Photos by Carl

The Style Crone spent the day with a friend of 36 years who now lives in NYC.  Adored by Nelson, Camille and myself, he provided comfort in the form of laughter, tears and talk of many shared memories over decades.  And threw in a photo shoot for a few moments of frivolity.  Friendship provides support and love as The SC navigates troubled waters in a lemon colored straw toque on the porch of our home that now feels gigantic without Nelson’s physical presence.


  1. Your smile will pleased Nelson, but above all it will reach your innerself.
    keep smiling and have photo shooting.
    What a delight you are, and how happy I am to have you in my life somehow.

  2. It’s a beautiful hat and thank the Creator for old friends…who understand what can’t even be put into words.

  3. Old friends and hats! I bet that hat is an old friend too. Love it on you! Sad to hear how big your house feels….but glad to hear of continueing friendships.

  4. Love love love to you! One step, one visit, one hat at a time, all will see you through — XOXO!

  5. How wonderful, and what a balm to see an old friend, one who really understands, and remembers. As Janine said, it’s one step at a time, one hat at a time, and so you go forward. You have touched so many lives with your blog. What an amazing woman you are.

    Much love from England.

  6. Thank God for friends and hats, and thanks to you and Carl for a glimpse of your beautiful smile and fabulous chapeau.

  7. Judith,
    Your creativity shows through in your outfits which are a reflection of how you live your life. The memorial service for Nelson was beautiful and meaningful. It was wonderful to use the arts as a means of expressing the life of Nelson and what his life meant to those he was close to. It was done with great taste and love. Thank you for sharing all of that with others in a beautiful way.
    Pat T-S

  8. The yellow hat is like a glimmer of sunshine finding a way to brighten your day. …and mine as well. Many regards.

  9. Judith, you are still in my thoughts every single day. Love from Linda in Chicago.

  10. I discovered your blog the way one finds anything on the Internet-by accident. Lovely photos, and your love for Nelson shines through in your words. I was widowed five and a half years ago. Finding your own way is a process. Blessings. I’ll be back.

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