The SC purchased six panels of vintage pale pink silk satin drapery with crystal trim at an estate sale over 15 years ago for next to nothing and they were recently rediscovered during my organizing efforts. My brilliant designer friend Barbara HERE made a dream become reality, creating graceful folds of silk satin and crystal and with the inclusion of sheers, my bedroom wall with its window and door to the veranda continues to have me catching my breath as I enter the room that is my sanctuary.

In celebration of the new look of my bedroom, The SC threw on an off white silk satin vintage dressing gown with vintage off white satin slippers and improvised a headwrap with a silk satin patterned pink scarf layered over a pale pink silk chiffon scarf along with a pink feather hat pin, all estate sale finds. Nelson’s touch was like the brush of silk satin on my skin, so surrounding myself with an externalization of that sensation seemed fitting and with the discovery of these drapes, the perfect thing to do.

The 1930’s bedroom furniture was a trade for vintage clothing with a friend who had an antique store many years ago.  And the rose patterned duvet cover was, of course, acquired at an estate sale.

Photos by Diana

An exciting, unexpected and surprising development has emerged.  The SC has been invited to model at a fashion show at Geri Brin’s Fab Over Fifty’s Beauty Bash HERE on September 29th in NYC.  Marla Wynne, designer extraordinaire HERE, will be showing her elegant and stylish line of clothing (on her Facebook Page HERE) and I am honored to be participating with a number of remarkable women that I had the pleasure of meeting during my last two visits to New York.

This is a new experience for me, having roamed the halls of psychiatric emergency rooms, hospitals, medical clinics, mental health centers, rehab facilities and other health care venues.  The mysterious twitsts and turns and the intricate circumstances of life continue to unfold in unfamiliar and surprising ways.

So I’m off to New York with Camille and will blog as I can along the way.  I will also be looking for headwrap fabric as I move forward on the project that engages my passion.

I am very grateful to all who follow and comment on Style Crone.  You continue to be a lifeline along the ongoing journey of transformation.

Close-up of improvised headwrap with vintage satin slippers.

A special thank you to Alison Gary of the incredible blog Wardrobe Oxygen HERE for featuring The SC in her True Fashionista Series.  Per Alison’s About Page HERE, ” Wardrobe Oxygen is a blog that offers tips and advice for all women to achieve personal style, regardless of age, figure, budget, or lifestyle.”  She does all of this and more with her beautiful and creative style, outfit features and vibrant personality.

The SC is taking the silk satin headwrap over to Patti’s playful weekly gathering  at Visible Monday HERE.


  1. How wonderful and exciting for you! Have a wonderful time in NYC! You look like a movie star on the set of a Fred and Ginger film, with sumptuous sets and costumes. I’m sure you’ll be happy to get back to it.

  2. Have a great time in NYC, what a fun event to be a part of! And thank YOU for letting me feature you and your phenomenal style on my blog!

  3. Your pictures take my breath away — they are (you are) a vision. I love following your blog because I see what true beauty is — confidence, unique style, and courage! Thanks, SC, for being such an inspiration!

  4. The light catching on the crystals in the close-up of you is lovely, as you are. Goddess-speed on the new leg of your journey. You will DAZZLE’em, no doubt – but mostly, DAZZLE yourself
    with joy and living-in-the-momentness.

  5. Breathtaking glamour. That was an enormous project, I’m sure, and the artistic results are beyond gorgeous. Having a haven like that is a huge blessing, one that you richly deserve.

    And now you’re off to model in NY!! I can imagine you on the streets with the lovely Camille, a little breathless and wide-eyed as you glide to your booking. Perhaps you’ll say hello to an agent or two while you’re there, and join the ranks of the older super models like Cindy Joseph, Yasmina, and the inimitable Carmen. I can’t wait to see you on your first cover.

    Have a glorious time.

    Love, Jean

  6. What a beautiful room…and I love the way you describe it in terms of Nelson’s touch. The gown is just, just–I’m at a loss for words.

    And this opportunity in NYC is wonderful. I look forward to following your exploits!

  7. Your sanctuary is incredibly lovely, SC. How wonderful that the silk satin has found its home. I hope your trip to NYC is splendid, full of familiar things and new adventures! Thanks as always for sharing with Visible Monday.

  8. You and the drapes are just breathtaking! Now, that is a place I would run home to!! I got to meet Marla over the phone last week. We talked about her line and her business for a long time. She is a precious lady with a wonderful sense of humor and obvious talent in fashion design. I enjoyed our time on the phone. You will be a perfect choice as a model for her line and for this show. They are lucky to get you!! I really wish I could be in the audience. Have fun!

  9. As the blog opened up on your picture, I involuntarily breathed out, “Oh my goodness!” I was completely taken aback by the pure glamor, of it all. I should say, “Oh my goddess!” Really, words fail me when confronted with such sublime images of beauty. And going to NYC to model – what could be more natural for the Style Crone at this point in her story. Have a wonderful time and can’t wait to see the pictures!

  10. Love, love your blog! I check in every evening to see if you’ve posted anything new. I enjoy all your outfits and commentary. Those drapes with the crystal trim are wonderful. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me.

  11. Judith, I tried to see how you did it, with two scarves and the hat pin, but all I see is magic. Seriously, like Project Runway, except without Tim Gunn telling you that you are a genius. Which he totally would if he saw this hat.

    I bet he reads your blog.

    I am not at all surprised by your invite to NYC! You are so glamorous and runway-ready.

    We are going to NYC to visit The Costume Technician in a few weeks. She loves her job at the NYC Ballet. The employees were all invited to the recent opening night. She saw Valentino right in the shop, sewed costumes he designed, and then saw Sarah Jessica Parker on the red carpet at the ballet. I will tell her to keep an eye out for my famous friend, Judith, as well 🙂

  12. Oh, the glamour! Your bedroom is gorgeous but I expected nothing less.
    What catwalk could be complete without you? You are the epitome of grace and elegance and I bet you’ll get a standing ovation from the audience.
    Take lots of photos and have a wonderful trip. xxx

  13. You look like a movie star! So glamorous! And how wonderful you are going to be modelling – look forward to hearing your experiences – take pictures!

  14. You are a screen goddess here! The room looks like a film set, but it’s even better without a director and camera crew camped out in the corner. What a place to luxuriate, and in such high style. I would dearly love to see you glide down the catwalk. I am so happy that this unexpected opportunity has come your way – you’ll be a natural. I just know it!! So many doors opening… Who knows what’s next? Hugs.

  15. Judith, what an exquisite room, those drapes are so beautiful. I am not at all surprised it is your sanctuary and that you feel close to Nelson in your beautiful room with its sumptuous satin.
    And you look the epitome of 1930s silver screen glamour from top to toe. It is also no surprise to me that you have been invited to model in NYC, one look at you is all anyone needs to know you will be magnificent. What an adventure! From mental health to the craziness of the catwalk, who knows what is coming next in life? And what would Nelson say?!
    I so look forward to hearing how it went, and seeing some pictures. Good luck! xxxx

  16. What a dreamy bedroom you have Judith and how wonderful and suiting that you posed there in your dressing gown, looking wonderful. Congratulations on your new modelling career. That sounds like a lot of fun. I will be following your adventures and cheer you on from afar!

  17. Your first photo had me gasping! I did not know to take in the beautifully draped bedroom or your exquisite self! Both are stunning!

    Modeling in NYC…how very, very exciting my dear! I will look forward to hearing more about it. Until enjoy and savor your time!

    Sending you much love dear Judith.

  18. You are awesome model material! The fashion show will be so much fun, and you will be in the company of other fabulous over-50’s. I can’t wait to see the photos.

    Your bedroom really is an extension of you – very elegant! Such a lovely photo of you surrounded by silk satin, clad in the same.

  19. Oh I love it. And I want to touch the beautiful pink satin. It is very beautiful. And it is a dream to see the bedroom like its owner. You will be fantastic as a model wish you a good trip. Looking forward to seeing you again

  20. Superbe et fantastique – congrats for the modelling event, what a thrill it will be for you!
    Your bedroom looks magnificient, if i was living alone it would as extravagant as yours!

    Your satin dress and hat are stunning!

    Ariane XXX

  21. Pure elegance and you look like a gracious screen star! I love your blog and look forward to every entry. Enjoy the NY trip!

  22. Judith, everything about this post is awe-inspiring, from the treasure of the crystal-trimmed silk satin and its current breathtaking arrangement, the memory of Nelson’s loving touch, your whole perfectly gorgeous retreat, and stunning headwrap, gown, and slippers, to the wonderful news that you will soon be a New York modelling sensation – but my absolute favourite is your radiant smile, which outshines it all.

  23. You like a shining angel! The dressing gown and the shoes are exquisite, the head wrap is really a work of art and you look divine in this outfit, in your lovely bedroom!

    A model job sounds like a wonderful opportunity, and lots of fun – I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself! I do hope there will be photos afterwards!

  24. Oh Judith, you do look like a movie star! What a beautiful dress and head wrap. Your bedroom does indeed look like a sanctuary. It looks like one could just float in dreams while in it.
    You will be a wonderful model! Best of luck to you and I hope most of all that you have fun doing it.

  25. Another comment to say that you look like a movie star – or as I would say a film star!

    The bedroom is so pretty and girly, that satin negligee and those satin slippers are beautiful.

  26. Incredible! That’s all I can say. The bedroom, your outfit, your words, your new modelling venture….it all adds up to WOW. I have always thought you would be a stunning model, so I’m glad that others can also see it. Good luck with every aspect of your NY experience. I so wish I could see you modelling!

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from

  27. Oh, how exciting and what a lot of fun to come! I’m looking forward to seeing your New York postings.

  28. If the photos were in black and white, I would be sure these were images from the 1930s. You have certainly created a lovely sanctuary, one in which I’m sure you are able to rest well. — Can’t wait to hear more about, and perhaps see photos from, the event over the weekend. I’m glad to know that you are inclined to get out and be involved in activities that celebrate life and can be a lively part of your year of reinvention. Many regards!

  29. Absolutely stunning! The room, the beautiful sheer window treatment, YOU, your lovely dressing gown. And how exciting to get to model!


  30. Sooooo pretty! I opened your blog, saw you in your bedroom and sucked my breath in. Literally breathtaking. Beautiful room, granted. But you in this gorgeous gown with those terribly cute slippers and lovely wrap: really stunning. You look a picture. Such a beautiful gown. Have not got words for it.
    Looking forward to seeing the photos of your modelling event. Exciting.

  31. Thank you so much for the opportunity to work on your room with you Ms. Judith. Making it a elegant as you are was indeed a pleasure for me. It my wish that more women allow themselves to create environments that suit their personal style and experience the pleasure associated with it.
    Barbara DeSalvo

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