Two weeks ago I had the privilege and honor of visiting Louise Green Millinery HERE during my trip to Los Angeles to attend the book signing for Ari Seth Cohen’s Older And Wiser HERE.  The book signing took place at the Louise Green Millinery Studio, and was hosted by Louise and her husband Lawrence (I will be blogging about the event next week). I was embraced with open arms and felt very welcomed by their generosity and kindness.


During the book signing I meticulously scanned the hats on display. I was stopped in my tracks by this lush sage green profile fedora with its breathtaking luminous green bow. Its overall personality, perfect workmanship and what appeared to be lovingly handcrafted details drew me in and wouldn’t let go.  That’s what I call hat love at first sight!


Photos By Daniel

The chapeau named “Max” now has its special spot in the hat room, and it will soon have its Denver debut.


Louise and Lawrence work together like an inspiring and impressive “well oiled machine!” Louise designs the hats and Lawrence does the business side for Louise Green Millinery.  It was a joy to behold their mutual respect, admiration and love for one another. As a hat lover and a former hat shop owner, and as a human being, I was captivated by their creation and the magical energy that resides in this space that holds so much beauty and obvious attention to detail.


A glorious sea of headwear covers the walls and hatracks in the display area of the studio.


Who could possible resist sitting in front of this vintage vanity while trying on a hat!


The stunning Louise at work, wearing a floral “whimsy” of her own design, which adorns her silver hair.

The Story of Louise Green Millinery by Louise Green

“In my youth I was a crafter before I even knew there was such a word.  Patchwork, beading, knitting, rug making, hand sewing.  I also loved thrifting.  I studied fine art at a college in England and moved to LA from London in 1983 with two young kids.  I had no usable skills.

I started thrifting for men’s tuxedo jackets and decorating them for women.  Big shoulders were in at the time.  I added a feminine touch to them and sold them in a consignment store.  One day I came upon a box of vintage hats, bought them, took off the trim and re-trimmed them in my own style.  They sold out!

I did that for awhile and decided to look for millinery classes, as I always loved hats. I found classes with the African-American church community.  They accepted me into their circle,  jokingly telling me that I was making white women’s hats.  I was using all vintage materials in dark rich colors in a 20’s style, while their’s were bright and rhinestoned and showy for church. I loved these women. They were fun and funny and would sing to my newborn Jazzy when she woke up from a nap.

I took the hats in bags or boxes around town while very pregnant to the finest stores in LA.  I think they felt sorry for me and my belly because they always bought everything that I made.  A rep from the California Market Center (The Mart at the time) asked me to design a line and she would sell them for me.  Before that, all hats were one of a kind.

That was 30 years ago.  The business kept growing organically.  Lawrence came in with me after a couple of years to deal with the business side.  As they say, the rest is history!”  ~ Louise Green


The millinery workroom was beautifully organized for maximum efficiency.  I loved the shelves of hat blocks, which are pieces of art in their own right.


And then there were the ribbons!


The above photos of Louise and Lawrence’s daughter Jazzy modeling whimsies at four years of age delightfully greet visitors at the stair landing, prior to entering the millinery studio. Jazzy is now 26!  These photos speak to the devotion and commitment to the art form of millinery that is palpable at Louise Green Millinery.

Thank you Louise and Lawrence, and your wonderful staff, for one of the millinery thrills of my life.  It was grand and unforgettable!

Thank you Deborah Boland of Fabulous After 40 for the inclusion in your post “What Over 40 Styleblazers Wore.”  HERE

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  1. What a wonderful hat and such beautiful trimmings – what a find! It was good to hear Louise’s story as well and see her hats in all their glory. You look stunning as ever – the hat really suits you. Actually you look good in all your hats! Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to share our love of hats with you.

  2. I love the colour of your fedora, Judith, it’s just perfect with that fabulous tailored jacket.
    Louise’s shop is an absolute treat, thanks for sharing her story. x

  3. Oh Judith, the pleasure was all mine. What a treat it was to meet & spend time with you. This blog post is the icing on the cake of the most wonderful visit. You are not only a classic, stylish beauty but one of the sweetest people I know.
    Thank you so much. You look gorgeous in your new “Max”
    Love you big time!!! 🙂

    “Wearing a beautiful hat is like walking with a baby or a puppy, everyone stops to coo & talk about it” Louise Green

  4. The life and times and how we got to where we are…..quite a wonderful story. Thank you for the visuals as well. The space and place and how it happens. This is true art from a real artist who found her niche early on.

  5. I bought a neck piece from a photo SANDRA took at the event!I LOVE IT!
    I love her story TOO!I would have LOVED A MAN”S TUXEDO jacket embellished with her whimsy!I hope to make it to the shop one day and make my own visit!
    Did you get my email with the photos?

  6. You were right to buy that lovely green piece of art. It suits you so well. Loved to read the story of Louise and Lawrence’ s life.
    Still haven’t got a hat to share in Hat Attack, neither a scarf or fascinator…

  7. It was such a fun event and the hats are really something special. So much personality and verve! Louise was lovely as well, and you can tell she really loves what she does.

  8. I LOVE your jacket – that neckline is divine! I had the good fortune to visit Louise’s millinery in LA this past February. It was my own little playground for the afternoon. Thank you, once again, for bringing us all together through Hat Attack!

  9. Judith, you look lovely in the sage green Fedora!Your adventures from farm to city amaze me!

    Love, Janet

  10. What a lovely place for a book signing, and I’m sure you were in hat heaven! I like the shape and the big bow on the hat you brought home – of course you had a pair of perfectly matching gloves 😉

    I enjoyed reading Louise’s story – she found the thing she loved to do and made it into her life’s work.

  11. I would go crazy & broke in that shop!!! If she was in Denver I would be in big trouble. I could see dozens of hats in your photo that I wanted. I’ll look around Denver for your beautiful fedora. Enjoy.

  12. What an interesting personal story behind the business. So wonderful when a person can be successful doing something they love.

    The hat you chose is gorgeous. I love that deep green colour.


  13. Thank you for sharing the story behind Louise Green Hats , her love of all things hats shines through. You have chosen a stunning hat with its glorious colour and bow.

  14. I love this story, thank you for introducing me to this beautiful, creative and successful couple. I LOVE the sage green hat with its magnificent ribbon bow, it definitely had your name on it, Judith! And with the matching sage gloves and your elegant outfit, a gorgeous picture. xx

  15. You wonderful beautiful woman. What a pleasure it was to meet and talk with you. I only wear hats at the beach or when my hair is impossible but…I’m going to Louise to but a hat! I’ve always thought I looked terrible in hats but who knows. At 75 I think it’s time to try something new. Thanks for your ever beautiful and involving blog.

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