Photo by Nelson

Diane von Furstenberg spotted cat ruby/fuschia wrap top and Espace red shoes-Wardrobe Works consignment shop, Michael Kors black tuxedo pants and black soft beret-estate sales.

Reporting from the “crazy carousel” of the chemo lounge, that ever present subculture that we inhabit every two weeks. We can exhale – no cancer in Nelson’s liver.  PET scan results indicate that Nelson’s disease remains unchanged; however, a tumor marker is rising, so a chemo change is recommended for his next infusion.  The Style Crone has become aware of a certain self protective numbness that pervades which allows us to swim in what Nelson refers to as turbulent waters. Today we feel lighter, allowing us to float on the waves for awhile.


  1. The Chemo Man thinks ‘The Style Crone’ looks a bit playful in this outfit and in this pose. Playful looking in the Chemo waiting lounge, that has to be A FIRST and only the Style Crone could pull it off.

  2. alright, all together now, deep breath. exhale, repeat! and thank whatever/whoever for an unchanged pet scan. j

  3. Judith, I was so relieved to hear no cancer in Nelson’s liver… You’re looking beautiful as usual! Take care of yourself… love Paula

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