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It becomes more difficult to go out in the evening as Nelson fatigues as the day progresses.  We’ve been going out on Friday nights since 1977 and we’re not about to give up on it ‘at the drop of a hat.’ We went to a new restaurant that I discovered when I was parking for yoga last week.  We love trying new places and it didn’t disappoint.  Restaurants are like theatre: the atmosphere and decor of the space, the other patrons, the staff, and the food.  It is a riot for the senses.

For the occasion I chose a hat by Kate Ferretti, a famous Denver milliner of the 40’s and 50’s.  This white fur felt number is covered with a splash of white, black and striped feathers which delicately fringe the face.  Interestingly enough, I have never worn this hat which was purchased at an estate sale and it’s been patiently sitting in the hat room for about 20 years.  Date night was the perfect event for its debut in this century and it topped off the vintage 60’s white wool coat with faux fur trim with aplomb.  The vintage jewelry and long black gloves finished off the ensemble and took us away into the evening without hesitation.  Hats motivate!


  1. How lovely – how elegant! You are the best model for vintage chic
    that I have seen. All eras look equally fabulous on you. You and
    Nelson are in my prayers during these tough times.

  2. I’ve been lurking and hesitant to comment given the health problems I gather are a real part of your lives. But this coat is just so elegant. You must already know this, but I felt the need to say so.

  3. Oh my….this coat and the hat are just fabulous! I bet your Friday was great fun and hopefully Nelson was glad he took it in….I am certain that having a wife look this amazing perks his spirits! I have watched thrift shops for a long time for long gloves and have as yet to find them…yours look wonderful!
    Blessings to you & Nelson!

  4. Bless you for reminding us that “life goes on” is real, congratulations for realizing that you are both just yourselves, and whatever you have loved doing together you still love…the white has a winter queen look to it, and you are!

  5. You and Nelson both are my heroes! Your family and friends are truly privileged to know you. When I am blue, all I need to do is revisit your blog. BTW, the outfit is tres chic.

  6. SC, you must realize how many love and look to you and Nelson. You are affecting people you’ve never even met. Profoundly. Winter queen–I agree, Carolyn!

  7. How I love white and cream for outfits. A lot of people shy away from it because it’ll get dirty. So? Give delicious cream a chance. I wonder if someone from Vogue is going to come knocking and want to feature you. I should hope so.

    How wonderful that despite illness, you are still able to “seize the day”, or evening in this case. More power to ya!

    Love from England

  8. This is quite possibly the prettiest outfit I have seen on you, and I’ve seen some gorgeous ones. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the hat! The colors are so beautiful together.

    My best to Nelson. I am just recovering from surgery for a lump in my neck (thankfully turned out to be benign) but it reminded me of what people with debilitating diseases go through day in and day out. It must cheer Nelson to see how lovely you always look. It certainly puts a smile on my face to see someone dress with such care and elegance.

  9. Hello Style Crone,

    I fell across your blog and am addicted! I am reading your archives (absolutely dismal for my productivity!) and had to comment on this to die for coat. You look so gorgeous. Hopefully I find a close up of the hat.

  10. I happened upon your blog very recently through Advanced Style (which i also recently happened upon). I’m scrolling through your blogs from the very beginning and when I clicked on this particular one, it just took my breath away. This black and white ensemble, with the subtle background color is just stunning….

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