Daniel’s back!  And off to City Park we went, in our usual festive mood when we’re engaged with photography, laughing and amusing ourselves with inside jokes.  It may be January, with its cold and snowy background, but I feel exhilarated and energized by the chill in the air and the stark beauty of winter.


The news of my daughter Camille’s pregnancy has been coloring my days since she announced this news months ago.  Married in May and pregnant in June!  We’ve been happily preparing ever since! The very end of February is the date of the arrival of new life.


A baby boy with the middle name of Nelson!  It will be five years in April since he passed from our world.  Now new life comes forth to represent the future with hope and continuity, and a part of him will once again walk the physical plane of earth.


My only sadness lies in the reality that Nelson won’t be here to share in the wonder of birth. However, there is the truth that he remains integral within us always and that this child will know him and be influenced by him through us, with what his regal spirit taught with love and devotion.  I’m witnessing the cycle of life.


Now we have the opportunity to pass it on.  To nurture and love.  To teach.  To soothe. To set boundaries.  To inspire. To make mistakes and grow.  To be who we are and allow this child to evolve into his own. The mysteries and magic of life and death fill the electric air that I breath.


As we were leaving the park that was Camille’s childhood playground, this beautiful dog passed by, and his owner was kind and generous enough to allow spontaneity and document a moment in time.  Who wouldn’t be captivated by this creature that reflects the white of the snow and all that is to come.

Blue jacket, leopard print booties, vintage hat  – consignment shops; vintage yellow patent leather bag with leopard trim, vintage green gloves and vintage earrings – estate sales, black jeans – Paris boutique.

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  1. Congratulations!!! Being a “Grandmommy” is such an amazing experience…and you will be a beautiful Grandmommy to boot!

  2. What an uplifting post to read on a cold winter Monday morning, full of beauty and joy! I am so happy for your news and, once again, smitten by your attire!

  3. Love the blue and green continued from your hat to the coat-gloves. Can’t go wrong with leopard boots either. 😉 Congratulations on the new life soon to be joining this world!!

  4. Girl you look so good! I can’t believe Vogue hasn’t hired you yet. Love the outfit and congratulations on your soon to be grandchild!!! It is a wonderful gift from God.

  5. One word for you: exquisite! I would imagine running into you would brighten anyone’s cold winter’s day. 🙂 Your post made me tear up, I have to admit. I am so happy about the new blessing headed your way. XO

  6. Judith such a beautifully written post as always but I am so moved to congratulate you on the blessing of a grand child. You look so beautiful and happy and your grand child will be blessed to have such a generous, inspiring and fascinating grandmother. Much love.
    Accidental Icon (Lyn)

  7. Hi Judith
    I don’t normally comment on blogs, I just read and enjoy them, but you look so fabulous in this ensemble that I just had to let you know. It’s my favourite look so far. You’re a real inspiration and you have great taste.
    Also, congratulations on the imminent arrival of your grandchild – such lovely news.

    Best regards from London!

  8. As usual your style is impeccable! I must add these photos are amazing. They really capture your vibrancy.

    Congrats on the new baby coming into your life.


  9. I love that blue! it’s as if the open sky is visiting earth. Congratulations on your upcoming event. We have two grandsons, ages 12 and 14. It’s a fun trip!

  10. Your posts always move me so deeply. Congratulations on your arriving grandson! I have a 4-yr-old grandson who has my fathers middle name David. I also have a 5-month old granddaughter that has my middle name April. They have brought me so much joy and it is very humbling to witness the circle of life. You look fabulous, I love the color combination and the layering of texture through all the details of your outfit! Outstanding! Peace! Cheryl

  11. Oh, I am glad that you and Daniel are able to enjoy these outings again. These action shots and the sense of life in these photos seem to reflect that happiness, and the anticipation of a new family member. Fantastic blue and yellow and chartreuse combo!

  12. Well, first, congrats on the new little life! Definitely exciting times and times to dream about life and it’s infinite possibilities. The white dog was no accident you know? Just a reminder that Nelson is with you…always. On another note — I love that jacket!! Any label on the inside? Stay warm!!

  13. so beautifully said. Cycle of life is always going. The images really capture your spirit and excitement for life! It is infectious and totally inspiring! XO

  14. Glorious News that your status will increase with the title of Grandmother, soon! How Wonderful!! May all blessings surround this baby and all it’s Family. Safe Arrival, Safe Journey, Safe Life.
    And, Dear Judith, your outfit is simply SMASHING!!!

  15. How lovely to be about to welcome a new baby into your family – that’s wonderful news, Judith! Nelson will be very much a part of your grandson’s life, through a shared name and all the stories you and Camille can share with him too.
    As always, you are impeccable elegant – hat, coat, bag and boots, they strike such a chic note. Gorgeous photos (welcome back, Daniel!), and I think the dog may be giving you a wolf whistle! xxx

  16. your writing is as exquisite as your style. thank you, for reminding us that life has its ebbs and flows. congratulations are in order. what wonderful news that a new grandchild is on its way. i can’t wait for you to share his arrival!
    xxoo beth

  17. Love how you pulled the colour from the hat for your gloves and the print from the bag for your shoes. You do these things so well. Gorgeous against the snow!
    Your writing tells of your joy and sense of wonder and we are so happy for you!!
    The dog is just the icing on the cake 🙂
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  18. Judith,

    Your exquisite taste and elegant looks are only outdone by your magician’s capacity to find such gems in thrift shops and at estate sales. Your writing is poetic. That grand baby will be one lucky boy to have your wisdom and love to light his way.

    Laurie Kagan

  19. You’re channeling such a vibrant, energetic spirit today Judith. Your happiness is infectious and we all feel better for it, so thank you for sharing the love. I adore your ensemble, particularly that sweet handbag with those boots. You are such a positive life force and I look forward to posts so much x
    Anna’s Island Style

  20. Dear Judith,
    It must be wonderful to have your friend and photographer back at your side! The photos are great!! So full of life and happy feeling. I also love you in black mixed with the brights. Congratulations on the new addition soon to be arriving in your family–Wow–February is right around the corner! It is always bittersweet when your happiness mingles with longing–but it is also a chance to love that grandson enough for both of you. I believe Nelson will never be far from that little boy or you. For love and magic are everywhere, but you already know that!
    Sincerely your friend, Jewel xo

  21. I always feel so happy when I hear baby news. A new baby boy will be welcomed into the world soon – how wonderful. Your photos and words are truly inspirational. With gratitude, Ally

  22. Congratulations on the soon to arrive little boy, he will be one lucky grandson to have such a beautiful , wise and caring woman for his grandma.
    The colour of your jacket brightens a Winters day , perfectly matched with your hat, gloves, boots and that wonderful bag.

  23. I am so happy to hear of the new life! Seeing the world fresh through the eyes of a grandchild is such a gift! Enjoy!

  24. Please pass along my compliments to Daniel for this series of gorgeous photos of you! You look as if you are just bursting with joy and zest for life, which I’m sure may be partly because you know you will be a grandmother very soon. That little boy is going to be surrounded by such positive energy!

    And, you look incredible in this marvelous mix of colours and shapes – you are a constant source of inspiration for me

  25. Hi Judith

    Am so pleased to hear about your family’s impending arrival and that he will carry his Grandfather’s name, such an exciting time for you all.
    What a wonderful model you are Judith, you must make Daniel’s job a joy.
    This outfit is exquisitely elegant and chic, you have such flair. I imagine you stopped not only the dog walkers but also the traffic!

  26. Lovely post and lovely you! Such grand color and the addition of the white dog in the picture is wonderful. Congratulations on the news of a grandchild.

  27. Oh Judith, I so love this outfit… So so nice. The colours together, the unity, the interest.. If I were to meet you in the street I would stop dead in my tracks, let my jaw drop and stare at you. Absolutely gorgeous. For one you have the golden ratio, both in body and in face. Adorn that with such clothes and you have something really special. Can you tell I am enthousiastic?
    And I sooooo want that bag!!! haha.

  28. Oh rats, I was so overwhelmed by your outfit I totally forgot to congratulate you with becoming a grandmother. How exciting, how lovely. Congratulations and I hope the birth goes easy for Camille.

  29. Congratulations to Camille and her husband on the impending birth of their baby boy, and of course to you as Grandmother. Thank you to them for allowing you to share this joy with us.

    Your outfit is stunning, as always, and such bright cheerful colours to post when sharing your wonderful news. Cathi

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