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Barcelona is gorgeous.  I’m in love with all that I see, feel, taste, hear and touch.  I noticed many women in the city wearing white lace, and when I discovered this lace top at a street vendor located on the La Rambla [a tree-lined pedestrian mall stretching 1.2 kilometres],  I was instantly inspired to make it mine.


The architecture is breathtaking.  We visited Gaudi’s Basilica De La Sagrada Familia. It was an experience that I will never forget.


The interior was astounding, and we walked through its grandeur in amazement.

imageThe gallant Mr. J outside the Sagrada Familia.

imageMotorcycles and street cafes line the streets.  This is a city concerned about the environment.  I notice it wherever I go.


Most women that I see wear shoes that are distinctive, with details and interesting lines.


The jazz club where we spent a lovely evening was opulent, with large silk pillows of varying colors covering the seating areas.


The scene of the city from the mountain overlooking Barcelona.


We spent a day  of torrential rain in the area of the Barcelona Cathedral, constructed from the 13th to 15th centuries.


 Photos By The SC

One view of the interior of the Barcelona Cathedral.

The above photos are a small sample of the wonders of Barcelona. I’m blogging on the fly, so as not to miss the wonderful moments of this glorious journey.  Thank you for the kind and generous comments which were left on my post of last week.  I was very touched!

Hat Attack will be up on Wednesday,  October 1st.  Hope to see you there!








  1. The first place I ever travelled to and it retains a special place in my heart. I had friends with a flat which overlooked the Sagrada Familia and I never wanted to leave! Are you going down the coast to Sitges?
    Have fun! xxx

  2. Love your beautiful lace top. Yes, Barcelona is incredible and would love to go back again. So happy that you and Mr. J are having a wonderful trip.

  3. I loved Barcelona. Such a beautiful and gracious city. There is no way to do justice to the awe inspiring Sagrada Familia in pictures. My husband and I were just blown away by the beauty, detail, and scale of the church.

  4. I believe I admired those same shoes on my last trip there. Love your lace blouse, and am delighted you’re having a good time!

  5. Oh how beautiful – the cathedrals of these European cities are such wonders! Your travelogue has inspired me, as has your shopping (love the lace). xo

  6. Your lace top mimics the buildings behind you! Barcelona is lovely but more pics of YOU next time! Where’s the paparazzi?!

  7. Before you leave Barcelona, make sure to visit Swing, it’s a vintage boutique in the El Born district, just off Princesa, walking towards the sea. They also have another boutique, Blow, nearby. (near Santa Maria del Mar church). really worth a visit.

  8. Barcelona is a magical city! I was stunned at how the menus were all in Catalan, but we managed to figure most of it out. However, if I ever go back I will not talk to strangers on the street, I will not carry cash, and I will not carry a bag unless it’s across my chest. We got conned by some guys on the street, and then some girls tried to get into my backpack as we were walking. I’m afraid we didn’t enjoy the rest of our time in Barcelona after than happened – so be very careful!

  9. Judith, that lacy top on your sleek black silhouette is the very best representation of American style: well chosen, Mme. Style Crone!

    The architecture is amazing. I’m afraid I’d have a stiff neck and/or vertigo from craning to peer up into every detailed arch. However, given the opportunity, I’d balance all the looking up with spells of looking down — at my new multi-colored shoes.

  10. I would love to see Barcelona one day, especially for the Gaudis! Your lace top is beautiful, and will remind you of your time in that glorious city every time you wear it. I’m so glad you’re having a wonderful trip!

  11. I’m so glad you’re having such a lovely time! I believe that must be Mr. J in that jazz poster, playing upright bass in that fedora 🙂 Groove on, fellow souls~

  12. I’m so happy to know you are loving Barcelona! And of course you are looking as beautiful as the city itself, Judith. xxx

  13. Gorgeous, Judith – and I love how there is even a building wearing a lace garment too!

    So many stylish ladies seeing the world at the moment that it is a whirlwind of virtual tourism – most ejoyable.

    Thank you for finding time for your readers while still travelling.

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