The SC has a friend that is an ardent Bob Dylan fan and has chosen the artist’s “Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat” from the Blonde on Blonde album as his ringtone.  Inspiration can come from anywhere, and this outfit was composed after noticing and taking delight in the sound of an incoming call.


The leather jacket has been hanging in my closet for over four years after I purchased it on sale at TJ Maxx.  It was the day that my friend and hat shop business partner died, and I was out with a friend, in the dazed state that occurs after loss, randomly walking through the aisles of a retail store.  I don’t remember the original reason that brought us there, but I do remember finding this jacket and impulsively buying it and walking out of the store with it on.  I wore it on one occasion shortly after it was purchased, but it is only now that I feel comfortable throwing it on at the drop of a hat.  I don’t know why.


The obligatory “focus on the gloves” photo!  I love how it feels when I pull this accessory unto my hands, not just for the warmth that they provide, but for the excitement and fun that they add to my life.


Colorado has just experienced a cold spell that reminded me of the December weather in my home state of Minnesota, and I have been thinking of the gorgeous Ann of Blue Hue Wonderland HERE several times during the past week.  She always makes dressing for the northern winter wonderland a glorious and glamorous affair.


Photos by Diana

Contemplating the depth of my animal print hat/headwear inventory, which offers an elevated pillbox hat at a moment’s notice! As a collector, I am grateful for the freedom of choice that my room abundantly filled with hats provides.  If I were so inclined, I would count the posts of the past, curious about the number of animal print hats that I have displayed.  I can assure you that it is only the tip of the iceberg!  Every piece has its own personality, shape and expression and if it were not loved, it wouldn’t be sitting in the cluster on the shelves that grace the southeast corner of a room that I fully enjoy every day of this new life that now presents itself.

Vintage elevated leopard print pillbox, vintage red leather gloves, vintage Valentino red turtleneck sweater – estate sales, black leather jacket – sale at TJ Max, vintage red earrings – gifted, black suede Prada booties – consignment store, jeans – retail sale, belt – long time resident of my closet from unknown source.

Ahhhhh, it’s the week of Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.  Now that it has become a fortnightly occasion, I honor and appreciate Patti’s creation even more, if that were humanly possible.


  1. You are so right Judith, inspiration can come from anywhere, even a friend’s phone. I’m glad you decided to bring out that jacket – it’s fun and flattering and the perfect pairing with your skinny jeans, red gloves and leopard print. You know that you are re-defining what 70 looks like, don’t you?

    I hope you have the warmest (in your heart) of Christmas’ with many occasions for the creation of new and cherished memories.


  2. Judith–wow that puffer jacket is leather? How cool is that! and the leopard pill box hat is just so precious! I love my red gloves too–a little bit harder to loose…lol. xoxo

  3. Judith, you are a dynamo. What smashing style you have! Garments imbued with emotional weight resonate with me as well, as does the knowledge that these things shift over time – ever fortunate when it can be in the direction of greater ease and a lighter heart.

  4. Oh my, you look 40 years younger in that leather jacket. Wow. I linked you from my post this week. I have a photo of a hat that so much reminded me of
    you that I had to say so.

  5. I love the unscripted shots of you primping, pulling up the gloves, etc. Rule of thumb: keep shooting! Ya never know. love u. D

  6. You look downright sporty!! 🙂 What fun! And yet you do it your way, i.e. with a leopard pillbox. You look incredible in those jeans, and I love the belt-just the right touch. I got a mental picture just now of the hat room. The south-east corner must have lovely light. I can imagine the shelves you mention, with an extraordinary display of millinery carefully arranged, a lovely shrine of sorts in which to meditate. I always love seeing what the meditation calls forth. Today is no exception!!! XXOO

  7. You always have the perfect things to pull together a creative and individual look. I have spare closet, although I do have several wonderful jackets that I love and great pieces of jewelry. I am always on the hunt for some unique pieces to add to it but don’t feel very comfortable in vintage clothing.

  8. Love that gorgeous hat with the urban Puffa and skinnies. You even manage to make the humble jeans look glamorous and unique! xxx

  9. Wow, Judith! You are rocking that leather jacket and looking so cool. Yet so hot! It’s a really great look on you, and of course the leopard print pill box and red gloves just set everything off perfectly. I think you have to be ready to wear certain items, sometimes it takes a while to figure them out, or to feel OK about them. The time of the leather jacket is definitely NOW! xxxx

  10. You are wearing JEANS! And completely rocking them. With the wonderful jacket and the elegant hat, you look like a rock star. In her 30s. Please discuss your fountain of youth in a future post 😀

  11. Wow….loved this whole outfit and you look fabulous! What kind of jeans or those and where did you get them? I loved the entire look beautiful lady!

  12. Red and that particular animal print is a favorite combo in my closet too. You look ready for a visit to Manhattan.

  13. Well, someone must have inspired Bob Dylan to write that song – I wonder if he met you in some dream. After all, he’s also from Minnesota.

    You look very chic, almost apres-ski, maybe in Aspen or Gstaad or Chamonix. Either than or you’re the most glamorous biker chick around!

  14. Fierce! Skinny jeans were made with you in mind! The really do steal the show…and that says a lot considering you are also wearing the coolest leather puffy jacket. I didn’t know you could even get a puffy jacket in leather. Both you and Ann rock the cold weather looks like nobody else.

  15. Judith I love the clean look of this outfit. Your jacket is cute and the jeans fit you beautifully. I have clothes too that hold the memory of people that are special to me. Sometimes it is hard to wear them but when you bring them out it feels somehow better. I like the bright gloves, lovely way to add color.

    Thanks for the generous mention. There’s something special about MN. It’s the climate and the general way the people are here. I feel it too. I grew up in IA, similar in many ways…….but not MN.

    I would enjoy seeing a picture of your hat collection. I’m sure it is amazing!

    blue hue wonderland

  16. You look 20. Here is the way to wear an edgy little piece in a youthful way. Love vintage and modern in the ways you put them together, always. Glad this little jacket has found love after a rocky start.
    And what else could you possibly wear with it but a leopard pillbox? Best possible choice.
    Damn, girl … you have a figure on you!

  17. Puffer jacket and animal print hat, isn’t marvelous !
    How old are you again? you have a the bod of a 20 year old!
    I’m loving my hats more and more and it’s in part because of you that i took more in interest in hats –



  18. SC, you are just so lovely and I adore reading your posts and looking at your pictures – though green with envy!

  19. You absolutely rock this style. You know I don’t flatter if I don’t like it, so you can be assured that I mean it. Thanks to your gorgeous figure these skinnies look so good on you. Love the leather jacket (I cannot wear this as I don’t have hips…. sigh). And of course the hat is perfect, as are the gloves, the booties, the sweater.
    News: I bought a black, warm, faux fur hat which I think looks nice on my. That is if I pay attention in front of a mirror putting it on. Otherwise it can sit funny.
    This is your doing. You inspired me.

  20. You look fabulous and I think we both share the love for fur hats these days as I am wearing a similar one on my recent post.
    Your cropped jacket and jeans look amazing on you and reveal your absolutely stunning figure!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  21. That’s one of my all time favourite Dylan songs too! And you wear the leopard print pill box better than anyone else could – I love it styled with the leather jacket, showing off your amazing svelte figure in those jeans. That’s the epitome of winter style my dear! Keep wrapped up warm and have a wonderful Christmas!

  22. The hat with the jacket and jeans is a fantastic choice, not something one would expect. But then, when have you ever followed the crowd in style? You CERTAINLY own these pieces. That’s not to mention seeing Jeans on Judith. You could wear them always and look fashionably yourself. This one almost slipped by me. What a shame that would have been! I agree – Ann at Blue Hue Wonderland is always riding that great high art/style line.

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