Recently I experienced a reminder that life can quickly turn on a dime.  About two months ago I sprained my ankle during a photo shoot at Cheesman Park.  With this post I returned to the scene of the crime, with my sprain mostly healed and my mobility restored.

It seems like a small thing compared to the pain and the tragic circumstances that I have witnessed over the years. In no way do I intend to minimize the severe injuries or illnesses of others. After all, a sprained ankle is fixable and healing is imminent. It wasn’t life or death nor was it permanently disabling.  However, it was humbling and the injury made it impossible to continue with my usual self-imposed fast-paced life.

I walked with a limp and my ankle was swollen and at times painful.  I was seen medically to rule out a fracture, needed to ice and elevate, and wasn’t able to walk without intermittent breaks during my recent trip to Santa Fe with Mr. J.  I continued to go to yoga, but limited poses so as to remain pain-free and to avoid re-injury. Yoga became the monitor for observing the process of my recovery.

The positive aspects of my injury became apparent as I moved through the stages of recovery from my injury.  I was forced to slow down and reflect on my priorities.  I felt empathy for the people who have been affected by injury, illness, and permanent or chronic disability.  I felt gratitude and appreciation for the health that I have enjoyed, knowing that there is much in life that is beyond my control.  It reinforced the concept that the present moment is all that we ever really have!

This may sound shallow, and perhaps it is, but I am happy to be able to once again wear all or any of the shoes that I enjoy in my collection.  And by the way, I was wearing flats when I sprained my ankle.  My role model, the soon to be 100 year-old yoga teacher Tao Porchon-Lynch HERE, continues to wear heels, drink wine, and eat chocolate.  She believes that heels help to elevate her consciousness.  I whole-heartedly agree.

Photos By Daniel

Vintage rust kimono – Japanese vintage shop in San Francisco, vintage red straw turban – vintage shop in Minneapolis, tassel earrings and statement necklace – shop in San Francisco, black tee – estate sale, black cropped pants and black heeled sandals – retail sales.

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  1. Ah, human frailty
    I broke my ankle twenty years ago in my own home…and I was in a cast for a long time…then I realized that I needed to make some changes, and owning a retail store became one of those changes I began to think about making… Once I realized I was human, I began to appreciate mobility. My husband Bob had mobility issues for many years and we both realized how much of life is more fun on two strong feet, ankles, legs.
    Like you, I realize that it takes attention and self love to keep going, and as you say, Life can turn on a dime… Here’s to GOOD turns! Love you!

  2. Your wisdom is healing in itself. Thank you dear Judith for all you share with us. I have learned so much following along with you over the years. Happy heel wearing!

  3. Truth accompanied by lovely photos, Judith!
    I’ve been having some of the same ruminations. Hoping to get pins/wires out of my hand tomorrow from surgery after a fall over a month ago. Lots of time to think about these very things. And to watch weeds overtake every summer 2018 project!! You be careful at your shoots and I’ll be careful in my gardens. Our expanded awareness will, as always, enhance our lives. But once is quite enough. Sending love.

  4. This is such a gorgeous color combo! I’m glad to hear that you’re sprain wasn’t something more serious and that you’re feeling better and wearing your favorite shoes again. You’re right that life can turn on a dime, and even a minor injury can have a major impact on our lives.

  5. Dearest Judith: Welcome back to looking as glamorous as always after your recent injury. You hit the nail on the head as respects the vicissitudes of life! Moment to moment it’s good to reflect now and again. Glad to see you are on the mend! Much love and continued fashion! XOX

  6. You are an inspiration to those of us who are in our golden years but are struggling to just get through the day!

  7. The orange with all that red is a wonderful combination. Hot! Sorry to hear about your sprain – I’m told that a sprain can take longer to heal than a break. So good to hear you’re on the comeback trail and that high heels are in the picture once again.

  8. So beautifully written. Interesting how an injury or illness can sllow us down and keep us in the now. Your writing and your lovely art are living examples of being in the present.

  9. So true — glad you are up and running as usual…with a bit of a slow down attitude. I am on week 40 of a sciatic nerve “situation.” Boy…I have a new appreciation for overall health and physical mobility. The last few weeks are much more tolerable and I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (not to jinx anything). I do have a new sense of empathy for people I see who are injured or have a health issue that has changed their ability to get around. Here’s to slowing down a bit…I think! T

  10. This is a wonderful post! I hear and feel every word. When I first joined IG in an attempt to reach out and share after many years of solitude due to chronic illness -you were one of the first in a group of encouraging, intelligent, stylish women who supported my artistic efforts with your supportive words and you still do! You have shared your journey with honesty and kindness. That is all we can ask of one another ! Pain is like Beauty-it cannot be compared or quantified. Compassion for all beings is the lesson wrapped inside injury and illness. I hope you are twirling in ALL your fabulous shoes, dear Judith! Much Love , your pal, Jewel xo

  11. Hi Judith,

    I loved this post and appreciate the example of discovering some learning/positivity in an otherwise painful event.. And the pix are lovely, as always.

  12. Oh I hear you loud and clear. Having artrosis in my knee, forces me to move slow and not very far (500 meters is my range). Don’t know yet whether it will ever heal. Yep, you do appreciate health a whole lot more when you don’t have it.
    And high heels? Of course I miss them. Like crazy. Yes I want to walk on them again. A few pairs are good and don’t hurt me. The specialists say: wear whatever hight you want, it doesn’t hurt your knee. You, yourself will feel what you can and cannot wear. Well… not an aweful lot.
    Glad you are on high heels again. Looking beautiful as always.
    Oh and compliments with your new blog appearance. Hope I only had to fill in all my details once. I am having a lot of problems with a lot of new blog looks. Not remembering my details.

  13. Judith, first of all you look simply wonderful as ever, but oh, do I feel for you and empathise. Last week I had one of those spontaneous bleeds in my eye. It’s quite spectacular with the whole of the white now a dusky purple so no contacts and no eye makeup. I cannot therefore make my face look as it usually does and as a consequence I have asked myself the question, ‘who am I’? These things really do make you re-evaluate ones life. But in the scheme of things it is nothing and I do feel thankful that mostly I do have my health and strength.

    I’m so glad you’re on the mend and are back to wearing your heels. We do love seeing your beautiful clothes and hats but we can also sympathise and support you (and each other) as we go through life stresses.

  14. How gorgeous… ‘elevate consciousness’
    I enjoyed reading your post Judith… glad you have recovered.

  15. Oh Judith, I had no idea you had been injured! I’m glad it wasn’t more serious, but a sprained ankle is nothing to sneeze at. I find I think more and more about my mobility as I age, and muscle strains and pulls have more of an impact now than they used to (and take longer to heal). You keep yourself in excellent shape which no doubt helps with your healing process, and I’m glad to hear you are back in the heels again. XO

  16. Oh no! At the same time I hear the alarm I also read that you are recovered; I’m happy to hear it. The smallest things. Even a recent cold has been a huge wakeup. Your yoga teacher has many good life lessons and I raise a glass (tea this time) and eat chocolate to her wise words.

    Your photos are stunning – what a great collaboration with Daniel. I’m glad you’re back in your heels again.

  17. This post reminds me why IG really doesn’t take the place of a good blog post!! It’s a joy to “hear” your voice as i read and admire your ensemble. Sending much, much love!!!

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