The SC has been dreaming of Paris since the 70’s, but fulfilling this wish has been elusive.  Nelson and I were planning a trip to Europe in the spring of 2005, before his cancer diagnosis, and medical issues prevented our journey.


When the gallant Mr. J invited me to Paris, I was thrilled with the possibility that I would visit the “City of Light” in my lifetime.  I recognized this invitation to be of cosmic proportions. Overcoming his cancer diagnosis and thankfully restored to health,  we will be leaving tomorrow.


I’ve been involved in a flurry of preparations for our quest.  The packable hats have been carefully chosen and packed, ready for their adventure of a lifetime.  The scarves lie next to them, ready to accompany us with their wide range of colors and textures. Folding them mindfully gave me great pleasure.


We will be traveling to Barcelona, Paris and Nice over the next three weeks. My excitement can barely be contained.  I plan to post in each city, but commenting on my favorite blogs will be sparse.  I am grateful once again for all who follow and comment on Style Crone, the lifeline that has provided connection and has enlarged my world.  Thank you!


Dreams really do come true!  All in due time.


The SC has joined Instagram HERE, and a “follow” button has been placed on my sidebar.  I plan to take photos of our trip and share along the way.


Photos By Daniel

This post was a collaboration with the wildly creative Daniel, as has become a ritual which I look forward to each week.  The photos were taken near the Denver Museum of Nature and Science HERE, which is located in City Park near my home.  All pieces that compose my ensemble are vintage and purchased at estate sales, with the exception of a gifted bracelet and watch.

HAT ATTACK #15 will be featured on Wednesday, October 1st!  

Before I leave, I’m traveling over to Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style, which has become a gathering not to be missed.




  1. I would have met you in Barcelona if only I would have know earlier, but we shall meet one day.
    Have a lovely time and enjoy Europe.
    Tons of loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. I hope you two will have the most glorious time imaginable. You are in for a major treat. SO much to see everywhere you are going. Enjoy the Gaudi treasures, the coast and, of course, every fabulous thing that Paris has to offer. Bon Voyage!

  3. You will be one of the stylish women in Paris! I am so happy for you and hope it will be fabulous each and every moment. You look like you belong there…another amazing ensemble today! have fun and smile a lot!

  4. This is a beautiful outfit. I love the leapord. You do have great style. Enjoy Paris and bring back some great ideas.

  5. I’m thrilled for you! You are going to have a wonderful time. I’m delighted you’re finally achieving your dream, you must be beside yourself with excitement.
    I adore the cream dress on you and the hat is perfection. xxx

  6. So thrilled for you! If you have time in Paris and would like to meet, I’d love to see you here. Don’t forget your comfy shoes–cobblestones and heels do not always play nicely together. Bon voyage!

  7. How wonderful you look and how wonderful to be going on your dream trip to Paris and more! I am so happy for you, gleeful actually. And Mr. J. too.

  8. How fab you are able to fulfill this big dream! These 3 cities are so wonderful, I’m sure you will love them! You look amazing, love your blog and as a hat collector I will definitely check it out regularly!

  9. I have been Reading your blog for a while and it has been a source of inspiration… You are going to have the time og your life in Paris… I would go there every weekend… Ilive ibn Barcelona, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions in your time ober there… it’s quite hot and sticky considering September.. I’ll keep my eyes open.. just in case our pass cross… I’m a firm believer in serendipity.

  10. Have a wonderful time! If you are an Amelie fan, be sure to visit the restaurant in Montmartre that she worked at in the movie. The Musee D’Orsay was my favorite museum. Be sure to purchase the Museum Pass! If you have time go to Normandy, extremely moving! We did the United Kingdom, Paris and Normandy this summer. Barcelona is next!

  11. What a fabulously elegant dress, and the leopard print accessories are perfect. I am so excited for you, Judith, and for Mr J – I just know you will have the most wonderful time in Paris, and of course your other destinations too. Sometimes dreams take a while to be fulfilled, but they are worth waiting for! xxxx

  12. Judith: I wait in anticipation of your posts every week. Your outfits are timelessly stylish and your writing is so thoughtful. I don’t know how much time you spend pulling things together but you always look perfect. I love your dress this week. Do you know what vintage it is?
    I’m sure you will have a fabulous time in your travels. I would echo the advice about the cobblestones and walking although I did just fine with my wedged “clogs” on my recent trip to Poland. Comfort is key. Two “don’t miss” places for me in Paris are Sainte Chapelle and the Cluny Museum. And if you two love ice cream don’t miss Berthillon. But then you’ll be two lovers in Paris and I’m sure you’ll find enough to do and see!

  13. I am so happy to hear this and want to wish you the most FANTASTIC time! Your joy is contagious and I can’t wait to hear of your adventures. I know your beauty will take Paris and everywhere you go by storm!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Judith i am so incredibly happy for you. Enjoy every precious moment. If you decide to make a detour to Zurich, green tea and Sprungli chocolates and macaroons await you. I have many friends in Paris and if you want recommendations of any kind, please reach out. You will love Paris. Paris will love you xx take care my beautiful friend xx

  15. I love it!! The hat and belt reminds me of the old Bob Dylan song, “Your Leopard Pillbox Hat.” Okay, so it’s not exactly a pillbox…. it’s close enough! Very, very smart. Have a spectacular time on your trip!

  16. How wonderful! As many times as I’ve visited Paris, I’ve never managed to get there in the fall, but I’ve so often heard that it’s particularly beautiful then. I’m looking forward to seeing a favourite city through your eyes, as with Barcelona. Enjoy!

  17. You have something so wonderful to look forward to, Judith! And how pretty you look today, in this classic dress and hat. Thanks for sharing all the joy and beauty with Visible Monday.

  18. What a fabulous adventure! Have a wonderful time and I will follow you and vicariously travel with you on the journey of a lifetime.

  19. Oh Judith how lovely, Paris, Nice and Barcelona. You will be in my neck of the woods. (Well.. sort of. I live much more north.)
    You will love all cities I am sure. And you will be one of the most styliest ladies in those cities. Like this outfit. It is ssoooooo beautiful. Love it.
    Have great fun my dear.

  20. Tre, tres chic: you will represent fashionista crones sooo well. Expecting an Audrey Hepburn pic for sure, Ma Cherie! Wishin enjoyment of each day: La Vie en Rose!

  21. Yay! What an amazing trip! As a mom with four kids age six and under, I will be traveling through your blog posts, so thank you so much for including all of us by blogging your trip. I’m so excited for you!

  22. Oh my, oh my, oh my!!! What wonderful fun you will have- and with your sense of style, you will fit right in. Can’t wait to see your photos. Please remember to have fun first, then do the blog!
    Keep going- you are a wonderful example of how to move along the chronological scale.

  23. Enjoy your trip of a lifetime with Mr J, I am sure you will make the most of every second. Good things do come to those who wait.
    You look radiant in that stunning cream dress with the leopard hat and belt.

  24. Fabulous!!! I love the cream dress and the leopard print accessories, very classy!!! Have a fab time in Paris!!! xx

  25. My goodness. Dreams come true in a roundabout way. I’m so happy for you, Judith! You will set the City of Lights on fire with your style and verve. And you and Mr. J glowing side by side will be an even greater attraction.
    This is certainly a Paris-worthy ensemble, and Daniel’s photo do it justice. I’m sure you’ll miss him during your travels but look forward to your own photos during your travels. Hugs. Happy trails.

  26. Judith, I’ve been following your blog for some time now, and always feel very inspired. I love your choice of outfits, and very especially your smile and your blog never fails to lift my spirits. Your very love of life comes through in every blog…

    Thank you very, very especially for the words: Dreams really do come true! All in due time.

    Have a wonderful time! I’ll be looking out for your photographs!!!!

    Love and Bon Voyage


  27. Much deserved and earned, dear Judith. You have manifested a lifetime of dreams and goals. Will continue to be inspired by your postings. Bon Voyage Blessings!

  28. My dearest Judith … as always … you are an inspiration! I know you will savor and enjoy your coming weeks! I will so enjoy following you on IG!

    much love to you!

  29. You look Beautiful and I’m so delighted that you are going to get to go on your glorious trip. I will be looking forward to the Beautiful pictures of you on your journey. Have a Great Trip as I know you will with that Beautiful smile and Beautiful wardrobe. One can’t go wrong.

  30. I will be travelling to Barcelona next week and on to Granada, Seville and Madrid. I am a regular follower of your blog and will be looking forward to your photos and reading about your experiences!!

  31. Yes, dreams do come true, just not necessarily when we expect them, right? Have a glorious time with Mr. J. I can’t wait to see some of the sights through your eyes, and of course, we;ll need to see your ensembles. XXXOOO

  32. Bon voyage, dear Judith! The French are in for a treat — and a shock — when they encounter you, an American who knows how to wear hats! And scarves! An American who wears vintage jewelry rather than cameras! We’ll look forward to seeing what you chose to wear and the wearable souvenirs you acquire.

  33. Oh, my darling Judith! Paris!!!! So wonderful, and it will be great to see you two take the town by storm. You will, I guarantee it. You so deserve this. And you stun in this dress and extras. No wonder you are just glowing.
    I’m selfishly happy for you as it reminds me that just because it hasn’t happened for me yet, it still could. Europe is the only thing left on my bucket list and it’s been there for decades. I’ve decided that at the first whiff of an opportunity I’m going to Crowdsource it! Ha.
    Go safe, and take pictures. And eat, darling, eat for me too!

  34. Dear Judith! I wish you and Mr. J the beautiful trip. You look absolutely fantastic well prepared for a trip to the city of cities. There is so much to see. Looking forward to hear and see what you experience. It was now I should have been in Paris, we could have drinking some coffee together. 🙂 bon Voyage

  35. The thing I love the most about your outfits, Judith, is the care you put into every detail. Even your “background” is an unusual dress in a beautiful cut and colour. Love that hat SO much!

    Have a wonderful time on your trip! Paris is wonderful, and you will fit right in.

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