The SC traveled with a friend to Coronado Island HERE, across the Big Bay from San Diego, California, for a weekend reprieve from the Colorado cold.


There’s nothing like relaxing on the spacious grounds of the magnificent Hotel del Coronado to remind me that every moment is precious, that life can turn on a dime in a good way and that a leopard print turban can be enjoyed in any location.  Wearing a black background and adorning with color is my strategy for traveling with carry-on only.


The beach, the Pacific Ocean and palm trees were a wonder to behold and a welcomed change from the snow-covered terrain in Denver.


A visit to D Forsythe HERE (a unique shop which I learned about on Advanced Style HERE) showcased a wonderland of jewelry from around the world that was a paradise for the senses.  This beaded bracelet from Turkey immediately caught my eye with its multicolored beauty.  It landed upon my wrist without a second thought, catching a ride back to Denver, waiting for its Colorado debut.


The flamingos on the island captured my attention, with their elegant poses and graceful demeanor.  I was accompanied by the draped red Donna Karan tunic which was discovered at a consignment shop in NYC on my most recent visit.

IMG_7738 A drive to La Jolla, a beach community in north San Diego, offered breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and an opportunity for an outing for the estate sale vintage silk multicolored Pucci blouse.


My gifted Eva Varro tunic just happened to pair nicely with the art in a gallery that appeared upon our path.  The black fabric headwear is by Brigitte NYC.


And the coral vegetation on the street played parallel with my plastic vintage earrings!


Photos by J

The pink bow hat by Erin Saboe appreciates coastal views! Last seen in Harlem HERE, it enjoyed an outing on the West Coast with an equal amount of enthusiasm.  The pink/red silk scarf was purchased during my recent trip to NYC at the Bryant Park Holiday Street Market.

Thank you to Ari Seth Cohen, who recently featured “Winter Style Tips From The Style Crone” on Advanced Style HERE.  I was thrilled by and grateful for the honor!


  1. You inspire me. I am 56 years old and feeling it. Seeing how beautiful you are makes me hope, just hope, that I can possibly capture, somehow, a bit of beauty from my youth.

  2. A magical trip of flying bracelets, pouncing art galleries and, always, the megawatt smile. Lovely lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Elegant poses and graceful demeanour, that describes both you and the flamingos! How lovely to be able to go and get a blast of sunshine in such a gorgeous spot. Your holiday wardrobe is fantastic, a black background and cool boots with a variety of colour and print on top, and of course a variety of spectacular hats. Love the leopard print and bright red tunic, and that pink hat is a beauty. Fabulous new bracelet too! xxx

  4. What a wonderfully colourful travel wardrobe, just the way i like it! Much prefer to see you in warmer climes than all that snow. The bangle would have landed on my wrist, too – if I’d see it first! xxxx

  5. Coronado Island will never be the same after being Croned. What a trip, physically and mentally. Snow to palm trees. That’s so weird and wonderful. But how at home you look wherever you go. And how ironic that Ari wrote about your magnificent winter styling then, here you are among palm trees and sea shells. An icon for all seasons.

  6. Your hats are so cool!!! Such an inspiration!x
    I am envious of your sunny visit. I tried to get my husband to go to Lanzarote this week but he wasn’t having any of it. SO we’re off to cold and wet Suffolk instead. Sigh.

  7. Simply smashing! You are my idol. I , too, am a chic old bag but sometimes there is a fine line between stylish and loony. You needn’t worry. If you ever find yourself in Costa Rica come and visit. I need a rival. Everyone here wears tank tops and flip flops except. So depressing.

  8. Well, I bet everyone was wondering who this fabulous woman was!! You looked amazing in each outfit and the top is one of my all time favorites of yours! The islanders were perhaps attempting to guess who the celebrity was that stayed there! Your looked awesome, Judith!

  9. Judith you look wonderful in all of these outfits! So nice that you could go on a trip to warm weather, this winter is getting long. The draping red top is gorgeous and such a great find. I love the pink hat! What a nice article at Advanced Style, you are inspiring.

    blue hue wonderland

  10. Look at all the glorious colour to bring wherever you go. You must brighten every spot you visit.

    You seem to be wrapped in rainbows head to toe.


  11. DIVINe……..You are divine in all your style!
    I enjoyed the tour too as I was a DEBUTANTE many moons ago at the HOTEL DEL as we called it!Then I lived in LA JOLLA!Beautiful spot……… now further up North near San Francisco!Looks like we had good weather for your visit!Enjoy and safe travels home.

  12. last time we were in San Diego we stopped by the Coronado, what a beautiful place. It’s were Some Like It Hot was filmed. San Diego standing in for Miami.

  13. Ahhh, at least California still has sunshine! Your bright smile certainly competes with old Sol, and your clothes are complementing the environment. I love that Eva Varra tunic, and it looks amazing next to that art!

    Now I’m off to see what Ari Seth Cohen has written about you…

  14. Oh boy am I jealous! I havent had my winter escape yet and the winter here in NE has been unbearable.
    I am in love with the orange hat you wore in harlem. A bi-coastal hat ! Xoxo
    Hope you had a great trip~

  15. Oh, I’m so envious…what a lovely weekend it must have been!! I’m heading to a cold and snowy Toronto to spend a week with my parents this Friday; I’m looking forward to seeing them, but most definitely NOT looking forward to the weather!! It makes travelling with only a carry-on impossible, too…bulky sweaters and an extra pair of boots take up a lot of room!! You, however, managed to achieve outfit perfection for each of your days away, without the need to check a bag!! I am in awe!!

  16. You make it look effortless, this going between climates!! What a wonderful respite from the cold of Denver. The colors you chose to take are gorgeous: every last outfit just sings. 🙂 Isn’t Ari’s mantra “living life to the fullest”? You are a most gorgeous example. XXXOOO

  17. Aha! Your font of inspiration is revealed! Be fully aware of one’s surroundings and alert to bits of beauty that can be absorbed by osmosis, duplicated or bought! The flowers, the birds, the art…lovely acquisitions all!

  18. Love the wrap top, the colour and the draping. Question: did you pin the corner at your right hip? I love the way it drapes!

  19. Hi Lynn, Thanks for the question. I tied the ends together in the back. Don’t think it will turn out the same way next time. The fun of draping is that it’s different every time. Judith

  20. So glad you shared you’re weekend getaway with us! You outdid the flamingos with your grace and beauty. I especially love the Pucci blouse, but you shine in all of your outfits 😉


  21. How nice to take a bit of a vacation with you via pictures that don’t include WINTER SNOW! All your colorful ensembles look even more enticing on you in that warm sunlight. Now that’s a great weekend.

  22. Oh my goodness! So much eye candy here. I always come by to visit when i know I’ll have a lot of time to scroll up and down, and up and down. The bracelet has stolen my heart! I adore, not only the colours, but the vibrancy and cheeriness of the piece. Ah, truly exquisite art! You! You look fabulous in coral. It literally lights you up, unless that’s the fabulous California sun. And your tunic, again a riot of colour and cheer! Loving it all Judith!

  23. I forgot how well leopard matches any shades of red.
    And your tops matching the art or the flowers is no coincidence. You just notice it as you have the “eye”.
    Lovely post, great tops, fantasic hats.

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