Photo by Mimi.

Vintage silk flower cocktail hat-estate sale.

Several months ago a friend sent Nelson a card and her enclosed message read, “Bloom where you’re planted.”  That phrase resonated with The Style Crone and the card immediately went up on the refrigerator as a daily reminder to live in the moment.  Since cocktail hats are my favorite, it seems as though wearing them as many moments as possible, even if it’s in the garden on a Wednesday afternoon, fits into the “blooming” category!


  1. you are a flower, never potted, growing freely on the earth…and Nelson is music. Bob Marely has got to have some great stuff to tell. What is he saying, (singing?) Nelson?

  2. Carolyn, He says just hang in there, EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE ALL RIGHT. Just keep listening and you will hear your own three little birds singing their sweet melody and you will then know everything is gonna be all aright.

  3. Nelson: I hear it, EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE ALL RIGHT! I didn’t hear it at first but went back and saw your in your t shirt, now I have to get all of his songs. That’s the motto, EVERYTHING is gonna be all right! I am gonna keep my three little birds singing!

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