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Yesterday,  November 1st was Nelson’s birthday.  CLICK HERE for the 2010 celebration.  All Saints Day and how appropriate!  Camille and The SC spent the day together, which began with yoga and ended with dinner at Racines, the restaurant which hosted the gathering after his memorial service. We played Nelson’s favorite music in the car as we wandered without a goal throughout the city, and time passed quickly as it does when in a trance.

The boots are what The SC refers to as ‘special effects.’  This means that you put them on in the car to wear into the restaurant, sit down, walk out and have driving/walking shoes waiting for the ride home. Nelson would have been delighted with such frivolity.  I found the boots this past summer after leaving a restaurant, having had lunch with friends and came upon a sidewalk sale featured by a well known boutique.  They were wildly blinking at me from under a display table and as I pulled them out I noticed that they were my size.  Luciano Padovan patent leather zipper boots with the original price of $945 for $48.  How could I resist and call me shallow if you like!  The boots were accessorized by an unlabeled black cape, a burgundy fur felt Makins CLICK HERE fedora, and a NYC year 2000 street vendor burgundy faux fur boa.

We had a plate for him placed next to us at Racines.  At the bar!  It was perfect!


  1. I clicked through and you’re right, Nelson wore a leather cap like no one else!

    You look so wonderfully YOU in those boots. Nelson is smiling.

    I wish I could have met your beautiful man.

  2. I love that special effects label. How fun and how good of your husband to have appreciated that! Lovely boots, they make a real statement!

  3. What a lovely way to keep Nelson’s memory alive on his birthday.
    Those boots are seriously gorgeous. Who needs comfort and practicality when you can wear boots like that? xxx

  4. What a wonderful day to celebrate. Happy Birthday Nelson.

    You look amazing per usual, and I can see why those boots are in your closet. They are special and you use them to much effect.

    Hugs to you and Camille. I am glad Nelson gave you much to celebrate. xo.

  5. Hi Judith! Wow, you are a knockout in those boots! I had to laugh that the wear time is in segments! What we go through for fashion. My husband would laugh too at the ridicoulousness of it all….

  6. Way to celebrate your Nelson’s birthday! How wonderful to have a daughter like Camille to be with you so often, with the kind of company and loving support only a daughter can give during such times of bittersweet reminiscing/celebrations. Keep radiating your inner joys and pains, dear Judith. We are with you in your journey.

  7. The 2nd of November is the day we remember our dead ones in Spain.
    I am so glad to know that you celebrated nelson´s birthday with Camille in that gorgeous attire.
    You are always such an example of class, my dear friend.

  8. How wonderful that you and Camille were able to honour Nelson’s memory on his birthday in such a delightful manner, and in such killer boots! I had to laugh at the “special effects” label–I have a pair like that too, but I don’t drive, so it makes it hard to wear them when you walk everywhere!

  9. OH Judith, I love reading your posts! One of the things I love is hearing where you attained all your marvelous finery – to me the only thing even better than something beautiful to wear that lifts your spirits is finding it for a BARGAIN! The thrill of the chase, I call it – seeking and then finding the beautiful item, and at a deep discount besides!

    You look beautiful. And I love how you celebrated Nelson’s day. He was surely smiling at you from Heaven. I know it could not have been easy, but you manage to look radiant nonetheless.

    You are truly a joy bomb. It feels like your light, however difficult your day, cannot help but shine.

    Love to you & Camille!

  10. PS Just clicked on the Nelson photo from last year. Indeed, what a beautiful man, inside and out! Please share with us what his favorite music was, that you played as you drove around Denver…Thinking of you, dear lady…

  11. Observing the birthday of a loved one lost is an important ritual, and it seems that you and Camille marked the day well. Remembering Nelson with a plate at the table is a splendid idea, one that I will borrow as appropriate. Of course, your “special effects” story brings a smile to my face. I hope that the lovely boots will find many opportunities for wear in the coming season. They could well become a foundational piece for autumn and winter when there is a need for “special effects.”

  12. What a lovely outfit and a great bargain on the boots. It sounds like you and Camille celebrated Nelson’s birthday in a lovely and special way.

  13. I call my painful but pretty shoes, Show Shoes. I think I like Special Effects much better. As always you continue to impress with your strength of character and your ability to smile no matter what happens. I also grow ever more impressed with you HATS!!! You look beautiful and you have a beautiful spirit as well.

  14. The special effects boots are just perfect. Not frivoulous, not a bit of it! It is so lovely to hear about how you have honored Nelson’s birthday, including him in your choice of music, where you ate, and also setting a place at the table for him. What a loving tribute.

    Much love from England,

  15. November 1st has always been an important day to me, and now knowing it is also Nelson will give it even more importance. I have a pair of boots with such long toes that I can’t drive in them. Must put them on after arriving. We all need some props like that. Yours are georgeous!
    XO L

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