A tip of the hat to mothers and all who nurture others along life’s journey.


In recognition of this day, The SC wears a 60’s beaded straw hat with tall crown, purchased at a flea market last week. It called to me from the rack of vintage beauties as I entered the urban venue and it didn’t let go.  A hat that is destined for my hat room somehow magically finds its way into my heart.


This black wooden cane was used in the hat shop to capture headwear perched high above our reach. It continues to be used in my hat room for the same purpose, and today became an accessory that I couldn’t resist.


This 40’s jacket was purchased in the 70’s and not worn since the 80’s, but is ready for another life, accompanied by a vintage pearl and rhinestone pin.


Vintage lace is always ready and waiting in my closet to embellish and adorn.


Photos by Camille.

Vintage black suede heeled booties trimmed with leather and purchased years ago at a consignment shop complete the ensemble that is ready to walk out the door.  I think I’ll leave the cane at home.

Thank you to the warm, dynamic, beautiful and generous Sylvia of 40 + Style HERE for the feature.  I have been honored by her kind words and appreciate all that she brings to this growing and creative community, as she blogs about “Fashion, beauty and style inspiration for women over 40.”  Sylvia’s stated mission “Is to show that you can look gorgeous and experiment with styles and fashion at any age.  It’s all about having fun with style and fashion!”  She impresses me with each and every post.

I’m dropping by Patti’s Visible Monday HERE to join the growing number of bloggers who gather weekly at Not Dead Yet Style.  Stop on by for a visual treat!


  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you, Judith! The hat is wonderful, as is the way you have styled it. You are the picture of a modern Dandy!

  2. What a fabulous look, Judith – sort of equestrian, a bit androgynous. As Shelley says, you look like a gorgeous Dandy, so elegant and sharp!
    Of course you had to bring that wonderful hat home with you, it’s a beauty. The whole outfit is a perfect blend, love the lace, and the little ruched detail on your ankles. Simply gorgeous!
    Hope you have had a happy Mothers Day. Xxxxx

  3. You look wonderful! Happy Mother’s Day to you – I hope you and Camille had a fabulous day together!

  4. As usual Judith, you are dressed impeccably! This hat is unbelievable really. The first pic you looked very chorus line!
    Happy Mother’s Day! xoxo

  5. Judith, I love seeing you today and that hat and the details is too awesome for words. I can’t help but give thanks for finding you and all the beautiful style bloggers. It really brings me joy to see you, I am smiling from ear to ear. Love you in this! xoxoxoxoxox! P.S. Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. You are mindblowingly stunning. I love that hat- the whole look is nostalgic Marlene D, and tomorrow’s siren.

  7. You have got to be the most dashing of all Mother’s, such an inspiration to all of us. Your elegance, and feminity remind us how wonderful it is to be women.

  8. Goodness me, Judith, you’d give Liza Minelli a run for her money in that outfit! Love that hat! xxx

  9. Wow, that’s a topper, Judith. You are the maestro of your orchestra, that’s for sure. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! And Happy Mother’s Day too.

  10. You are one elegant lady! The whole outfit is perfection and your hat is a work of art.

    blue hue wonderland

  11. Lovely words for Mother’s Day, Judith, so like you to see things this way!

    But I have to tell you that the second I saw that first photo, I heard and saw this in my head…

    “One singular sensation
    Every little step she takes.
    One thrilling combination
    Every move that she makes.
    One smile and suddenly nobody else will do;
    You know you’ll never be lonely with you know who.

    One moment in her presence
    And you can forget the rest.
    For the girl is second best
    To none,
    Ooooh! Sigh! Give her your attention.
    Do…I…really have to mention?
    She’s the One?”

    From “A Chorus Line”, and it could have been written for you.
    Needless to say, now, but you look fabulous in these pictures. Applause for Camille, too!

  12. You look positively smashing in that outfit for Mother’s Day! I loved the interview Sylvia from 40plus style did with you.

  13. You should be on stage!
    Judith, you look so gorgeous! You’re so trim & fit. This outfit really shows off your fabulous figure!

  14. You are one sophisticated and stylish mom, Judith! I got to visit my daughter in NYC for the weekend, as a MD gift from hubby. We talked millinery quite a bit, and I’m ready to venture into the big hat biz…lol.

    Much love,

  15. For goodness sake woman… If you wear a potatoe sack, you will look good.
    Fabulous Dandy style. What a figure. What a hat!! Terrific. What a pair of boots, what a suit…. you get my point… I am a fan of this outfit. You must have quite a storage space if you can keep something in your closet for 10 years before wearing it. And to hold on to boots, bought “years ago”. The boots go so well with the trousers. 10 out of 10 for this outfit.

  16. Happy Mother’s Day dear Judith! I can’t tell you how much I love you in that riding suit style outfit, beautiful seductive androgyne! That hat is one of a kind, fabulous. Thank you for including the words ‘all who nurture others along life’s journey’ for the non-mothers like myself….

  17. To read “hats off to mothers,” written by someone how has inspired more “hats on” than maybe anyone that I know of, is classic. I love this outfit. I think of riding in the English countryside when I see this. The lines of this are perfect. And what a hat. I love that so much!
    I read the interview at Sylvia’s. Wonderful.

  18. What an amazing interview over at Sylvia’s!! It’s fun to see a collection of just a few of your outfits and I was tickled to see the cowl and armlets, plus the coat you got when we were together. 🙂 One of my favorites is the outfit with the show-stopping spangled skirt. I remember that one from when you posted it originally.

    The outfit here is another iconic look!! Dapper, theatrical, and tremendously alluring, I love the fact that your Mother’s Day post had pictures taken by Camille. I hope you had a glorious day.

    Love you!!!!

  19. They have been kind, LOl.
    I paid only 1 euro per item, but I stopped writting the prizes not to be called: Mis papelicos 1 euro, hehehehhe.
    Have a fabulous weekend, dear friend.

  20. Oh, yes Jean’s descriptive words, dapper, theatrical and alluring. And oh so wearable at the same time. I hope you had a fabulous day out and about. I have been on the lookout for hats while I thrift, but to date have not discovered any treasures. Soon, I hope.

    Sue xo

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