I mentioned recently on Style Crone that I was reading the book Dancing Light by 98 year old Tao Porchon-Lynch.  I have finished the story of Tao’s incredible life and portions of the book play in my mind as I move forward. She is another reminder that aging is a mindset and that we don’t have to limit ourselves at any age.

Tao grew up in India and has been defined as a yoga master, actress, model, producer, dancer and activist. During her life she marched with Gandhi, put her life in danger as she participated in the French Resistance during World Was II, performed as a dancer in cabarets during the bombing of London, modeled in Paris and in the United States, was an actor in Hollywood, and was present at the historic March on Washington and Martin Luther King Jr’s funeral.


Tao began competitive ballroom dancing at the age of 87 and performed on the popular TV show Dancing With The Stars.  She continues to teach yoga, dance and present workshops across the US.  She writes that she is more busy today than she has ever been, and at the age of 98 has no intention of slowing down.

I am inspired by her and view her as a role model.  I think of her during my yoga classes, and realize that my age does not limit my ability to improve my balance, strength and flexibility.  Not just in my physical body, but with my thoughts and my aspirations.  Just to know that she exists offers the awareness of possibilities.

It is my intention to take a yoga class from Tao HERE. At some point I will plan a trip to meet her and be in her presence.  It’s a gift that I plan to give myself in my approaching 74th year.

Photos By Daniel

In the meantime, I will continue to open my heart daily and strive for inner peace as I participate in activism during a time of disturbing extremism.

Thank you to Craig Kurtz of the Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver HERE for making this post possible.

Vintage black satin gown, vintage jewelry and vintage leopard print turban – estate sales, leopard kitten heels – consignment shop.

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  1. Thank you for introducing me to Tao and her incredible life. I too practice yoga to improve my balance, strength and flexibility. It’s the emphasis on breathing that I find most beneficial. Age is a mindset and you are a great role model for staying young and fit. Keep up the great work!

  2. FABULOUS……………where does she live now?Perhaps I should go back and click on THAT HERE!I saw her on ADV. STYLE instagram………A TRUE WONDER!

  3. Judith, once again, you are a most elegant and inspirational spirit to me! As you speak of gaining sustenance and inspiration from Tao, I gain the same insights from following your life journey through your blog and IG! Not to mention, enjoying your modeling of such creative ensembles throughout the process. Thanks for constantly enlighting and delighting me and all your loyal followers as we share this small sliver of our visual worlds both exterior and interior!

  4. Just as you have been inspired, so you continue to inspire us, your followers. And isn’t that how it should be, that we spark something in others that make them want to me more of themselves?
    Every day I ask to be the best me I can be. I expect you have a similar philosophy Judith, or something finer.
    Thank you for another beautiful post.
    Anna x

  5. Tao is most extraordinary woman , a true inspiration to us all . Judith , you too are so inspiring with your approach to ageing and living life to the fullest. Not forgetting your wonderful style and always glorious hats.
    Thank you Judith .

  6. WONDERFUL ….. a true inspiration to all older women who struggle with the idea that getting older means getting fatter and weaker is the way it is meant to be … I’m 72 and an avid horse rider … I’m supple and strong and I am always amazed by the shocked look on people’s faces when they find out how old I am comments like Wow … and you are still riding a horse at your age ? are commonplace … we have all heard the comment … age is just a number …. and this amazing lady proves that !!!

  7. That’s a coincidence, a friend emailed me before we went away with a link to Tao as she’d come across her in a book and found her really inspiring.
    Loving the yoga poses in your fine gown! xxx

  8. Dear Judith;

    Thank you for a marvelous demonstration of an older woman not limiting herself based on her age; I, too, will be 74 in April; once again, you are an inspiration..

  9. Tao is truly astonishing, and very inspirational, but so are you! I find most women older than I am who are living engaged, creative, and physically active lives to be inspiring. You have beautiful form in your yoga poses, and the dress emphasizes the lines of your body in motion.

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