but at least I get a good stretch!

  7. you are loved……I can’t say enough on your style of writing, specifically the WORDS…..and your fashion style! What a wonderful idea with the manikin… it

  8. Your colors are a beautiful wake up. I became in a good mood when I saw your beautiful dress and I love the flower pots match. The dress has a beautiful shape and the hat is – dot one’s i’s – is what we say? I think it’s a good idea to give your weather lady a name – you may well call her Gine. 🙂

  9. Wow. The two images together are complete. The strength and embodiment of you and your outfit, and the ethereal beauty of the spirit scarf manikin. I become teary-eyed with it.

  10. Like Pao, I also love the juxtaposition of two (of the many!) sides of your nature: bold and out-there in your crisp maxi dress, and delicate, open-to-the-elements, with the scarf lady. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  11. Oh Judith, you own some incredible clothing but that maxi dress has to be one of the most beautiful frocks I’ve ever laid eyes on, you look a perfect picture in it. That has to be your go-to outfit if you are ever undecided about what to wear, it could take you anywhere!
    The scarf mannequin is a joy and such an ingenious idea although if we tried that in the Uk the scarves would be too wet to flutter prettily in the breeze! x

  12. That dress is an absolute stunner. The bold colours and print just knock my socks off! (And yes, I am wearing socks, more’s the pity…)
    I’m glad you’ve had some cooling, cleansing rain, and that you’re feeling that something is shifting and changing direction in your life. Your scarf lady is so beautiful, I look forward to seeing what you have planned for her! xxxx

  13. Hi Judith

    The dress is a stunner!
    Love the scarf Lady and i too can’t wait to see what you have planned for her
    To answer your question yes i wore a flower bracelet at Izzy’s wedding, i had them made especially for the ladies !

    Ariane xxx

  14. Judith, you look beautiful and summery today in the multi-colored maxi dress. I love reading your posts. They always stay with me. Today I will be thinking about how a pre-language barrier might present itself for consideration.

    I love your scarf mannequin!

  15. “Sometimes a slight shift can create for a more ideal pose”…. such true words, for on and off the mat. These words resonate with me to my core. I have been challenging myself daily to see and act differently…to shift just a little…and it’s enough to change my whole view…as long as I remember to shift… This concept has made a world of difference relating to my 17 year old son. Our relationship had been racked with conflict and disappointment, on both sides for too many years. I have taught myself to only see the good in him, to let go of petty annoyances that I used to obsess over, to focus on the man of honor he is becoming… and by doing so I am starting to truly see him differently. Your words have given me clarity in a concept i have been working on. As per usual Judith….thank you for the soulful inspiration!

    You my dear are a true stylish beauty inside and out!

  16. Another exquisite creation from you Judith and an article so beautifully written that it resembles poetry. What a marvelous idea to have your mannikin in the garden and lovely that you are planning a new outfit for her. I look forward to seeing it when you have finished it!

  17. I saw this post last night and was getting ready to dash off a comment when I realized I wanted to absorb it, let it marinate, so to speak. I am moved by the correlation of the shift in the weather and the internal shift you experienced. How nature is in control, despite our machinations and intentions.

    Yet by continuing to go to yoga, which is a physical/mental/spiritual willingness to shift, the synchronicity of the class, the music, and the weather released something very profound. The description of the rain, your sweat, and tears created a picture. I live for those moments, when all the hard work and seeming immobility is transformed. I’m always encouraged by those kinds of pictures.

    So now, once again, when I see you in a fabulous dress like this one with the perfect hat to set it off, with your lovely smile and enviable yoga-arms (;-)), I’m cheering inside!! You’re doin’ it!!

  18. As soon as I saw the photo of you in that dress, I immediately did a “SQUEE!!” It looks soooo gorgeous on you (your arms ARE beautifully toned), with the wonderful hat. The Scarf Mannequin is such a lovely idea – it would be wonderful to look out the window and see all the colours fluttering in the breeze. I’m glad to hear you have had rain, and the forest fire danger is diminishing.

  19. Oh my gosh, those vintage nylon scarves evoke a lot of memories. As a child, I hated wearing those things, but as a teen I found them to be amusing accessories that could perk up an outfit. They sparked a lifelong love of scarves, and I have quite an extensive collection today though none are similar to those old nylon scarves. The range of colors on your scarf manikin is lovely and reminds me of the rainbow collection my mother once had.

  20. Hi SC,
    I miss our dates but time whizzes and next Thursday will be here in a flash.
    This great dress should be filed under “fun & frivolous, w/an edge”.
    The lady in scarves has always intrigued me – great to see her.
    You’ve inspired me on walls- the painters are here!
    New Motto: Just ’cause I know how to do it doesn’t mean I gotta do it”.
    Going mostly neutrals to cover up a yellow that stopped ringing my chimes-
    and other projects I will never accomplish in this lifetime without serious help.
    One hell of a summer vacation – home, and loving it!

  21. Oh wow!
    What a stunning dress! I’m in love with your elegant & bold style.

    I lack in expressive writing skills, so I’m just going to “ditto” what Jean said. You’ve managed to paint a beautiful picture with your words…just lovely!

  22. Nothing more poetic than that manekin with a scarf skirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It wouldn´t stand the sun here, but I could try ans make myself one.
    You are always glorious in colours.

  23. Such a beautiful post! I could really feel that rain and why it felt so good. This maxi is killer on you. The colors bold and the length perfect! Your scarf manquin is the most brilliant yard art I have ever seen, almost too pretty for outside. I can’t wait to see what is in the works!

  24. So glad that you finally have some rain. You could certainly have some of ours, seeing as we have had it more or less continually for 5 weeks. What an amazing dress of bold colours! It looks great on you. Always so stylish!!

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from

  25. That maxi dress and the way you carry it, took my breath away. Realy, realy beautiful. And I am always honest. Not everything that you show us, is my taste. But hey that is why we are all different. Nevertheless you are an example to me. The manikin idea… 10 points for that (out of 10 of course).

  26. Your maxi dress is stunning – and agree with Judi, you do have amazing arms! Love the idea of a scarf mannequin. Might make a miniature version for our balcony.

  27. Oh Style Crone, coming here is like going to a mental candy shoppe. My mind is racing with so many things I want to agree with. Those little changes are so powerful and make all the difference; they do in my life. Your sweat and tears were a mirror of what is dropping from the sky, ready to bring much needed relief. I love the scarf manikin, so amazing, I can just imagine what she looks like when the wind blows. A simple riddle: Some things in the world will move when I am around, but you’ll never see me. But you can always feel me and know I am there. What am I? Obviously, the wind. 🙂

  28. So many comments above that I want to say Amen too. Like Sylvia, I agree that your words are poetry, as is you in the outfit. What a glorious 60’s frock and what a wonderous 21st century fox wearing it. xo. -Bella Q

  29. What a relief to hear that the fires are finally under control, and that you have the much needed rain.

    The dress is fantastic, vibrant and elegant! I love how you’ve repeated the red and the green colour in the flower pots and the plants.

    I had a manikin exactly like yours, for many years. I fitted it after my body and dressed it with my favorite cocktail dress. Then we moved to a smaller flat and I decided to find it a new home. A good friend of ours was getting married, and he got the manikin to dress with his wedding outfit and keep in the bedroom so he and his wife always would be reminded of this very special day in their life.

  30. That dress is just amazing, a real show stopper!
    The rain and wintry weather hasn’t left us alone here in England until today. Finally a warm and sunny day 🙂
    That manequin is just amazing, the whole idea is brilliant!

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