On the veranda in the winter in the midst of a cold snap, The SC ponders the similarities of physical and emotional healing, as relating to my recent fall and rib injury and the experience of loss.  The initial shock of disbelief and numbed emotions, but then the realization of pain.  Learning how to move in the world and navigate with certain limitations.  Slowly going with the process and plateaus of recovery, fearing that it will never change and allow life to return to full range of motion.  An awareness of uncertainty and vulnerability, and the ability to choose a path on the journey.  Discovery of what can be controlled and when to surrender.

Trying new movements/behaviors to adjust to the altered landscape.  Discomfort moves from day to day in the areas affected, with surprising and subtle realizations as healing takes place from the center and radiates, as though in a concentric circle.

The effects continue to be felt as time goes on, although all of life, with its movements and activities, can be enjoyed and embraced.  However, discomfort remains in certain situations, reaching for an object on a high shelf or stretching into a new experience that triggers excitement or stress.

Just as with new life, this cape can be experienced in several ways.  With a brooch hanging from a simple gold necklace around the neck and above its large black button or drawing together the edges of the collar into a new shape, a different look, another option to explore.

And then there is always the viewPOINT from the back, which has the ability to indicate a new direction. Healing reveals countless silhouettes, with hope for a forward trajectory.  And a plethora of comforting outfits along the way.

The vintage jewels that hold everything together.

Photos by Diana.

Vintage wool camel/black houndstooth cape/jacket – antique mall while shopping with Jean of Dross Into Gold HERE,  black boiled wool patchwork cap – Mieko Mintz, tall camel leather/suede boots, vintage suede gloves, jewels – estate sales, black turtleneck sweater – consignment store, black leggings – retail.

Thank you to Patti at Visible Monday HERE for providing community, structure and a supportive and creative forum that I look forward to every week.


  1. Judith, you always write so thoughtfully about your experiences, and see the learning, the healing and the progress in everything that happens to you. I think what we wear often mirrors where we are in life, and this beautiful cape, with its variety of looks/perspectives is perfect. And you bought it while with darling Jean, so there is a happy association right there! I love the look with the collar drawn together with the brooch. Never have houndstooth and neutral colours looked so stunning! xxxx

  2. I love this large collar! I am always drawn to them, and as I think about it, nearly all of my outerwear items feature oversized collars. They frame the face and provide a focus that is always flattering. — I’m glad to learn that your healing is progressing, and as always, I admire that you are learning on multiple levels from the experience.

  3. Another glorious and so glamorous winter outfit! You write so beautifully and thoughtfully about your tough hard healing experience, such a wise and wonderful way of allowing yourself to be with what is and allow the state of flux that is our natural state.

  4. How incredibly elegant, Judith – I love how this outfit is both angular and soft, and your marvellous collared cape, hat, and boots are wonderful in combination. That is the most beautiful houndstooth I’ve ever seen. Most of all, I love all the layers of meaning and symbolism which emerge through your meditative and reflective way of connecting inner and outer experience, and your brilliance. Wishing you good healing and growing ease, which the comforting outfits and “vintage jewels that hold everything together” can only help!

  5. I didn´t know about your fall, my dear Judith.
    Always so beautifu, and wise: Discovery of what can be controlled and when to surrender.
    Much love and warm hugs.

  6. Thank you for sharing these thoughtful reflections with us at Visible Monday, Judith. I don’t know if *you* know how much you help us heal from our own hurts large and small.

    Your cape-with-gems is marvelous!

  7. That’s a stunning cape, Judith! I love the houndstooth. But it’s your writing especially that stuns me today…so beautiful and transcendent. I think you should write a book! I hope you’re on the mend.

  8. Lovely cape Judith, and the vintage jewels are perfect. Keep smiling, it is healing too.
    I once had a massage therapist tell me to be sure and “send love” to the pain in our bodies. So often when we focus on the pain we’re frustrated or angry with the slow healing or immobility it causes. Sending love to that area instead allows us to give compassion to ourselves. Take care.

  9. I can see the beautiful smile on your face and hear your charming voice when you showed me this glorious discovery. The excitement of unearthing a vintage gem is exhilarating, an experience I almost never get to share with a like-minded friend. As I look at this post, remembering the day, I can feel the pleasure and happiness in the moment. For me, you and this coat also serve as a reminder that love, friendship, and style really do heal.

    BTW, I love seeing how you’ve styled it and I especially love the slim boots-fabulous!

  10. You are the epitome of Glamour. And, I mean that in every way, from your impecable style, to the way your present yourself, and the way you articulate your sweet messages. Thank you for reminding me, how wonderful it is to be a woman.

  11. You have stunning style. Never a post without it. I hope you recover quickly from your fall.
    Some injuries take longer then others to heal. I’ve had my share and it always surprises me
    on how I recover. Sometimes in a blink of an eye and sometimes it takes weeks.

  12. First of all, Judith, the cape is amazing and you look so gorgeous and chic…as you always do. This is one of my favorite looks of yours, however. I remember how hard it was when I fell and broke my rib…I was so afraid of movement because I thought I would puncture a lung…it was painful and frightening. I think I know how it feels to be walking through what you have been dealing with … I am so inspired by you in a myriad of ways…you inspire me to walk through whatever I face with grace and style! Thank you!

  13. As everyone has said, you are glamor and grace personified. From the inside, out. I fell on the ice yesterday, but let me tell you, I’m not dressed anywhere close to your houndstooth fabulousness. Nor can I put it all together as a multi-level life experience of any magnitude. Rather, I’m waffling between feeling sorry for myself while imagining all the evidence that proves it and just taking a nap! Thanks for showing me the higher ground!

  14. I shall forever think of this as The Healing Cape (rather Harry Potter’ish, no?) and also forever be jealous that I did not get to go thrifting with you and Jean 😮

    I am so sorry that recovery is slow, but glad that you have this beautiful warm and magic cape to look so energetic and full of life in, even if it is covering a bang-up. I hope you feel better soon.

  15. This is such a wonderful post, combining a gorgeously stylish outfit with your usual articulate, thoughtful, and insightful commentary. You have described the experience of physical and emotional pain, and its aftermath with such poetic clarity. That cape has the most amazing shape, and it found the perfect owner.

  16. Thank you for sharing such wisdom. Though I am very sorry to hear of your injury, it sounds as though the physical discomfort has opened you to a path of inner healing.

    Your outfit is lovely; the cape, the accessories, the hat. You yourself look so lovely in it!

  17. Wow what a find Judith. Love this cape. So arty and original. As always I’m in awe with your writing how you can describe the things that happen in your life. Wishing you all the best with your recovery!

  18. SC, I am so sorry to hear about your fall. You have so aptly described the thought process after an injury or illness. All any of us every wants is to get back to who we were! As usual, you are beautiful in this coat.

    I have a coat that has a very similar print, but the design is different.

    Wishing you so much healing power and strength as you heal.

  19. I really don’t think its possible to crush out on you any more than I already do, dear SC. You look splendid in that hounds tooth wonder, and I am sending healing vibes your way.

  20. I’m in awe, as always, with your very schooled eye for what works. You just look wonderful.
    Hope you continue to heal in as many ways as you need to … and please continue writing and modeling for your master-class style blog!

  21. I didn’t realize that you had injured youself to that extent – I’m at least glad you are healing. Thank goodness the doctor ordered this HOUNDSTOOTH to speed up the process. Plus it has powerful healing effects for anyone who gazes upon you. That collar is almighty and gorgeous with your jewels. I love your flirty litte back pose with hands out. Maybe there was a semi-twirl involved as well?

  22. I hope your healing will continue.
    As for the cape: extraordinary. Not many people can wear such a thing and it looks as if it was made for you. I would go for the second way you wear it: with the brooch.
    Beautiful, although it looks a bit cold at the arms. In the name of fashion we do not complain. haha.

  23. Not only is the outfit extraordinary but the way you weave your words together is amazing. Every post I read of yours literally tugs my heart and mind.

    I hope you heal soon–perhaps spring will bring a renewal for you.

  24. How beautiful you look, dear Judith. Yes, you are certainly going through many processes in how your life is evolving now. Learning what we can control and what we can surrender: boy, that’s a lifetime’s work. Throughout it all, you are making your transistion gracefully, beautifully and commenting so movingly on your journey. May 2013 unfold in mysterious and wonderful ways for you.

    I will start up blogging once again, once I figure out what has gone wrong with my uploading of photos.

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from http://www.foreveronthecatwalkoflife.blogspot.com

  25. You are so elegant, and I love the detail on the back and you can change the collar. The jewelery is very beautiful and I like that it can be changed. After what has been bad, I think that there will always come sooner or later something that is good. I’m glad healing are going better.

  26. Having spent the last year trying to recover from a dance related injury this post really resonated – I’m sorry to hear that you injured yourself and I hope that you are healing up quickly. You look stunningly elegant as always – what a gorgeous piece that houndstooth coat is, I love the collar, the short sleeves and the back detail is wonderful. You’ve balanced it so perfectly with the skinny black sweater and trousers and the bold jewellery.

  27. Judith, that houndstooth jacket is stunning. You look fabulous in it and this is such a sophisticated and classy look!! I love it all xo

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