I’ve been blogging for nearly six and one half years now, and during this period of time I’ve learned so much and have met a multitude of incredible people who I would not know but for the existence of Style Crone.  Blogging has brought me many gifts that I appreciate every day.  However, the art of writing is its own special  challenge.


Prior to blogging, I wrote as a health care provider, documenting relevant information about patients in their medical records.  Or writing descriptions of projects that would facilitate system change in the medical environment.  It was more technical in nature, and part of my daily life at work.


Writing about style and navigating the journey of aging is different.  I find that if I feel passionate about something, words flow to the screen as though I’m compelled to share my inner self. It also provides structure, and along with yoga and meditation, it is part of the scaffolding of my life.  Writing has become a discipline, and I have fallen in love with words.  There is a devotion that comes with continuing, with improving and with exercising this muscle. There is so much to learn. I now collect words as lovingly as I collect hats.


Photos By Daniel taken at Union Station Denver HERE

Vintage navy maxi coat with rhinestone buttons, vintage navy headpiece with veil, vintage rhinestone jewelry and vintage leather wine colored gloves – estate sales, heeled boot and navy turtleneck – retail sales.

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  1. I think you are so right Judith!
    Writing is so like anything, in order to get better at it, it takes practice, practice and more practice!! Of course, some people like yourself have a gift also!
    That’s why it’s so nice to read your blog, it’s more than just pretty pictures!

  2. You’re absolutely right, writing takes practice. But writing about one’s passion makes it much easier. My compliments for your blog and for Daniel, I love his photos as well.

  3. Fabulous post and the content is right on the mark. Writing is deeply rooted in reading. Writing is a skill that begins with reading a variety of content throughout life and then responding with our own stories, poems, historical accounts. Layers of personal experience are gradually added to this foundation of learning and our writing is anchored in meaning. Our personal style develops and improves with consistent practice….much like our personal style develops. Writing and style are a lifelong journey that is undergoing change and refinements as we progress on its pathway.

    Love this coat! It is clear that you have followed your pathway toward great style and that of the written word! Well said!

  4. Dear Judith,
    I so appreciate your blog. I always look forward to beautiful you and what you have to say. This last photo on your blog today is stunning because I feel it reflects the inner you which is kindness personified.

  5. I COLLECT WORDS as well…….or write them down then forgot where the list is…………FESTOONING,is the word of MY WEEK!
    YOU ARE THE BEST WRITER in BLOGLAND that I read…… is a JOY to read what YOU have to say!Plus, the photos look like they have POPPED out of VOQUE!Tell MISTER DANIEL to send off a few………..let’s see what TRANSPIRES!!!!!!!

  6. I have not posted a comment on your blog before this one but felt compelled to do so this time. Your eloquent and succinct words about the act and importance of writing inspired me to respond. The fact that my phone failed to produce the photographs that accompany your text on this post was actually inspiring as well;given the subject matter of your post!

    You are such an elegant, artistic, and intriguing soul Judith. I’m delighted to be following your fashions as well as your aesthetic aura and philosophy.

  7. This is a great post. I agree that being passionate about something changes how you express yourself whether through speaking, writing, dressing or any other form of expression. Love this coat! Peace! Cheryl

  8. Wow. Another mundane setting rendered magical by your radiant presence and Daniel’s genius at framing you in unexpected ways. Your line and posture are always right on – you know how to set off these clothes so beautifully! That COAT. So lovely.
    And I really appreciate what you say about writing. It can indeed be such a discipline and a deep practice. I’ve been grateful for the years I was able to write consistently, which, looking back, I realize was a huge gift. I think you are a natural writer, Judith, because your style of expression is exactly YOU – deep, purposeful, tenderhearted, strong, focused, searching, and serene. Thank you for all these years of blogging and all the meaningful and inspiring things you’ve shared with all of us. It’s been a blessing to read your words.

  9. Judith
    So easy to be redundant when other women have so graciously encapsulated my thoughts.

    As usual you look great in your outfit (and that cute hat). And your writing and thoughts totally on point. Thank you for a great Monday fix.

  10. Judith, I agree. Writing is sometimes hard work, but it is always so fulfilling. Those times when the words just flow are priceless.

    You look absolutely radiant in these photos…lovely!!

  11. What a wonderful post and so good to hear of your love of words and writing. I so agree that writing is a discipline and a muscle that responds to practice and devotion. I also love it when you write about ageing – you are totally my role model. Thank you so much for your blog x

  12. Hi Judith, You write beautifully and with great style. You also look beautiful with awesome style. I have known you since our high school days and can testify you have always been very smart!!

    Oh the roads we have traveled!

    Love, Janet

  13. I totally agree. Even if nobody read my blog or ever commented I’d still keep at it. Writing has always been a joy to me, too.
    You write beautifully and I adore that coat! xxx

  14. You are a very skilled writer Judith. Your enjoyment of expressing yourself through the written word is evident in every post.

    That is one amazing coat!


  15. aww this post is a gem. Thank you for sharing your writing/blogging style journey. I can really late to your words. So important to express ourselves but magical to have such a loving audience to share with. It is inspiring!!

  16. Dear Judith, I always read your blogs because you write so beautifully, from the heart, your truths. The interviews with creative designers and talented, interesting people are always a treat and I love meeting these people. Thank you for another wonderful post, beautifully styled (and I noticed “is that fast enough” behind you in the second photo, wondering if that was brilliantly deliberate or it just happened to be there??) Elizabeth. xx

  17. It’s very clear how much you love words, Judith – you write with great eloquence. Like you, I find writing important to me, and as with all skills, we get better at it the more we do it!
    As always, you look stunning – what a beautiful coat. xx

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