Photos by Nelson

On the day before Valentine’s Day of 1992 Nelson informed me that he wanted to take me to lunch and would be at my office at noon the next day to pick me up for our date. As I was working in my office on Valentine’s Day, I heard the elevator door open. I looked up to see my stunning husband entering my space carrying an elegant silver tray and dressed in a vintage black tuxedo with tails, a white shirt, a vintage black silk bow tie and a black top hat. Displayed on the tray was a single long stemmed red rose, a beautiful antique hand painted china tea cup and saucer, a silver container filled with cappuccino, a white linen napkin and a piece of strawberry cheesecake on an small antique plate accessorized with an antique silver fork. Nelson placed the napkin on my lap, filled the tea cup with cappuccino, and proceeded to turn on a jazz CD (he had his tasteful ‘boom box ‘ with him). As I sat sipping my cappuccino and eating my cheesecake, he read This Is My Beloved by Walter Benton (written in 1943, the year of my birth) accompanied by soft jazz in the background. When Nelson finished reading he kissed me passionately, gathered each item, and left mysteriously out my office door and onto the elevator. I was very touched by this creative, sweet and intoxicating Valentine’s Day vignette and have warm memories of each loving detail to this day.

On Valentine’s Day 2005 Nelson was diagnosed with cancer of unknown primary site.  And despite all odds, today we are celebrating with passion and love, as we did in 1992.  For this is my Beloved!


  1. Oh my! That sounds just like a fantastic romance novel! Only it really happened. It’s incredible. No wonder Valentine’s Day is magic for the 2 of you. Hope this year’s was just as special for the two of you, albeit different.

    That red coat is just smashing. Every time I think SC can’t top the last outfit, you do!

    Love from England.

  2. Read this when every joint I’ve got hurt. This and the beautiful pictures did what Vicodin couldn’t. Thank you.

  3. Incredible romantics you both are…who will be the actors to play you in the movie version? Love the red coat, love the red hearts, love the Valentine you’ve shared with all of us peeking over your shoulder…it is quite a love story.

  4. Thank you for sharing such a special romantic moment. You painted such a lovely picture with your words.

  5. Yes, the SC’s romantic dude scored a huge coup that year. I was on top of my game! For those who have never read this poem, there is one huge passage that says it all in the passion of LOVE. Two lovers sharing a night of drinks in a smoky filled jazz bar, he tells her the following “Darling… oh, I want to remember you always, everywhere- in a tavern or in church, asleep or taking bath… I must not ever forget the look in your eyes when you had drunk and wanted to hurry home and be loved to sleep”. I am thinking I made the right choice for a valentine move on my Style Crone. How could she resist?

  6. How wonderful that with words and pictures you are expressing your feelings and love during this very difficult period. My thoughts and good wishes are with you and Nelson as you confront the ongoing health challenges by sharing so much of yourself.

  7. Pops you are pretty incredidible! And momma you are worth being incredible for. You look beautiful!

  8. That is THE most fabulous Valentine’s day gesture I have ever heard of. Nelson deserves top points for that one, and yes, you will always have that wonderful memory. It is memories like that one, and the strength of your love for each other that will help to get you through the difficult days ahead.

  9. What a beautiful love story. You had something that I’m afraid most of us never find.
    Nelson may not be by your side in body however it’s plain to see he is still there in spirit.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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