I have always loved celebrating my birthday and the birthdays of loved ones.  It’s the only day of the year that’s dedicated to the life of the person of honor.  As I age, it has become even more important, as I feel fortunate to be living life to the fullest.  It’s a privilege to be alive, as so many of my loved ones are no longer here.

However, this year presented a surprise that I didn’t expect.  I became ill seven days ago and yesterday was diagnosed with bronchitis. I don’t remember being as sick as I have been over the past few day.  I have been immobilized and have been forced to be still within the confines of my sanctuary. Now that I am receiving treatment, I’m beginning to feel my energy slowly emerging once again and I know that this state of dis-ease is temporary, I am grateful that there is an end in sight to my debilitating symptoms.

Luckily these photos were taken at the perimeter of the Denver Art Museum just previous to my illness.  So today, which is the first day that I’ve been able to write and focus on posting, I have photos to publish.  After all, the show must go on.

Photos By Daniel

This experience reminds me once again that none of us is invincible, that life turns on a dime, that we don’t have control over everything about our health, and the best that we can do is find a silver lining in an experience that puts the activities of life on hold. Over the past few days, I have felt in touch with the suffering of loved ones who struggled through chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries and other conditions that offered continual exacerbations throughout life without an end in sight.  I am one of the lucky ones.  I know that I will feel better soon, and though my celebration will be postponed, I will have be having one.  I look forward to all that 74 brings and what surprises are in store.  It is an open book.

Vintage silk satin coat with large collar, vintage long blue gloves, vintage earrings, and black turtleneck – estate sales; vintage silk satin fabric hat and vintage pendant – NYC vintage store; blue and green suede shoes with bows – thrift shop; black wool knit leggings with black jet lower leg buttons – gifted.

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  1. First off Happy Birthday! Glad to hear you are on the upswing….. I absolutely love these photos. I love all the photos but the colors here…. and of course your radiant happiness …. it looks like a glorious VOGUE shoot! Looking forward to more glorious pictures and rest and renew!

  2. Hi Judith, I so agree with you. Birthdays are a great way of celebration. I have 3 very special friends who I have known since aged 5 and 13 (we are now 62), and wherever possible we try to be together on our birthdays. It isn’t always easy as we are in different countries and cities and some of us are still working full-time, but it means so much to enjoy the time with my friends and share our problems and joys. Thank you for your insightful posts – they are inspiring and I hope that as I follow you in life’s ageing journey my years can be as special as yours.

  3. Sorry to hear you’ve been ill and wishing you a quick and full recovery. I love seeing the photos of you in those gorgeous outfits you somehow manage to put together. I am 71, living in Arlington, TX, and happy to not be in the blizzard that hit some northern States this week. Please take good care of yourself, Judith.

  4. Here’s to bronchitis be-gone and feeling back to your 100%! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I have the same positive joy of celebrating birthdays – mine and those of others. We are here, and THAT is worth celebrating!

  5. Absolutely stunning!

    So glad you are on the mend. Sometimes the loss of health is a grand reminder of what a blessing health is…

  6. Dear Judith – I have been enjoying your blog immensely. This blog is more than just about clothes. I truly love getting to know you and all the people you write about. Your style is impeccable and your thoughts are a joy to read.

    I hope you are having a great birthday and am glad you are on the mend.
    You are truly an inspiration. I look forward to your emails!

    with much appreciation,

  7. Happy belated birthday, and I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better! The gloves are just FABULOUS!!!

    Isabelle (in very snowy Toronto, Canada)

  8. Happy Birthday and here’s hoping you get to enjoy celebrating it very soon. Love this particular shoot, the poses and the wonderfully colored clothes…and your always stylish choice of hat!

  9. Oh my, oh my. For some reason this entry took my breath away with its beauty. What a stunning color for you. Then to hear about your illness and birthday rolled into one. It is true, too true that sometimes it takes illness or a setback to remind of us the truth of living.

    As usual thanks for your thoughtful post and wonderful photos. Wishing you well and many birthdays to come.

  10. Whenever you post, yours is the first one in my in-box that I open!
    Today, you have outdone yourself. The combination of all the blues and greens is marvelous. I was just saying to a friend last week that WHERE you buy is nowhere near as important as WHAT you buy. Your posts are a wonderful example of that.

  11. A wonderful outfit as normal.

    I hope after yr photo sessions, you swan off to lunch at some swanky restaurant?? Those clothes need to be seen!

    Trust u r on the mend.

  12. Happy Birthday to one of the most stylish, intelligent and inspirational women I’m privileged to know.
    That coat is glorious!
    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been ill. Hope it’s soon behind you and you’re celebrating your 74th birthday to the fullest. xxx

  13. OH OH these fotos are just sentational The color combo is divine and so STUNNING ON YOU.
    Stay well…I had same diagnosis and sick for 6 weeks.
    Don’t over do…lay low when necessary!! xoxoxoxo

  14. Happy Birthday dear friend! I am sorry you have been ill and thankful you are on the mend now!

    I hope your birthday is wonderful!

    Love, Janet

  15. These colors are glorious on you! So vibrant and beautiful. I am glad to hear that you are on the mend. Happy Happy Birthday to you and enjoy your celebration when you are feeling better. Hugs!

  16. From the top of your magnificent hatted head to your beautiful fingers encased in gloves … elegance and eloquence personified … oh, how I echo your sentiments and oh, how I wish you a speedy recovery … it’s ALWAYS a fine time to have a belated birthday celebration! Thanks for continuing to inspire us in fashion and in life. Much Love, Cynthia

  17. Happy Birthday beautiful lady! I am glad to hear you are now on the mend and once again able to enjoy your life and pleasures. You always look so gorgeous and unique.

  18. Hi Judith,

    Just a quick ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ and have a great day!
    With all best wishes
    The HAT Magazine

  19. So sorry you’ve been sick, and glad you’re feeling better. These photos are exceptional!

  20. I loved your post on Instagram, Judith, in this stunning outfit. The colours compliment so wonderfully (both yourself, and each other). Is this the coat you were photographed wearing in New York some time ago? I love it. Get well soon, good that you are heeding your body’s need to recuperate. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth. xx

  21. I love the colours of this outfit, Judith. They compliment each other, and you, so very beautifully. (Is this the coat you were photographed wearing In New York a while ago? I love it, you bring even more life to its gorgeousness).
    Get well soon, it’s good that you’re heeding your body’s need to recuperate. Happy Birthday, love and best wishes for every day, Elizabeth. xx

  22. Hi Elizabeth. Thank you for your comment. The coat is different from and similar to the piece that I wore in NYC. It’s not as long and the fabric is slightly different in color. You have a very good memory. xo

  23. Judith, first of all, I’m so sorry you’ve been unwell. There have been some very nasty viruses this winter over here in the UK and it sounds as though it’s the same in the States. There’s one we call the Queen’s cough (!) as she had bronchitis over the Christmas holidays. Bronchitis is so nasty but I’m glad you’re feeling a little better – get well and strong very soon.

    And, a very Happy Birthday to you on your 74th. I hope you have a lovely celebration once you’re fit and well. Your outfit, btw, is glorious. I just love the vibrant colours.

  24. Happy birthday, my beloved Judith! I love you and all your photos and
    beautiful messages that you have been sent us!

  25. As someone who has had several bouts of bronchitis over the past several years, I know how it wipes you out so I’m glad you’re getting treatment and as long as you take it easy and get plenty of rest, you should be up and at ’em again soon.

    In the meantime –
    “Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday Dear Judith,
    Happy Birthday to Yooooooooouuuu (and many more)”


  26. So very sorry to hear you have been ill…especially on your birthday.

    I do hope you are feeling more like your usual vibrant self now.

    It is true that our health is the most important thing in our life. We don’t realize it until we no longer have it.

    Happy Birthday wonderful lady!


  27. Not sure if my last comment just disappeared?

    I do hope you are feeling better and wish you a wonderful birthday Judith!


  28. So sorry to hear you have been ill. Thank goodness there is a good course of treatment for bronchitis. Take care, I wish you a speedy recovery..
    And happy birthday! May your eventual celebrations be even lovelier than you expect.

  29. I already congratulated you with your birthday. And I read in your next post that you have overcome your illness. Very good.
    You look lovely in this coat and these colours. Saw your fishnet tights. I have found some fishnet stockings ! With little holes and a seam at the back. Very sexy haha.
    You are right that we have to be grateful for our health and that you never know how long it will last. I gravely overspent last year reminding myself over and over: “you never know how long it will last”. Well at the rate I was spending, it would have been a short time or I could spend the remaining time of my life in poverty. However long that would be haha.

  30. I’m late to the party but better late than never!! I love your choice of colors here, some of my favorites. We can celebrate all month, right? Glad to know you’re on the mend. Love you. xoxoxo

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