To celebrate the much needed snow, which provided moisture to relieve our dry winter, I wore black velvet, accessorized by a vintage lace apron that was found in a box during my excavation.  There have been many treasures that have revealed themselves over the past months, and within two weeks (I have promised myself) I will have gone through everything in my inventory.  But today it was time to take a few minutes to play in the snow.

Without the help of dear and generous friends, Camille and the two young women from the Art Institute of Colorado, I would not be able to accomplish this goal.  At times my home feels like a beehive, radiating warmth and creative energy, which I can feel in my Style Crone heart.  Yesterday I threw a brightly colored bow on my front door, rescued from the ‘to go’ scarf pile.  Everything around me and within is in the process of rearrangement and change.

Though the Colorado sun shines brightly, the chill in the air in the middle of the afternoon required the addition of a velvet coat and a huge rhinestone pin.  Rhinestones shine much more brightly when greeted by the sun.

Photos by Diana

I asked Diana, “What will it look like in two weeks when my home is finished?”  She said, “You will see the beauty of Nelson.”

 The Rhinestone Snowflake.

Vintage black velvet dress – belonged to my friend’s mother, vintage black velvet beret, vintage lace apron, vintage black snow boots with faux fur trim, vintage black silk ruffle scarf, vintage long black velvet gloves and vintage jewels – estate sales.

I’m joining Patti over at Visible Monday HERE, at the weekly gathering that brings kindred spirits together at Not Dead Yet Style.


  1. This is so exciting, Judith! I hope you will share what they do in your house. You look lovely and the lace cape is gorgeous! Also, take a picture of how you used the scarf on your door!! have a wonderful week…stay safe in the snow!

  2. What a lovely thing for Diana to say! She knows you well, understood your question, and gave the perfect answer. She must be a wonderful woman.
    Your outfit is so chic, it hurts! All the gorgeous black on black, the swoony textures, the delicious black velvet and silk against the snowy background, with that extraordinary lace apron and rhinestone snowflake shining brightly – it’s beautiful. So are you, Judith. xxxxx

  3. I felt a hitch in my breath when I came to Diana’s comment, a true wise friend. How wonderful that she is close by. I also smiled at the image of your house as a hive; I could just imagine the energy!!

    Your black and white ensemble is breathtaking, with the snow as the perfect accessory. I rarely wear pins or rhinestones, but you persuade me to reconsider!!! So happy to see you looking so glamorous. XXOO

  4. What a brilliant idea to wear the lace apron as a caplet. It’s so stunning on your rich black velvet coat with a backdrop of sun-drenched snow. You must feel marvelous having nearly completed such a monumental task with your helper bees.

  5. You look lovely in the snow. Adore this look! That lace apron as cape is inspired. The black and lace together made me think of those potraits of men from the Jacobean period with their lace ruffs.

  6. Thank you for reminding me to be thankful for the snow and also for showing me how to look lovely when I have to go out in it. That vintage lace apron is priceless, what a great way to show it off.

  7. I echo the thoughts expressed here about Diana.

    I love velvet, I yearn for a black velvet coat!

  8. Vintage lace apron as shawl…you are the accessories master…I am clapping here! The addition of gorgeous coat and sparkling pin…. your usual perfection my dear!

    So happy to hear your lists and renovations are coming to an end as you ready for your birthday party. What a celebration that will be! You truly have so very much to celebrate Judith… and those lucky enough to share there with you are very blessed! i will be looking forward to hearing and seeing all about your well deserved festivities!

  9. oh wow that vintage lace apron is so amazing!
    Happy that your renos are almos done and plus around your birthday
    Can’t wait to see!

    Take care Judith

    Ariane xxx

  10. You look positively regal in that lace “shawl”. You’ve styled this outfit so wonderfully. Everything is vintage but combined has a very modern, clean feel to it.
    I’d love to see a photo of that bow on your door!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  11. Wonderful use of snow and sun. Black velvet and lace are such melancholy yet hopeful textiles. The rhinestone broach says it best: shine and sparkle, sparkle and shine. You are a snowflake, a diamond, a solar system all wrapped up in your lovely Style Crone package. A rare and precious galaxy, a treasured state of being.

  12. The pieces you come up with and the way you know how to combine it: perfect.
    Again lovely outfits.
    I don’t know what Diana means when she says: you will see the beauty of Nelson. But I might have missed something you have told us about him.

  13. I love the richness of textures here – the velvet, the lace, and the sparkle! Personally, I’m rather tired of the snow/rain/snow/rain we’ve had going on here for the last few weeks.

    Diana’s comment is one from a true friend, who can read your heart.

  14. Your outfits are often bursting with vibrant colour. Your use of black and white against the brilliance of fresh snow in these outfit photos are equally beautiful.

    Your writing literally feels more energized Judith. Thank you for being so candid with us all.

    Sue xo

  15. Diana’s words bring a shiver down my spine, what a wonderful friend she must be.
    I love your outfit, the lace apron as a cape is truly inspired and your brooch and rich velvet coat so opulent and romantic. Only you could look elegant in Wellington boots! xxxx

  16. What a wonderful thought, Judith–to see the beauty of Nelson when your home is finished!!

    How gorgeous are you in velvet and lace and rhinestones in the snow!!

  17. So beautiful Judith! Love the sunshine, you and the snow. How I long to set aside some time to organize my “stuff.” You’ve inspired me! Don’t forget–I want to feature you on the blog when you come up for air sometime!

  18. Snow Queen … the must be the warmth of your spirit bringing us the Springtime! These are such regal photographs of you. They bring to mind so many romantic narratives. LOVE how the lace works with black beneath, particularly in this setting.
    Did you ever find your purple gloves?

  19. Taking time to play amid the hum of activity is of utmost importance! This is so beautiful, Judith – I love the openwork of the lace apron and especially the wondrously large rhinestone pin, which speaks to me of things mandalar or chakral. The textural echo of your scarf and trim on the booties feels grounding, is excellent. All best in the coming weeks!

  20. You look marvellous, a graceful Snow Queen, oh so regal and beautiful in that incredible outfit! I love it all, but those touches of white lace against the velvet, and the stunning brooch are my very favourites. Best of luck with the work on the house, hang in there, I’ve no doubt it will feel so wonderful to have it finished!

  21. I cannot get over the white lace in the snow, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    What a vison and a true angel of pure fashion and style.

  22. What an elegant way to fight the cold weather! There is something very romantic, very 1900’s in your look. It probably comes from the gorgeous combination of lace and velvet + your amazing broach. Can I wish you to live in snow all year around? You seem made for it.
    Anne Touraine (Playing with Scarves)
    PS. please, no to-go scarves …. A scarf is a woman’s VBFF!

  23. I’m jealous of those helping you with what sounds like an amazing experience, with so many lovely surprises coming to light, like the lace apron. And that snow flake brooch is absolutely the best one I’ve ever seen!

  24. Who is that striking mysterious woman in velvet? – I can hear them say as you glide past. Stunning, Judith. Change, change, change. Curiosity and passion always fuel our momentum and I’m glad to see yours. Sparkle on in the snow.

  25. For sure, when it is chilly in Atlanta, I need a beautiful pin too SC. I love you in all black and now I want a pair of black booties with fur on top (again). xo

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