Wherever I land in life, I always seek out hats, whether it be hat shops, milliners or hat makers, vintage shops or street vendors, thrift shops or consignment stores.  I want to be where the hats are!  Sometimes just trying on a hat is enough, as in the case of the photo above taken at Hats and Hats HERE in Miami.


I love the color, the shape and the many sides and faces of this large brimmed straw blue and black beauty, but it didn’t return home with me.  I will always remember it because of this image; I didn’t need to possess it physically.


I was in hat heaven at the spectacular vintage store C. Madeleine’s HERE.  I could have spent days perusing the inventory in this shop, but I limited my focus to headwear.  This hat by Fernando Garcia was a thrill to wear, but it’s not currently perched in the hat room.  However, that does not mean that I didn’t bring hats home with me!  More about that in a future post!


Headwraps are always an adventure in headwear, and this turquoise silk scarf accompanied me to the Bayside Marketplace HERE for an afternoon of sight-seeing, live Cuban music and delicious food.


Above Photos By Mr. J

Denise, the hat by artist, milliner, blogger and friend Carol Markel of Femme et Fleur HERE has been my constant traveling companion over the past year.  She went out with us to dinner on a chilly Miami evening, and in the “out of focus” photo above, her radiant colors are featured, along with velvet dark red fingerless gloves.


Miami’s South Beach Art Deco District “claims the largest concentration of 1920 and 1930’s architecture in the world HERE.”  I was happy to spend several awestruck hours walking through this historic area.  It was one of the many highlights of the Miami experience!


Mr J and The SC had a fabulous time enjoying the warmth of Miami, both the climate and its people.  I returned to Denver with glorious memories, and a few hats to remind me of the time we spent away from the cold of midwinter in the Rockies.


A few months ago I was interviewed by the beautiful and creative Margaret Manning, founder of the site Sixty and Me HERE.  The video, “Style for Older Women: Break the Rules and Express Your Personality,” was published recently HERE.  Margaret started her site, “To help other women my age to live happy, healthy and financially secure lives.”  Now a community of 50,000 strong, she provides content to enhance our lives in all areas as we age.  Check out Sixty and Me for instant inspiration!

I’m linking up with Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.  Patti’s wearing another gorgeous Karina creation!


  1. FRANCE……..MIAMI…………..YOU do get around!
    The hats are just SO YOU!Do you get stopped often……..?I would think people would be ENCHANTED upon seeing you coming down the street!
    Your photographer……..does a wonderful job TOO!

  2. Dear Judith, I link to your Hat Attack often. In January I made the comment I want to buy more hats this year. I qualify that now. I want to buy more vintage, more originals, more outrageous, more true work of art hats like you. Can’t wait to share my finds with you in future posts. You are truly an inspiration and a vision!

  3. Fantastic picture of you and Mr. J. I really liked the hat that didn’t go home with you (the first one in the post).

  4. Dear Judith, you and Mr. J look so happy here and naturally, your hats are spectacular. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  5. Oh, a pink cone hat. That hat speaks to me. I don’t know what language, but yes, we understand each other on a deeper level. I look forward to see the hats that came home with you. I gasped when I saw that first hat on your Instagram. And yes, that Miami architecture is stunning!

    I enjoyed your interview as well. I agree with your comments about empathy and making ourselves feel good. The world IS our runway. Cheers, Judith. (I don’t think my neck is shrinking…gaaa!)

  6. I think you have a hat-seeking instinct, Judith – you just can’t help but sniff them out, probably because you wear them so beautifully!
    I love the two you didn’t buy, but sometimes it’s enough to admire and move on, isn’t it? The turquoise headwrap looks stunning with your floaty print dress, the Art Deco architecture of Miami is wonderful, and you and Mr J make the finest couple! xxx

  7. I love Margaret Manning’s Sixty and Me website and enjoyed your interviews with her. She has established such a vibrant and embracing community for the 60+ group.

  8. I am sure the hats as drawn to you as you to them.If these two didn’t make it home, the ones that did must be very special.Thank you for sharing your Miami
    trip with us.

  9. You are a hat-seeking missile, you are!! Love the size and shape of blue and black one and that it is on a hairband, and the hot pink and green one just makes me smile. I follow C. Madelines on IG – how cool you went to the store!! I would love to see Miami one day, if only for the architecture. You are having marvelous adventures with Mr. J – I’m so happy for you.

  10. Great hat territory, Miami! Florida suits you, lady, as does your handsome beau and part-time photographer. That’s the new skill hot guys must have to appeal to all us style bloggy babes, yes? With your large, beautifully curated collection, I get why you like to try on but not commit, sometimes.
    You are just a beach-goddess in the turquoise head-wrap … Mr. J must be so proud to have you draped over his arm! Love it all, but that’s my favorite today.
    Cool link to your friend … I could use some financial acumen in my life just now! All that and a 60 + blog as well … I’m on my way! Thank you, Judith … so glad you shared all this with us!

  11. I love to see your outfits, not my own style but fun to see. After reading a delightful style biography today at, I wondered about your own mother’s influence on your fashion interests. Your other fashion influences would also be interesting.

  12. Dear Judith, that turquoise head wrap and swirling skirt prompts wonderful memories of Cuban food and music! The lighting FX on that location are marvelous — my compliments to the photographer.

  13. Ah, Miami. I do miss the food because I am half-Cuban. It’s great to hear that you enjoyed your stay. That turquoise turban photo is priceless.
    At this point I would hope that you know how much you inspire me and what I do on my blog. Margaret Manning is lucky to have you grace her website. I’m still a bit too young to qualify but I’ll check it out.


  14. We’re running on parallel lines with you in terms of visiting vintage stores and focusing on hats. Trying on clothing can be challenging. But despite all the changes our bodies go through, we are buoyed by the fact that our hat size always stays the same!

  15. You wear the first hat beautifully, Judith. Eve if you didn’t buy it it’ll remain forever yours on the blog.
    I love the Pucci-esque confection and the head wrap, perfect for the elegance that is Miami.
    You and Mr J make such a handsome pair. xxx

  16. Thanks to your nifty handiwork with scarves and the such, I’m starting to fall in love with turbans and headwraps, oh lovely Style Crone 🙂 MUACK!!!

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