The SC and Daniel had a disorienting start to our photo shoot this week.  We had a confusion about the time and though we had planned to photograph outdoors, it was raining just enough to keep us at home.  I felt unsure about my outfit.  The under-dress with fishnet woven fabric, providing a lengthening layer to my ensemble, didn’t feel like the perfect choice.


The lighting in the house was difficult and everything felt a bit “off.”


All of this was unusual, because without fail our time together flows with magic and fun. Out of frustration, I decided to check my closets  for a different underskirt, and came up with a long vintage slip with an understated ruffle which fell softly beneath the overdress.  This changed detail was what I needed to feel complete about my composition.


In the process of this change, off came my hat. Dan looked at me and said, “Yes!” With his encouragement, we proceeded without a chapeau.  The rain stopped long enough for a few back garden photos, and the day was suddenly transformed.

Long term friendships are able to tolerate a confusing and bumpy moment, and with patience and persistence, shift into a place that enhances creativity and deepens trust. And try something new in the process!


I realized that I had not been photographed without a hat since my blog was launched over four years ago.  Why be that predictable?


Photos By Daniel

My hatless self went out to dinner with Mr. J and to a birthday party for a dear friend of 44 years on Saturday night.  Though at first I felt naked and exposed, for the most part I enjoyed the change.  However, hats are my love, and this experiment will not alter the continued exploration of the joys of millinery!

Black vintage structured straw turban, vintage long black slip, vintage pearls, vintage black patent leather bag with gold trim – estate sales,  black asymmetrical dress – Rodeo Drive HERE – Consignment boutique in Minneapolis, first underdress with fishnet woven fabric – consignment store in Denver years ago, black heeled sandals – summer retail sale years ago.

I’m taking my hatless self over to Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style. Patti’s showing a few layers today too!


  1. Although hats are you, its lovely to see you without one. Your hair is gorgeous and I can admire your beautiful face and perfect bone structure without distractions.
    Daniel is a wonderful photographer. xxx

  2. Judith, You are such a movie star and I mean that in the most glamorous, flattering way! I look at you and see all that we love of past elegance. Thank you for holding that banner high! I enjoyed the inside photos…we need rain…send it this way!

  3. It’s a fabulous hat, but I like the look without it too. Love the oodles of pearls!! You have such flair for putting gorgeous outfits together.

  4. With or without a hat, you are gorgeous, Judith! It’s certainly unusual to see you sans chapeau, but you’re quite right, it’s always good to mix things up a little, and retain an element of surprise.
    Both versions of the outfit are beautifully elegant, love the multiple pearls, and the photos lovely. If at first you don’t succeed – keep at it! xxx

  5. Wonderful to take a chance and try a new way, isn’t it? Life is full of opportunities for such things : > You’re beautiful and sultry in black. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday! xox

  6. I immediately spotted that this was the first time I saw you without a hat. Looking gorgeous. Of course you do. Lovely with all these pearls. Sooooo Chanel.

  7. Your hair is gorgeous!

    I’m formerly from Minneapolis and I love Rodeo Drive!

    I’ve been meaning to contact you for quite awhile. I love your style and your blog. We need to coordinate a meeting sometime!

    Please check out my business Facebook page Laurie Schafer Designs!

  8. Dearest Judith, your beautiful short auburn hair inspired my short haircut about a year ago. I have not gone quite as short as you, but as I am a couple decades your junior, I have plenty of time to go shorter as time goes on. My husband, who has always loved long hair, would really love it if I still had it. He needs time to get used to the idea and decide he still finds me attractive, even as I grow into this middle aged woman with really short striking hair. It has been a bit of a tussle between the two of us actually, and I joke not. He doesn’t say much, but a man doesn’t need to say much when he is disapproving, it goes straight to a woman’s heart like a dagger tinged with poison. I have had to find my own strength and approval from within, and enjoy my short short hair, even if he doesn’t. I’ve had it cut shorter by increments over the last 12 months, the final inches coming off at the last appointment. His comment, as ever was “It gets shorter every time”.
    I usually blame it on the hairdresser and say, yes, she took too much off. But in truth, I love my short hair and I want it, even though for me this is the edge of the comfort limit that I’ll go for now.
    I love short hair on women, I always have, just never had the guts to do it and feel beautiful. Now I’m finding the guts thanks to women like you who wear it so well and with beauty.
    I think there’s something in growing older that gives you a ‘lasse fair’ attitude, kind of “I’ll find my own style even if you don’t like it” kind of sass. And I’ve always loved that in all my heroines. Sass. Hootzpah. Something different. A stand out. Not afraid to be eccentric and explore a fashion path. So go hatless Judith, show your short locks for us all to enjoy, and wear a hat too if you’re so inclined. It’s your choice. And I’m glad I’m reaching an age where I can find my inner crone and embrace her too. Thanks for shining the light for me on my path. And as for my husband, he can like it or go elsewhere.

  9. I love all your accessories and how you decided to forgo one, your favourite one this time around. Sometimes change is good for the soul. It frees us to open ourselves to new ideas and possibilities.


  10. I have to say, Judith, that as much as I adore your hats and you in them, it’s so lovely to see your beautiful face and that red hair. We redheads need to stick together. I thought the lighting in the house was wonderful! Very Rembrandtesque. My wedding pictures all have that faded look to them. (sigh!) It’s been that long!

  11. Gorgeous pearls and such a darling little bag! The outfit is wonderfully elegant with or without the hat – well, maybe just a skoosh more with. 😉

  12. What a surprise to see you without a hat. I’m amazed at how different you look. Still very beautiful, still you, but different. As you say, sometimes it’s time to try something new to keep things exciting and interesting!

  13. I loved the fishnet underskirt, and the subtler ruffle one. I enjoyed seeing your lovely house with its brick red walls. Toning in with your auburn hair peeking from the hat. It’s a beauty of a hat, but your footloose fancy free hatless moments seemed to shine today! As you say, always room for an experiment. Xo JJ

  14. I love the first kicky outfit with the leggings and fishnet underdress that mimics the texture of the hat. But then I love the second sleeker outfit, too. I say go hatless whenever you like, wearing one whenever you like as well – because you’re radiant either way!

  15. Either way is lovely, Judith! Loving the textures and the narrative of your rougher, more assertive fish-net mix … very strong, lovely contrasts. But your slip dress beneath does, indeed, make another softer and more romantic story.
    I love to hear about your process.
    And the only thing predictable about you is your unpredictability. You are predictably lovely, and that’s an enviable way to be!

  16. First of all – you look wonderful. Coco – I would say – with the beautiful hat and the amazing pearls.
    I think I understand you. The hat protects, but also provide a certain distance. Even when I just have a scarf, I feel more protected.
    But you always allowed us to get into your heart with your beautiful words. I love the last photos gallery, thinking almost non on clothing but seeing your lovely face.
    Admire your outfit both with and without lace and hat. Thank you for your always wise words.

  17. It’s so nice to see your sassy auburn locks, even though it is rather strange to see you without a hat (it’s like suddenly seeing a relative without their eyeglasses; you can’t quite figure out what’s missing). I am very familiar with the feeling of “something isn’t quite right with this outfit”, and that sometimes just changing one part of it changes up the whole thing, and makes you feel completely different. You can certainly tell by your expression that losing the hat and changing the underskirt made all the difference.

  18. Oh, you need to give us more glimpses of your stunning Titian hair! Yet again, you are stylish and timeless, pure class!

  19. Shocking! Judith without a hat?! Such a wise woman, not letting us become complacent. The Style Crone rocks the boat with this one. And looks sublime in doing so. You are my guru.

  20. With or without a hat, you are one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Not a platitude, just a fact! I really enjoy seeing your face and hair sans head covering, even if it is once in a blue moon. It’s no surprise to me that you have such wonderful long-time friends and I’m glad Daniel was able to photograph your captivating beauty on a less-than-perfect day 😉


  21. I absolutely love being unpredictable, and it was so much fun seeing you this way. We always know we’re going to see a most splendid, stylish, hat wearing Judith, but it isn’t every day we have the opportunity to see the spunky side of her. Thanks for sharing this unpredictable moment with us.

  22. wow!!!
    What a wonderful outfit in black!
    Very stylish and elegant!!!
    I specially love the black turban!
    I don´t seem to be able to wear one…pfffff…I
    think I´ll have to try again after reading your post!

  23. Without a hat?! What a lovely way to mix things up. I’m glad you and Daniel persevered – even better that you have the understanding between you that allows you to keep going in harmony. Absolutely gorgeous.

  24. You look so elegant in the long black dress with the gorgeous array of pearls. You look 40 years younger. Wish that happened every time I smiled.

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