I admire Francis McDormand and was thrilled that she received the best actress award at the 2018 Oscars for her role in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.  The fact that she closed her acceptance speech with a call for inclusion only strengthened my respect and high regard for her. I can only hope that this concept of inclusion spreads across all industries, communities, and organizations across the planet, treasuring diversity as the norm.

I composed my ensemble for this post in honor of the wonder of films and the cinema. My vintage silver lame gown trimmed with ostrich feathers and accessorized with rhinestones made an appearance at the Sie Film Center HERE,home of the Denver Film Society.

The Sie Film Center presents a weekly changing calendar of first-run exclusives and arthouse revivals—over 600 per year, all shown in their original language and format. I’m grateful that this Denver institution is located only a few blocks from my home.

The interior of the film center is warm and inviting, providing lighting that changed the visual mood.  I took advantage of the opportunity to pose in repose in the photo below.  It was impossible to resist the invitation of the white leather divan located in the lobby of the film center.  Ostrich feathers call for a new approach!  Like the call for inclusion!

Photos By Daniel

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  1. I think your silvery hair looks magnificent – it was the right decision to go “natural” – I’ve done it too and feel really pleased that I did.

    kind regards

  2. Judith, this entire post was OUTSTANDING!!! Both your Gown and your Writings were Spectacular, and Right-On. I am in total agreement with every word while your Beautiful Outfit is Oscar-Worthy and makes my heart beat fast! Thank You for being a Constant Inspiration in All Ways.
    Warmly, Chris

  3. You are simply gorgeous. I admire you and love these pictures.
    It’s International Women’s Day today, sending you best wishes on the occasion.

  4. Love this post. Feathers are so much fun. You look amazing, as always. Interesting subject matter too!

    Oscar time of year is so inspiring. Not to mention the great speeches.

    I liked the clothes at the after parties more than on the red carpet. Oscar time is always a new begining in the fashion industry.

  5. Thanks for this fun appreciation of Hollywood glamor. As always I enjoy your flair and style. As an older woman, your site brings out the best in all of us.

  6. I loved Frances McDormand’s speech at the Oscar’s this year – you can always count on her to have something worthwhile to say.

    Your outfit is most certainly red-carpet worthy, and looks much more sophisticated and elegant than what a lot of the actors were wearing.

  7. Your posts are always an inspiration. What you write and your wonderful wardrobe ensembles inspire thought and creativity. The title Style Crone says it all. It is so important that women of all ages see their potential to impact society and their own lives. You demonstrate beautifully (with great style) how women can continue to impact others as they age. I hope you keep doing whatever feels comfortable to you with your blog.

  8. You are looking spectacular as always … and you are preaching to the choir sister! Yes, you could definitely be on that red carpet!

    Loved Frances’s “take no prisoners attitude” … as women and minorities in the workplace we’ve still got a ways to go … ps I loved her dress too, so idiosyncratic, cool, funky and elegant, just like Frances! (great film besides!)

    Excited about your musings on your upcoming birthday … you inspire me always

  9. Another gorgeous spread, another glamorous and exciting ensemble . . . I don’t know how you find the energy . . . oh but I do; it’s because you’re truly passionate about fashion and you look fabulous, whatever your age might be.
    I will be turning 74 this year; am slim and love clothes but don’t have the height to wear many of the styles I would love to step out in (I’m 5’5).

    I would love you to share what it is you do to keep yourself looking so radiant, happy and forever young?

  10. I choose to believe that not every glamourous dress needs a hat… For sure this one did not just you in it.. I agree you look the part… Movies…

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