What do silver boots have to do with changing habits, you may ask.  And my answer is, absolutely nothing.  In my flow of consciousness, the two came together organically in one post.  The silver boots were purchased last spring at half price at my shoe repair shop.  It was one of those moments that produced a “gasp” when I saw them, and they have been waiting since then for the perfect outfit to enable their debut.

I have no plans to change my habit of looking for and finding treasures in unexpected places, but I do want to transform patterns which interfere with my sense of inner peace and my ability to manage my collections without confusion.  With this in mind I have begun an experiment in “habit change.”

I’ve been reading about habits, and apparently it takes three weeks to develop a new behavior and have it continue automatically.  I also read that changing one habit at a time is optimal, and over a period of time, new habits stack and stick.

My first resolution had to do with clearing all surfaces in my kitchen before I went to bed.  I accomplished this every evening for three weeks.  And voila!  It appears to now be a part of my daily routine. It may sound like a small and insignificant shift, but it has affected how I feel when I wander into the kitchen in the morning to make coffee.  Everything feels more spacious and serene.

I’ve developed several new routines since this first trial, and it has been doing wonders for my sense of calm and well-being, as well as my ability to focus and be creative.  My environment feels less chaotic and it seems to have transferred to other areas effortlessly.  Maybe there is hope for the organizationally challenged, such as myself.

Photos By Daniel

As for the silver boots, they have made me incredibly happy when accessorized by my grey structured jacket with peplum by Brigette NYC, black suede cap with black patent leather brim, vintage black leather gloves with cutouts and vintage jewelry.  Shine on!

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  1. OMG, Judith, those silver boots are to-die-for!!! Fabuloso!! and they look smashing with the rest of your Very-Cool-As-Always, Clothing Composition. The entire outfit is Breathtakingly Bold and Classy. Kudos too, on finding ways to adapt and change via habit readjustment, and 3 weeks seems to work for me too, as I go about rearranging my own behaviors. Best Wishes, as Winter begins to melt into Springtime for you, and don’t ever quit creating these beautiful outfits please, because You are My Role Model!!

  2. Hot Damn! I love this outfit (and would happily wear it if it fit me). Those boots are an amazing score, and I can’t believe you’ve kept them hidden from us this long.

    I need to work on developing some new habits related to my living space, as it has got out of control. I’m hoping your experience will be the inspiration I need to make some changes!

  3. Where were the photos taken? You find the most interesting places around Denver.

  4. The boots! They are brilliant and I hope we see more of them. Changing habits is indeed challenging – remember to reward yourself whenever you meet a goal (we can’t stop being mental health counselors, you and I). xox


  5. Love the inspiration of these photos, the article, and the wonderful people responding.

    Have a great week!

  6. I think your scarf wall is incredibly organized! I’d love something like that and I have very few scarves by comparison, but it’s like movable art.

  7. Oh.. you have excelled yourself. What an unexpected outfit, what a beauty. I adore the jacket and am drooling over the silver boots. Both would be so welcome in my wardrobe. Alas, they wouldn’t look the same on my much larger body.
    You are beautiful and everything you wear is styled with expertise.
    Gosh I have been an admirer of you for 4 years now. You must be doing something good haha.

  8. What a timely piece of information Judith, thank you. I’ve been on leave for a month and part of my focus was on creating new, better, tidier habits too. The ones I’ve started are looking very promising, although I just read last evening that the highly creative amongst us thrive better in chaos – it lets us see more opportunities seemingly!
    Your boots are stunning and work beautifully with this outfit. They were worth holding back until the right pieces came together and this was it. Fabulous!
    Anna x

  9. Hi, I’m new to your blog. That’s very interesting about the 3 weeks to develop a new behaviour. In the past if I have tried to adopt a new way of doing something I have usually given up after a week or so, so I need to make myself continue for longer. Many thanks for the advice. You look great.

  10. Judith, you continue to amaze and inspire … these photos are spectacular and you look totally re invented! Wow! I could not agree more with your sentiments on habit … although I think of myself as a regular “purger” … in this chaotic political environment it’s even more critical that we keep our surfaces as uncluttered as possible to reduce mental stress … it really DOES make a difference … although I don’t always ridgidly practice what I preach and I back slide now and then … I try to get back on track as soon as possible and pay it forward whenever I can … so kudos to you my fashion forward friend!

  11. GASP!
    WHAT SIZE SHOE DO YOU WEAR????I think I have asked you before.APOLOGIZE I do not recall your answer…….

    YOUR TIMING with habit changing is UNBELIEVABLE.
    I listen to my first MINDFULNESS YOU TUBE TODAY!

  12. Those are inspiring boots – as a long time lover of red shoes I’ve recently found silver make my feet happy too. As for habits I’m sure bad ones only take a very short while to form!

  13. I adore all of your outfits; you’re an inspiration to so many people, and I thank you.

    I also changed my nightly habit of wiping down the kitchen counters in the evening. That is so funny that you wrote about it and I could relate exactly. As with you, it is a nightly habit that I don’t miss.

  14. You look wonderful Judith! I just love those boots and that jacket – what an inspiration and role model you are!

    And yes, I like a tidy kitchen before I go to bed x

  15. Wow! I can see why you were attracted to these.

    I agree that creating new habits or breaking old ones can be challenging.


  16. Wow, what a fabulous outfit! Those boots are the bee’s knees and that structured jacket is a thing of beauty. I have to mention the hat because I’ve been thinking of getting one like it, although I don’t think I would look as cool as you! I need to get into the habit of tidying up before bed because I hate waking up to a mess…just one of many bad habits!

    Emma xxx

  17. OMG, I love those boots, Judith! They make my heart sing! I also am agog at that fabulous jacket – you’re so biker chic. I work with helping people change habits, and what you say is so true. Just one little thing at a time, to make little changes to affect your life overall. My work is with Weight Watchers (not a plug).

  18. This outfit screams chic and fabulous! I love everything about this look and you are positively glowing! Xo Jonet

  19. While I am always so inspired by your outfits, Judith, this one is very fabulous. I adore the structured jacket and the silver boots. Those boots are exactly my style, and I am longing to own a pair! Thank you for all your inspiration – I will be retiring in August at age 61; I plan to continue to build a wardrobe that is as fashionable and stylish as yours for the next phase of my life. Habit stacking is something I have been practicing for a while. It helps my creativity so much to live and work in a clean space! I am happy you are well again. Thanks for all you do!

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