A few weeks ago Mr. J and I traveled to Atlanta where he was presenting at a conference. It was my first time in this beautiful city and I had the good fortune of visiting my gorgeous and talented friend, blogger and voice over artist Jean of Dross Into Gold HERE (on Instagram).  As I’ve mentioned before on Style Crone, Jean was the first blogger that I met shortly after launching my blog in 2011.

As we walked through Jean’s home, where she lives with her musician husband Joey, filled with art and the garments that she has upcycled with thrifted finds, she styled me with pieces that we discovered throughout the house. The robe that I’m wearing in the photo above was upcycled from a vintage silk saree found in a thrift store.  The feather collar was gifted to Jean by the designer who made it. The necklace was purchased at a flea market from the artist who made it. Jean is wearing pieces of her own design or collections. Of course this resulted in a spontaneous iPhone photo shoot, which I share with you today.

It was wonderful spending time with Jean and exploring the shopping locations and restaurants that she treasures. We spent time at the tent sale by Ready Trading Company HERE. which carries a vast inventory of linen.  The proprietress Lee was welcoming, knowledgeable, and friendly, as were her staff.

From there we checked out an antique mall, several consignment shops and some amazing restaurants.  I felt as though I had a private tour of Jean’s favorite haunts. Not to mention the story telling and laughter that flowed during our visit. Spending time with like minded people from the wonderful world of blogging and Instagram has been a life enhancing gift.




  1. As always, you look fabulous, as does your pal. I’ve looked at Ready Trading but can’t see any prices or how to order. Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough!

  2. You two are such gorgeous birds of a feather! Glad you could spend some time together.

  3. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jean and let me tell you it was not enough time! She is gracious, joyful and fun! Your energy and hers are so complimentary and you both have such great style!

  4. Wow! When bloggers meet up it’s the best thing! And a great reminder of what keeps me going on my blog when I’m feeling exhausted. These photos are stunning – and your outfits are so organically growing from each other. What a time you must have had. I love your new sidebar and my apologies if it isn’t new – I’ve been lagging behind… Everything looks so fresh.

  5. Definitely, I LOVE your blog makeover, Judith. This is excellent. I’m sorry I missed it on your debut! And thanks for the shoutout on your FB. I’m not on there. I notice a blip but don’t know where it comes from. So THANK YOU!!

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