Photos by Nelson

Vintage white S Eisenberg spring coat with oversized three quarter length sleeves, vintage long black fabric gloves, and vintage large pearl earrings-estate sales, vintage 80’s Makins black fur felt hat-Les Chapeaux, tall black Prada boots-gifted.

Nelson and The Style Crone went to lunch for our traditional Friday date.  Nelson has more energy at certain times during the day, so date night has gone by the wayside.  It was the perfect time for photo shoot in front of the magnolia tree across the street from our home.  In fact, I planned my composition for the event around this beautiful spring display of white fragrant cup-shaped flowers!  I was inspired by a flowering tree and by my husband who continues to do what he loves to do in spite of his precarious state of health. And as always, to The SC, he remains the most handsome man in the room. So date night became date day as improvisation becomes our lifestyle.  With a little luscious jazz on the side!


  1. Hope you both had a wonderful time! Love jazz too–we are a jazz family. My dad played jazz on the piano and my son plays it on the sax….
    Love the vintage coat. there is something so sophisticated about winter white.
    Magnolias arent blooming here yet (boston) but they must be on their way!

  2. You look stunning against that backdrop of magnolia blossoms. And how wonderful that you had the opportunity to listen to some jazz!

    BTW, don’t know if you know about, but it’s the streaming version of our local (and excellent) non-profit jazz station. I listen to the over-the-air version in my car. If you’re jazz hounds, you might enjoy!

  3. I just love the backdrop of the tree and your blooming love for Nelson! I am so glad that he still feels like going out! You look ravishing and the photo shoot was perfect!

  4. Thank you for these lovely pictures, regal and timeless. You can feel the power of your love for eachother as you capture this moment and hear the music that is created, your song, continually showing us how to improvise. Beautiful and humbling. Thank you.

  5. I am grateful for being able to see your beautiful fashion, for hearing about your life, and I am lucky to have found your blog. Thanks for sharing and hello to Nelson.

  6. The winter white coat is so lovely. Although I am not a vintage wearer, earlier fashions seem so much more individual and feminine. Today, almost everyone I see (including me!!) is dressed in jeans, black top and black jacket. As usual, Nelson has captured your lovely essence perfectly.

  7. I am so happy to have found your blog and am able to share your joy of fashion! It is heartwarming to learn that date night works as a day date too! You and Nelson are blessed to have the joy of each other and I wish both of you the best as you rise to the challenges that are facing you. You are as beautiful inside as you are lovely on the outside!

  8. Marvellous! What would I not give for that coat? But I don’t know that I would wear it as well.

    Glad to hear the Friday dates are still going ahead. Bless you both.

  9. Oh my God! Lovely! I can almost smell the white flowers on my computer. I love your style. Have a great day.

  10. I’m jealous that you are able to utilize your spring coats. Though it is is April, I’m still in a winter coat or jacket most days though I have ventured out a few times in a light jacket with one of my many shawls wrapped for warmth. I hope for warmer weather this week, but we are in for rain, which will hopefully bring more spring flowers and the magnolia blossoms. We have an annual tradition of casual family photos in from of our flowering trees each year, and that should be just around the corner. — Keep on improvising!

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