Incorporating summer whites into my compositions has been new for me.  Along with other bloggers, I have been influenced and inspired by Sylvia of 40+Style HERE.  Her blog post, “How to Wear White” HERE, gave me insight into its appeal.  Soon I found myself attracted to white pieces at the estate sales, vintage shops, thrift shops and consignment stores.  When she visited Denver around this time last year, I wore a white shirt in her honor.


I think that I’ve had a resistance to white because I wore white uniforms, hose and shoes (plus nursing cap) in the 60’s, when I was in nursing school.  It wasn’t that this uniform was negative for me, because it was an important era in my life.  However, it did represent the concept of working in a medical setting, and it has been a process to get past that mind set.


This summer I have noticed that I have submerged myself in white.  I’ve been drawn to black-and-white combinations, but in this post I’m wearing a vintage white hand-painted dress with multi-colored polka dots arranged in patterns, which was discovered at Meek Vintage HERE.  I accessorized with three hats and three pairs of shoes, reflecting colors from the dress.


With colorful street art found in the River North area of Denver HERE, I had great fun with color as background and as accessories.


As I age, my style journey changes along with my experiences and the bloggers, milliners and hat makers who influence me.  Growing my hair out to white also encourages me to change in other areas and explore new color combinations.


Life is a mystery filled with change at every corner.  As with yoga, turning myself upside down on purpose is an analogy for consciously transforming what I wear.  So much is beyond my control, but my choice of the colors I wear is up to me.


Photos By Daniel

Vintage white dress with multicolored polka dots and belt – Meek Vintage Denver; vintage hats – Buffalo Exchange and vintage shops; shoes – consignment shops; white cropped pants – retail sale years ago; multicolored umbrella – estate sale; jewelry – estate sales and gifted.

Linking up with Catherine’s #iwillwearwhatilike HERE at Not Dressed As Lamb and Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.


  1. Wow! White is the perfect way to show off a rainbow of color. Looking wonderful with every combination. Thanks so much.

  2. This is one of the most unique “all white” ensembles out there! And your “stained glass” umbrella is fantastic! You look beautiful, Judith!

  3. Absolutely LOVE your blog! You have given me the courage that I’ve needed for a long time, to wear what feels good on my body. Thank you for your inspirations!

  4. You are a superstahhhh!!!!! No matter what colors you wear you make it fabulous, unique and YOU!! so inspiring! XOXO

  5. Oooh…what a gorgeous dress! And hand painted too! This is really giving me some wonderful ideas, thank you!

    You look stunning in white…I love each of these mini looks, but the last one is my favourite…the pop of yellow in the hat and the grounding of the orange pumps speaks to me!

  6. What an impact that lovely white dress makes on my computer screen, I’m loving the quirky print and the wonderful accesorising namely the umbrella, orange peep toes and wonderful vintage hat. xxx

  7. Hi Judith
    I think you’ve got great taste and the ability to pick out that spotted dress attests to it. And the white really suits you especially with your ‘white’ hair. Lovely look. What makes it succeed is the use of colour with the white. However I do have to add that – whilst white can be fresh, open, dazzling – without such skill, white to me can look cold stiff and sterile, it’s one of the most difficult ‘colours’ to pull off successfully. I had a look at Sylvia’s ‘white’ page and am unconvinced. A lot of those looks for me border on stiff and conservative. From how I see it, white is a very challenging colour to wear well, and to bring it to life judiciously needs a lot of inspiration, the right fabrics, and the right attitude

  8. Just love love this post! The spring is your step is ever present. Thank you for ALL your posts!

  9. Judith the white with its bright polka dots suits you so well . The use of colour in your hats , shoes and brolly really makes it sing.

  10. Judith I love your taste and you look very stylish.
    I just love your hair white it looks amazing.
    Cheers Pam

  11. White never looked so good! I’ve always struggled to veiw white as anything other than Essex girl, which probably doesn’t mean anything to you, but can be explained as the opposite of classy. Your outfit, on the other hand epitomises class. I love, love, love the pattern on this dress and love that you’ve given three beautiful interpretations to the ensemble. Style is your middle name, Judith x

  12. I think this is a great dress. You can see the quality from afar. My favourite of the ones you have shown is the last one, with the yellow hat (both the colour and the shape I like) and the orange shoes. Wouldn’t mind those orange shoes myself. I applaud you for using two such different colours and making it work.

  13. Dear Judith Always inspiring to read your blog. And you’re right life is much of a mystery. Your blog is the evidence that life can go up and down but You are evidence of joy in living. It gives wisdom to read your blog. Thanks. You looked so good. I like you hat and you hair.

  14. Dare I say that you look even more stunning w/OUT a hat? It’s heresy, I know, given the fact that we both adore hats, but you really are a stunner on your own.

    Cheers, M-T

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