IMG_7486The SC made the decision to spontaneously travel to NYC to finish off 2013 with a spectacular adventure.  A message to myself that life is precious and delicious, and to visit the city of dreams because I longed for its energy, its people and the endless opportunities to delight the senses.

I had the privilege of hat shopping with Jean and Valerie of the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas, who exquisitely blogged about our time together HERE. Their ability to describe experiences has me feeling as though I’m repeating every detail of this event again in real-time.

Who better to hang out with to explore the magical landscape of the NYC hat world? It was a supreme pleasure to walk the streets between two of the 50 most stylish New Yorkers selected by Stylecaster for their 2013 Edition HERE!


On our first stop Jean discovered a hat which didn’t fit her and wasn’t Valerie’s cup of tea.  But it was my hot cup of coffee, black and steamy, with just the right amount of smooth and creamy almond milk added to make it even more delish.  It’s on its way to Denver in a package soon to arrive, along with other beauties that will surely have perches in the hat room.

I was struck, but not surprised, by the gorgeous and friendly people who knew Jean and Valerie, and stopped to chat along the way.  In the photo above, Andrew Medlin, who the IFs met at a recent Issey Miyake party, stands between Jean and Valerie, wearing a fabulous ensemble.


We stopped for a photo opportunity as we made our way to yet another hat haven.  I love the combination of Jean’s black and white ensemble and Valerie’s splashes of color.  Don’t the hats and the shoes say it all???  Not to mention the scarf and the jacket!

Vashti, Judith  Gallery Vercon  Idiosyncratic Fashionistas IMG_1872

Photo by The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

Arriving at Gallery Vercon HERE, I was in hat heaven again, inspired and fascinated by the headwear display that greeted our arrival.  Assisted by the beautiful Vashti de Verteuil, the studio’s founder and designer extraordinaire HERE, I was able to narrow down choices that flew at me from every direction.

Judith with hats at Fabulous Fanny's  Idiosyncratic Fashionistas IMG_1874

Photo by The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

Then off to Fabulous Fanny’s HERE, where I was mesmerized by more hats on display, which covered an entire wall of this magical shop specializing in vintage glasses, hats and other vintage pieces.  Again, the difficult process of elimination came into play! I was greeted with warmth and generosity by the folks at Fabulous Fanny’s, who gifted The SC with a vintage vinyl hat box to carry my treasures in style.


And then there was the cab ride to Joe’s Pub for a bite to eat and the new Sandra Bernhard show, Sandyland. Sitting next to Valerie’s smiling face surrounded by a bag of hats and other treasures was the perfect end to the afternoon’s hat escapade.


Jean’s beaming smile from the front seat indicated that the evening was about to begin and that our destination would be as entertaining as the afternoon that flew by as though it were only a few minutes.

Jean, Valerie, Judith seated for show  Idiosyncratic Fashionistas IMG_1884

Photo from the blog, The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas HERE.

Time for cocktails and more laughs, sharing life stories and reminiscing about the frivolity of the day.  I chose my cocktail based on its name, which I can’t remember, but which was similar to the name of the designer of one of my newly purchased hats. I was not disappointed!

Sandra Bernhardt singing Idiosyncratic Fashionistas IMG_1890

This photo was posted by the IFs, which depicts Sandra Bernhard, the star of the show, in all of her comedic glory.


As we came to the end of the evening, I followed the Ifs to the “coat/packages filled with hats” check area. I was fascinated by the sculptural visual of hats, hair, and earrings.  The shapes, the textures, the art, and the beauty of it all inspired this photo.

Thank you Jean and Valerie, for a day that I will always remember, for your knowledge and love of NYC and headwear, for your ability to laugh and enjoy the moment, and for your generous gift of time.

Wearing: vintage black jacket, antique Chinese blue/gold wedding skirt, gold ear and neck bling, 1920’s black cape, and felt hat with gold dangling beads – estate sales, tall black boots – retail sale, blue cowl and armlets – gifted by Jean of Dross Into Gold HERE.  Thank you Jean, for the New Year’s Eve mention!

HAT ATTACK remains open for participation until 12 midnight tomorrow, Tuesday, January 7th HERE.  It’s not to late to give The Style Crone a New Year’s hat attack!


  1. Thanks for taking us on a shopping spree!! Can’t wait to see what you got. You might just give us a hat attack!

  2. What a positively fabulous experience!! These gals are so creative and fun. I can’t imagine the delight you must have felt in those hat shops!! As always you look gorgeous.

  3. You were the most stylingest trio of women in the whole of New York during your trip. Surrounded by majestic hats and colour and geometric clothing – what could be better? So THIS is where a sudden inspiration can lead… Great idea to get yourself to NYC, Judith. Looks like a trip of memories to last a long time.

  4. Oh My! What a blast. Wish I had stylish chums like Valerie and Jean to take me shopping and to a show. I felt the satisfaction through your story, so beautiful, made me want to cry. Thanks for inspiring us SC, and IF’s! I’m still in my 40’s, but you make the years to come seem adventurous and even more stylish than I could ever dream of. Happy New Year beautiful lady, from the land of Oz. xxxx

  5. Hanging out with you girls would be so much fun, Judith! Love the hats…and really love the smiles and fun you are experiencing! It is contagious! Stay warm and have a great week.

  6. Lessons learned from the SC’s excellent NYC adventure:
    Stylish ladies of a certain age have acquired the grace to bear sculptures on their heads with flare — especially when they’re also sensible women who wear flats! Brava!

  7. Oh, you lucky girl! NYC, and the IF’s – what a delicious melange of awesome. Of course, I want to see the hats you purchased.

    It doesn’t look like I’ll be joining hat attack this month – illness and bitter cold have meant no photos 🙁

  8. Fun to hear of your adventures. All the you looking fabulous and so approachable. I’m sure you all brighten the day of the people you encountered!

    blue hue wondereland

  9. How wonderful to meet up with your stylish friends (local celebs!) in NYC for hat shopping, live theatre, and cocktails! I agree, that final shot of Jean and Valerie from the back is brilliant. You look as though you really enjoyed yourself, Judith, and here’s to many more fabulous times in 2014. xxx

  10. OMG how lucky are you to spend time with the IF’s? You must have had a ball. I can only imagine the hats you met then! Cant wait to see them. Xoxo

  11. Girls in Hats! IN NYC! That is, indeed, the way to spend the New Year. So happy you had fun and shopped and shopped and shopped. Great photos, all the way around. I’m so happy you got to go! You look lovely as do they.
    What an adventure. No one deserves it more.
    (Vashti de Verteuil …that has to be the most amazing name ever on a woman! Or a man, for that matter. Gorgeous.)
    So happy you’re back, safe and sound and sated!

  12. Such a bevy of beauties! You clearly all had a brilliant time, each with your own fabulous style and together you make the most gorgeous dramatic grouping. Those hats those hats!

  13. I totally agree with the IFs who say “how could anyone NOT have a great time with the Style Crone for company?” But clearly it’s a match made in style heaven, for I’m confident that Judith would say the same thing about the IFs. A delightful post all the way around and may we ALL end up in NY someday, laughing and hat shopping, if that’s where our hearts lead us. XXXOOO

  14. When NYC beckons, it’s a good idea to run not walk to the nearest train. Well here in CT that’s easy to do. Looks like a fun time was had by all in my favorite city. The only good thing about this polar vortex is pulling out the pretty head wraps. Great post!

  15. Great post, I so enjoyed it. I can feel the fabulous time you had together. I wish I was with you and you could have advised me buying a hat. You have such a hat head.
    And I agree on that last photo you took. Amazing picture, hat, hair and earrings.

  16. Of course, one had to acquire the head to display the hat: to leave it behind would be to buy the picture without the custom frame! What wonderful, wearable art!

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